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Kristina Chodorow09/01/12
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How to: Make Your First MongoDB Commit

The idea is: you have found and fixed a bug (so you’ve cloned the mongo repository, created a branch named SERVER-1234, and committed your change on it). You’ve had your fix code-reviewed. Now you’re ready to submit your change, this is where our tutorial picks up. Enjoy...

Claus Ibsen09/01/12
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OSGI Deployment Made Easy With F.A.B

So if you are a developer who wants to be productive, and be able to go home on time, and drink beer with your friends, play sports, and generally have fun and be happy ... then read on.

Steven Lott08/31/12
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How Expensive is a "Waterfall" Project Plan?

It's impossible to step into the same river twice; other waters are flowing toward the sea. It's impossible to do "head-to-head" project comparisons. You can't have the same people doing the same thing with only one constraint changed. You can try to resort to having similar people doing the exact same thing.

Juhani Lehtimaki08/31/12
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An Emerging UI Pattern - Quick Return

Quick Return UI design pattern (named by Roman Nurik on G+) is a screen real estate saving design pattern that still allows users to access important off screen controls by easily moving them back to the screen.

Markus Eisele08/31/12
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Realigning Java EE 7 - A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.

The news came out yesterday. Java EE 7 is going to be realigned and the PaaS enablement and multi-tenancy support will be moved to Java EE 8.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/31/12
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Installing Tomcat 7 on Ubuntu 12.04

This post is about installing Apache Tomcat7 on Ubuntu 12.04. Before this installation make sure java is installed in your machine.

Oliver Hookins08/31/12
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More on Puppet Module Unit-Testing

Just like mainstream programming languages, it is possible (and good practice) to test your Puppet manifests so that you have higher confidence in them working when it comes time to actually run them.

Roger Jennings08/31/12
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Introducing Apache Hadoop Services for Windows Azure

The SQL Server Team (@SQLServer) announced Apache Hadoop Services for Windows Azure, a.k.a. Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure or Hadooop on Azure . . .

Robert Diana08/31/12
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Mobile Development Job Trends – August 2012

Where do you and your job fall in this chart? Take a look... Comment and let us know what you think of the Mobile Industry job trends!

Jp Morgenthal08/31/12
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If It’s Not Working As Expected, It May Be The Installer

Gartner Group has introduced the world to the “trough of disillusionment”, in which technology doesn’t live up to the promises of vendors, analysts and pundits. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a perfect example of this trend.

Swizec Teller08/30/12
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When You Hit the Glass Ceiling of Coding Productivity . . .

As a budding programmer, I could spend an hour programming and within that hour I learned so much the next hour was like three sets of the first combined.

Leigh Shevchik08/30/12
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Getting Started with Drupal, Part 2: Optimizing Your Drupal App

Going forward, I’ll assume you’ve built your site and are creating a lot of great content for it. I’ll also bet my repository of Vim scripts that your site has become increasing sluggish

Steven Lott08/30/12
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Innovation, Arduino and "Tinkering"

Many of my customers (mostly super-large IT shops) wouldn't recognize innovative behavior. Large organizations tend to punish defectors (folks that don't conform), and innovation is non-conforming.

Eric Minick08/30/12
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How Experiment Cultures Lead to Continuous Deployment

While few of us want to live at the extremes of many production deployments of an app per day, many of us want to detect production problems quickly and be able to respond accordingly. Copy the infrastructure of good tests, piecemeal automated deployments, and good monitoring and apply them to your more reasonable goals.

Marko Rodriguez08/30/12
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Understanding the World Using Tables and Graphs

The primary purpose of this post is to examine a relatively less exploited structure that can be leveraged when analyzing an organization’s data — the graph/network.