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Eugene Ivantsov12/28/12
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IDE in a Cloud: A Tribute to Cloud Fashion or Imminency of IDE?

A short introduction to the Exo IDE and why some coders are afraid to code in the cloud. This post will compare Online vs offline IDEs.

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/12
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Messaging for Modern Applications

Deploying modern applications in the cloud can introduce new challenges like distributing and integrating application components across private and public networks, using heterogeneous messaging systems, driving heavier workloads and horizontally scaling the messaging tier. EI patterns and RabbitMQ can help.

Pierre - Hugues...12/28/12
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OutOfMemoryError – Oracle Service Bus Alerts

This case study describes the complete steps from root cause analysis to resolution of a sudden OutOfMemoryError problem experienced with Oracle Service Bus 2.6 running on Weblogic Server 9.2.

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/12
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RabbitMQ: Messaging that Just Works (Part 2)

Emile Joubert, RabbitMQ engineer, will continue to look at the relevance of Erlang/OTP as an implementation platform, the benefits of a messaging system and common messaging patterns. Some important features in recent releases will be discussed with examples.

Zemian Deng12/28/12
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A Simple Groovy Issue Tracker Using File System

It's a chao not to track bugs and feature requests when you developing software. Having a simple issue tracker would make managing the project much more successful.

Bill Armstrong12/28/12
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Weekly Poll: Development in 2013

For the finale in our "End of 2012" series, we want to know what the DZone audience thinks is going to be big in 2013.

Larry Franks12/27/12
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SQL Azure Federations and Open Source Software

One of the things that will be introduced in the next update to SQL Azure is a database sharding solution called SQL Azure Federations

John Sonmez12/27/12
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My End of the World Post

With the coming and passing of the predicated date of the Mayan apocalypse, I got to thinking about what kind of final advice I would leave the development world in the event of my untimely departure.

Peter Lawrey12/27/12
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Synchronized vs Lock Performance

There are a number of articles on whether synchronized or Locks are faster. There appear to be opinions in favour of either option. In this article I attempt to show how you can achieve different views depending on how you benchmark the two approaches.

Peter Lawrey12/27/12
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Recycling objects to improve performance

This article explores deserialisation with and without recycling objects. How it not only is slower to create objects, but it slows down the rest of your program by pushing data out of your CPU caches.

Pierre - Hugues...12/27/12
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HashMap.get High CPU – Case Study

This article will describe the complete root cause analysis and solution of a HashMap High CPU problem (infinite looping) affecting a Weblogic 10.0 environment running on the Java HotSpot VM 1.5.

Juri Strumpflohner12/27/12
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Gist: My New Devbook

I always had the idea of having some kind of organized store, some kind of very simple knowledge base where I could memorize interesting stuff around software development which I encounter i my day-to-day business.

Sandro Mancuso12/27/12
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Screencast: Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code

In this screencast I take a small piece of legacy Java code that contains the most common problems found in much larger legacy code bases.

Ken Rimple12/27/12
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The Future of Web MVC Testing

Ok, ok, I'm excited. Right now I just was able to hack my way through a test with Spring 3.2 and the web context.

Brian Swan12/27/12
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Store DB Connection Info in Windows Azure Web Sites App Settings

This post is a Pro Tip: Use app settings in Windows Azure Web Sites to store your database connection information.