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Chris Travers10/08/12
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3 Approaches to Object-Relational DBs: PostgreSQL, Oracle, & Informix

Probably the closest database object-relationally to Postgres is Informix. Informix in fact got its object-relational approach with the purchase of Illustra, a Postgres fork.

Jay Fields10/08/12
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Replacing Common Code With clojure.set Function Calls

If you've written a fair amount of Clojure code and aren't familiar with clojure.set, then chances are you've probably reinvented a few functions that are already available in the standard library. In this blog post I'll give a few examples of commonly written code, and I'll show the clojure.set functions that already do everything you need.

Roger Hughes10/08/12
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Apple Mac Time Machine Runs Very Slowly

Over the past few months Time Machine has become slower and slower and I realized that I had to do something about this when it took 9 hours to back up 104MB of 6.5GB.

Mario Fusco10/08/12
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No more excuses to use null references in Java 8

Java 8, introducing lambda expressions. also gives us the possibility to deal with null safe references in the only possible wise way: avoiding them completely. This article shows why and how to implement an Option monad to achieve this.

Bill Armstrong10/08/12
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Sitdown with Raymond Camden: Star Wars and Data Structures

Raymond Camden, a Jedi Master and Developer Evangelist for Adobe, joined our host Anthony Pompliano to discuss his presentation on ColdFusion 10, Websockets and HTML5 storage techniques at NC Dev Con 2012.

Zac Gery10/08/12
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A Developer's Guide to Getting Hired

Finding a job can be difficult, but getting hired comes with a different set of challenges.

Jez Humble10/08/12
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Continuous Delivery and Apple

The case of Apple sometimes comes up in discussions around continuous delivery and the lean startup. For example, Richard Durnall described Apple’s strategy to me on Twitter.

Singaram Subramanian10/07/12
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Apache CXF: How to Add Custom SOAP Message Headers to a Web Service Request

SOAP headers can be added to a Web service request in different ways, if you use Apache CXF. The way I prefer is the one I’ve mentioned here

Ricky Ho10/07/12
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Machine Learning in Gradient Descent

Gradient descent is a popular learning mechanism based on a greedy, hill-climbing approach. The basic idea is to use a feedback loop to adjust the model based on the error it observes.

Filip Ekberg10/07/12
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How I Join Projects Already in Progress

When you join a new project that's already undergone development, how do you involve yourself quickly and effectively?

Ravi Kalakota10/07/12
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Big Data Monitoring Meets a Little Android

The DataSift platform consumes, processes, filters, stores and streams terabytes upon terabytes of social data to businesses around the world. We in the Operations team needed to know of any problems as quickly as possible.

G. Andrew Duthie10/07/12
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Building Cloud Data and Services for Windows 8 Apps

In this post, I'm going to kick off a series in which I'll walk through the creation of a back-end service for a Windows 8 app. This first post will provide an overview of the series, and introduce a couple of potential technologies you can use to build your back-end services.

Geva Perry10/07/12
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The State of the Open Source Cloud

Zenoss polled more than 100,000 of their community members to determine the prevailing sentiments concerning open source cloud deployments, the perceived advantages and disadvantages of this technology as well as to gain insight into future open cloud deployments within IT departments.

Ravi Kalakota10/07/12
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Enterprise Data Architecture and Big Data

By treating big data as a “one-off” project, rather than an ongoing foundation that provides the context, environment, and capabilities to enable value creation and delivery to an organization, we might be sowing the destructive seeds for another crisis.

Max De Marzi10/07/12
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Hunting Trolls with Neo4j

When dealing with a large text dataset, most folks jump right into NLP and semantic analysis, it’s interesting to learn when that’s not such a good idea.