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Eric Silva08/05/12
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Application Level Logging in OpenShift

Using the Apache Commons Logging API allows the logging implementation to be abstracted away from the application; resulting in application logging code that can be reused even if the logging implementation changes.

Gareth Llewellyn08/05/12
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I Build High Availability Platforms, So the Cloud is Not for Me

Now Cloud is synonymous with computing platforms that offer high availability, scalability and are resilient but the truth of the matter is that there aren’t.

Michael Mainguy08/05/12
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Effectively Communicating Software Requirements - Part 1

The most important factor that contributes to a successful software project is ensuring that the development staff has a good understanding of the requirements. Incorrect requirements almost guarantee incorrect software behavior.

Will Soprano08/05/12
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Spring Data Neo4j Webinar Follow up

Spring Data Neo4j is a reflection of a graph's nature: they are able to work and play well with other systems, while making it easy to make sense of connected data.

Rick Copeland08/05/12
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Gevent, Greenlets, and Python

Continuing on in my series on Gevent and Python, this article gets down into practical details, showing you how to install Gevent and get started with basic Greenlet operations.

Pierre - Hugues...08/05/12
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Oracle Service Bus – Stuck Thread Case Study

This case study describes the complete root cause analysis process of a stuck thread problem experienced with Oracle Service Bus 11g running on AIX 6.1 and IBM Java VM 1.6.

Chris Haddad08/05/12
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A Comparison of Red Hat Enterprise Middleware to Cloud-Native Middleware

The Red Hat team defines the Red Hat Enterprise Middleware platform as spanning the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. . .

Eric Genesky08/05/12
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Pragmatic Visualization from the US Government Data Service

Check out a few cool visualizations of data published by the Government Data Service detailing transaction stats from across central government departments.

Tim Spann08/05/12
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Nodester: Node.js + Express + Mongo App (Part 1)

I am still working on putting up a full application for the tutorial. Also I will try the same application on Nodejitsu, CloudFoundry and Heroku.

Nishant Chandra08/05/12
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A Software Architect

A software architect lives to serve the engineering team -- not the other way around. A software architect is a mentor. A software architect is the code janitor. Happily sweeping up after the big party is over.

James Betteley08/05/12
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Installing Artifactory on Ubuntu

I was messing around with some permissions settings on our “Live” verison of Artifactory, as you do, and then suddenly I thought “No! This feels wrong… I’m sure there’s someone who would be having a fit right now if he knew I was guffing around with the permissions on the live version of Artifactory…”.

Roger Hughes08/05/12
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Getting Started with Spring Social - a Footnote

If you’ve seen my last blog, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about writing the smallest and simplest Spring Social application that I could think of that can read and display your user’s private Facebook data.

Robert Diana08/05/12
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Link Roundup: Geek Reading

I hope you enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions at the bottom of the article. Let us know what you think!

Michael Mccandless08/04/12
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Putting an Apache Lucene Index in RAM with Zing JVM

Google's entire index has been in RAM for at least 5 years now. Why not do the same with an Apache Lucene search index?

Mahdi Yusuf08/04/12
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Fasting & Programming

I am a full time developer, which means I spend most of my days looking at a terminal and writing code. I am also no stranger to extreme measures to increase productivity and focus. Let’s just say fasting isn’t one of them.