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Eric Genesky08/11/12
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Creating Olympic Medal Treemap Visualisations Using OTS R Libraries

I thought it might be worth posting a quick R generated example too, using the off-the-shelf/straight out of CRAN treemap component.

Luke Galea08/11/12
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What You Don't Know About AB Testing

If you haven’t started AB testing by now, or if you’re still doing it the old fashioned way, you may be missing out on a great deal of potential for increasing signups, conversion, etc. on your site/app.

Brian Gracely08/11/12
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The Cloudcast: Putting the Security Cart Before the App Horse

Aaron and Brian talk with Rand Wacker (@randwacker) VP of Product at CloudPassage, about putting security in the path of application deployment, security app stores, and the difference between private cloud and public cloud security.

Nikita Salnikov...08/10/12
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No Tool will Solve the OutOfMemoryError

What we discovered was that none of the existing tools does precisely what one might expect them to do – you get vast amount of data but only seldom an actual solution to your problem

Ben Wen08/10/12
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MongoLab Now Available as an AppFog Add-On!

The MongoLab add-on for AppFog opens the PaaS up to more audiences, including Node.js, Ruby, Python, and .NET programmers.

Lukas Eder08/10/12
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When will we have LINQ in Java?

LINQ is one of Microsoft’s .NET Framework’s most distinct language features. When it was first introduced to languages such as C#, it required heavy changes to the language specification.

Nishant Chandra08/10/12
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Getting Started: Infinispan as Remote Cache Cluster

This guide will walk you through configuring and running Infinispan as a remote distributed cache cluster. There is straightforward documentation for running Infinispan in embedded mode. But there is no complete documentation for running Infinispan in client/server or remote mode. This guide helps bridge the gap.

Chris Haddad08/10/12
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Using Business Activity Monitoring to Gain Business Visibility

According to this writer, it is important to both create a comprehensive visibility environment as well as use a high performing data capture framework for business analytics.

Chris Haddad08/10/12
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Making a Smart PaaS Decision

How can Cloud and Platform as a Service (PaaS) improve a development team’s ability to rapidly deliver high value business applications and meet user demand?

Greg Duncan08/10/12
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Set Up a Minecraft Server in Azure VM

My son’s latest addiction is the game Minecraft, a single or multiplayer game that has a client-server architecture to it, millions of users, a newly released version (as of last week), and a vibrant community.

Aurelien Broszn...08/10/12
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Configure a Nonstop Cache Programmatically in Ehcache

Here’s how to configure programmatically a nonstop cache in Ehcache (this one is clustered, connecting to terracotta running on localhost):

Ricky Ho08/10/12
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Machine Learning: Measuring Similarity and Distance

Ricky Ho offers a lesson on measuring similarity or distance between data points, as well as comparing collections of data points.

Eric Genesky08/10/12
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Big Data: Olympics Swimming Lap Charts

Here are some cool visualizations of data from the olympics originally published in the New York Times. Tony Hirst offers his insights.

Swizec Teller08/09/12
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Making StatsD Talk Directly to a Browser

Your architecture now has a central service that collects all of your metrics, then pushes them to appropriate software, that doesn’t need to handle too much traffic and is guaranteed data will come from a single source in a sanitized format.

Anders Karlsson08/09/12
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MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) - Some Background and Some More Tests

You might have seen my attempts at testing MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) (here and here), i.e. used like MongoDB, and I have had some comments to those.