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Wille Faler07/17/12
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Most of the Code I Wrote >6 Months Ago Sucks

The thing about learning a new programming language is that it is a humbling experience. You may have been an expert in another language after years of honing intricate knowledge of its behaviors and foibles.

Eric Genesky07/17/12
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8 Useful Assumptions About Cloud Security

In this article I’m going to highlight eight common-sense approaches to securing your applications and data in the cloud.

Dan Haywood07/17/12
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Connecting to SQL Server from Java over TCP/IP

Been a while since I did this; turns out it’s easy enough. First, you’ll need the current JDBC driver from Microsoft.

Mohamed Sanaulla07/17/12
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Various API and Language Enhancements as Part of Java 7

I believe most of the Java Developers are aware of the latest Java release i.e Java 7. A lot of us are disappointed about quite a few important features being deferred to Java 8, but its really good to see the language evolving and lot of things happening in the Java community

Axel Fontaine07/17/12
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Testing Private Methods in the Java World

Testing private methods is something that has traditionally drawn heated debates in the Java world.

Tim O'brien07/17/12
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Wait… You Don't Have a Repository Manager?

I’ve seen it all. I really have. The highly paid consultant from a well-known enterprise software vendor who once told me: “I don’t need to use an IDE, I do everything in Notepad.”… all the way to a client that was convinced the best relational database was the one they built in-house

Dustin Marx07/17/12
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Project Jigsaw Booted from Java 8?

Late for the train, Mark Reinhold’s proposes "to defer Project Jigsaw to the next release, Java 9." He explains the reasoning for this: "some significant technical challenges remain"

Isaac Taylor07/17/12
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Tweaking Your Android Performance: ParseArray v. Hashmap

One of the more recent Android ADT updates added Android Lint. Lint will check your Android project for simples things that you can change to improve your app. Lint notifies you about things like . . .

Ayende Rahien07/17/12
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On Scaling Graph Databases

When thinking about scaling scenarios for a graph database, I had the following scenario in mind, a graph of nodes that is spread across multiple servers, where each member in the graph may reside on any machine in the system.

Joe Stein07/17/12
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NoSQL HBase and Hadoop with Todd Lipcon from Cloudera

We talked about NoSQL and how it should stand for “Not Only SQL” and the tight integration between Hadoop and HBase and how systems like Cassandra. . .

Ricky Ho07/17/12
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From 2009: Good and Bad Public Cloud Candidates

Ricky Ho wrote this opinion piece on what makes an application a good public cloud citizen back in 2009. Interesting how his thoughts have been reflected in the evolution of cloud computing over the last few years.

Robert Diana07/17/12
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Book Review: Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

Before I get to the book review, I wanted to mention a basic note about book reviews. In the past I have reviewed books in a less than traditional manner . . .

Alex Tkachman07/17/12
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Kotlin in action: wrapping vert.x

This is pretty short note where I want to show power of Kotlin in real life use.We will wrap amazing vert.x framework in order to make it a bit Kotlin-ish but the main goal will be to show couple of standard ways to wrap existing Java API.Let us start with...

Mitch Pronschinske07/17/12
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Project Jigsaw Being Pushed to Java 9

For a while OpenJDK has had a prototype (download and evaluate here). Reinhold says that maintaining compatibility with existing code has been a "delicate task". They also have not started to plan how they will support various containers for IDEs, app servers, etc.

Stephen Forte07/17/12
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Hardware is the New Software

The software revolution changed the world in some pretty dramatic ways. The hardware revolution will be even more dramatic. Take it from a guy who lives in Hong Kong with the high tech manufacturing center of the world only a 30 minute train ride away in Shenzhen, China.