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Kay Cichini12/24/12
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Taxonomy with R: Exploring the Taxize-Package

While exploring the capabilities of the package some issues with the ITIS-Server arose and with large datasets things weren't working out quite well for me. I then switched to the NCBI API and saw that the result is much better here.

Geoffrey Papilion12/24/12
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Two Helpful Data Concepts

I’ve been batting around a couple terms while talking about various technical solutions for years, and I’ve found them useful while selecting and constructing technical solutions for managing data. They’ve helped me both build, and provide input on what I need from a technical solution.

Eric Gregory12/24/12
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Nathan Marz on Stopping Runaway Complexity in Big Data

Nathan Marz presents a slideshow on preventing runaway complexity in big data, tackling bad schemas, conflation of data and queries, and ineffective or non-existent human-fault tolerances.

Tom O'connor12/24/12
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My Battle with Commvault

Initally, we had a storage server, with 30-odd TB of SATA storage, using some bit of LSI technology with a battery-backed write cache.. Pretty good for scheduled rsnapshot backups. However, in May, we decided to sort out off-site backups, and build up some kind of disaster recovery strategy.

Eric Gregory12/24/12
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Podcast: "I Will Cut You, DevOps and Culture"

ServiceSphere presents the ITSM weekly podcast -- this episode tackles "company culture" and much more.

Eric Gregory12/24/12
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Tutorial: Apache Pig With Amazon Elastic MapReduce - Part 4

Amazon Web Services presents this five-part tutorial on using Apache Pig with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, showing you how to create a simple log-parsing app.

Krishna Prasad12/24/12
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JUnit Testing REST Services and Spring MVC

In this blog I will show you how JUnit tests REST Services using Spring MVC. There are also plenty of useful links around this subject embedded in the article.

Mitch Pronschinske12/24/12
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On Building An E-Commerce SOA Platform For The World's 2nd Largest Online Retailer

In 2010 the world’s 2nd largest web retailer (b2c) – the Hamburg-based Otto Group – decided to refactor large parts of its existing multi-tenancy middleware and backend landscape from a classical 3-tier layout towards a service oriented architecture.

Trisha Gee12/24/12
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The Problem with Women - A Technical Approach

As well as talking about, you know, actual work-type-stuff, I was encouraged to give my "Technical Approach to Women" presentation at Devoxx. This went so well at JavaOne that I thought it would be difficult to top.

Chris Haddad12/24/12
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Scale API Infrastructure

API usage and demand may be unpredictable. Can you scale API infrastructure to meet unexpected peak loads? While you scale API infrastructure, can you guarantee availability and meet service level agreements?

Eric Genesky12/23/12
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The History of Apache Cassandra

Here's a quick video of Jonathan Ellis, Apache Cassandra Chair, who describes the history of Apache's NoSQL solution.

Nicolas Frankel12/23/12
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Do We Really Need the DAO?

This may seem like a stupid question, especially after years of carefully creating them. Yet these thoughts about DAO arose in my mind when I watched Adam Bien’s Real World JavaEE rerun on Parley’s.

Peter Zaitsev12/23/12
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Clustrix benchmarks under tpcc-mysql workload

I tested tpcc 5000W (~500GB of data in InnoDB) on Clustrix systems with 3, 6, 9-nodes and also, to have base for comparison, ran the same workload on HP ProLiant DL380 G6 powered by Fusion-io card, and on SuperMicro server powered by 7 Intel SSD 320 cards (this server is equal to hardware that Clustrix uses for its nodes).

Bruno Terkaly12/23/12
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Consuming Azure Mobile Services from Android: Part 4

This post will cover how to create a new Android application, as well as how to add a listview control, and how to add java code to populate the listview control with strings.

Eric Genesky12/23/12
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Get User-Created Apps at OpenShift's Application Gallery

You can now pick up some user-created apps over at the OpenShift Application Gallery. The gallery is currently featuring 13 apps - here are a few descriptions