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Peter Lawrey12/27/12
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Recycling objects to improve performance

This article explores deserialisation with and without recycling objects. How it not only is slower to create objects, but it slows down the rest of your program by pushing data out of your CPU caches.

Pierre - Hugues...12/27/12
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HashMap.get High CPU – Case Study

This article will describe the complete root cause analysis and solution of a HashMap High CPU problem (infinite looping) affecting a Weblogic 10.0 environment running on the Java HotSpot VM 1.5.

Juri Strumpflohner12/27/12
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Gist: My New Devbook

I always had the idea of having some kind of organized store, some kind of very simple knowledge base where I could memorize interesting stuff around software development which I encounter i my day-to-day business.

Sandro Mancuso12/27/12
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Screencast: Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code

In this screencast I take a small piece of legacy Java code that contains the most common problems found in much larger legacy code bases.

Ken Rimple12/27/12
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The Future of Web MVC Testing

Ok, ok, I'm excited. Right now I just was able to hack my way through a test with Spring 3.2 and the web context.

Brian Swan12/27/12
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Store DB Connection Info in Windows Azure Web Sites App Settings

This post is a Pro Tip: Use app settings in Windows Azure Web Sites to store your database connection information.

Dinuka Arseculeratne12/27/12
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JMS and Async, Don't Mess With It

In our own project we have used JMS not to communicate between two disparate systems but to get the asynchronous capability integrated to our application. What we do is push the message into a queue and get along with the rest of the business process. But it seems that this is not the correct way of achieving this.

Matt Lacey12/27/12
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Google's Android Tablet Recommendations Apply to WP Ports Too

Google has a tablet app quality checklist recommended for anyone wanting to publish an app for Android tablets in the Play store.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Android and Windows Phone Learn to Share with NFC

In the spirit of the season, here's how some Android and Windows Phone devices learn to play nice.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Geolocation: Possibilities, Problems, and Privacy

Berkeley ISchool explores the social data challenges and opportunities presented by geolocation.

Paul Miller12/27/12
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Big Data as Core, Big Data as Context, and Big Data as Buzzword Bingo

It’s neither particularly newsworthy nor insightful to suggest that ‘Big Data’ gets everywhere these days, but two recent items reminded me of the gulf between credible execution of a big data play and the more questionable tacking of the big data meme onto an otherwise useful product.

Brian O' Neill12/27/12
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Compiling Storm (and jzmq) on Mac OSX

I recently setup a new machine, went to compile Storm, and forgot what a PITA it is. Here is a blog post so future-me knows how to do it.

Mitch Pronschinske12/27/12
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Create Spring Integration Projects with STS

In this screencast you'll how you can quickly create Spring Integration projects using SpringSource Tool Suite 2.9.x. Check it out. It's pretty useful.

Wayne Beaton12/27/12
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Connected to the Community

Communication extends beyond outward communication. A successful project needs to be connected to the community and that connection works in two ways.

Antonio Goncalves12/27/12
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Test your JAX-RS 2.0 Web Service URIs… Without Mocks

After the announcement of the NoMock Movement I had to write another post about integration testing. Here it goes : how to test your nice RESTful URIs ?