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Brian Gracely11/26/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 64.5: The Cloudcast Charity Challenge

Aaron and Brian discuss The Cloudcast (.net) Charity Challenge. The guys ask the listeners to make a small donation to a great cause (helping sick kids) and pledge to match each donation.

Kasia Gogolek11/26/12
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Web Application Deployment Using Webistrano and Capistrano

Today, I will focus on the mix of Capistrano / Webistrano. Both of the packages are ruby on rails based, and can be easily installed using gems.

Eric Genesky11/26/12
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An Interview with PHP 5.4 Refcard Author Bradley Holt

Bradley took a few minutes to answer some questions about the authorship of the update to DZone's PHP Refcard

Steve Francia11/26/12
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MongoDB Driver Days Hackathon Roundup

In September 2012 we all converged on New York City for the second ever driver days. The hack-a-thon gave us a chance to split up into 5 teams each having members from different languages.

Casey Watson11/26/12
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What is "the cloud?"

Recently, I had the great opportunity to speak on Azure Storage at the North Dallas .NET User Group in Dallas, Texas to a group of about 60 developers

John D'Emic11/26/12
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Lightweight RPC with ZeroMQ (ØMQ) and Protocol Buffers

When writing integration applications with Mule, John D'Emic frequently comes across the issue of deciding how to communicate back and forth between his front end application, typically a web or mobile application, and a flow hosted on Mule...

Mark Needham11/26/12
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Learning: Switching Between Theory and Practice

The way I remember learning at school and university was that you learn all the theory first and then put it into practice but I typically don’t find myself doing this whenever I learn something new.

Mike Ensor11/26/12
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How to Test a Custom Exception Using Custom FEST Assertions

Building off of the last post, you will see that ExpectedException is a great improvement over the @Test(expected) and Try/Catch techniques, however the ExpectedException object can still be improved by adding in a fluent-style API backed by Fest Assertion project.

Nicolas Frankel11/26/12
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Drupal 7 to Jekyll, an Epic Journey

There’s a recent trend in blogging that consists of dropping PHP platforms such as WordPress and Drupal in factor of static HTML pages generated when needed.

Swathi Venkatachala11/25/12
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Starfish : A Hadoop Performance Tuning Tool

Its been a long time since I've blogged... a lapse of 3-4months or so... :( Well, I thought of writing about an awesome tool for performance tuning in Hadoop called “Starfish”.

Peter Lawrey11/25/12
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Moving the Decimal Place in a Double

So I have a double set to equal 1234, I want to move a decimal place over to make it 12.34 So to do this I multiply .1 to 1234 two times, kinda like this

Mark Needham11/25/12
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Incremental/Iterative Development: Breaking Down Work

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked on several different applications and one thing they had in common was that they had a huge feature which would take a few months to complete and initially seemed difficult to break down.

Juri Strumpflohner11/25/12
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Deploying: Git vs. TFS Showdown

Git’s distributed approach makes it easy to push to a dedicated “deploy” branch which is being automatically fetched, but would that be possible with TFS as well?

Mehdi Daoudi11/25/12
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Performance as Craft

Last week my good friend Jonathan Klein at Etsy published a blog about the latest performance achievements at Etsy. Jonathan’s data was very impressive, so I decided to take a look at it myself from outside their organization.

Bruno Terkaly11/25/12
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Azure Table Storage: Essential Knowledge

Bruno Terkaly provides a detailed tutorial on table storage for Azure.