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Mahdi Yusuf09/25/12
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Choosing Static vs. Dynamic Languages for Your Startup

Here's a discussion of the differences between static and dynamic languages. How do YOU choose?

Fabian Becker09/25/12
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Introducing the New Date and Time API for JDK 8

Java 7 and below are lacking a good date and time API. With JSR 310 (Java Specification Request) this is about to change.

Wely Lau09/24/12
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An Independent Review of Explorer Tools for Windows Azure Blob Storage

Blob Storage can either be accessed through the API programmatically or through explorer tools. This article discusses and reviews several popular explorer tools for Blob Storage.

Joshua Gross09/24/12
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The Paste Wasteland (or, why the onPaste event is a mess)

When you work on the bleeding-edge, sometimes you’re going to get cut. The tech isn’t stable, things are buggy and may not conform to [a/the] standard—but the onPaste event isn’t a bleeding-edge technology. In fact, it’s been around since IE5. So why is it such a mess?

Duncan Brown09/24/12
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Fun with Gremlin (No Relation to the Movie or the Car)

This is a decent (but brief) introduction to the world of Gremlin and querying graph databases. This will examine in more depth exactly what exactly these queries actually do.

Alan Skorkin09/24/12
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Even Boring Form Data Can Be Interesting (For A Developer)

What could be more boring than capturing credit card data on a form? Well, it's actually not that boring -- since you may want to encrypt this particular data, which presents its own set of challenges.

Christophe Geers09/24/12
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Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap

For those not familiar with Bootstrap, it is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions for helping you out with typography, forms, buttons, navigations…etc. Included as well is a collection of (optional) JavaScript extensions.

Mehdi Daoudi09/24/12
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Why We Expect Fast Websites: Sex, Drugs, Reward and Fast Pages (Part II)

Almost 100 years after Pavlov, Wolfram Schultz, now at Cambridge, stuck probes into the brains of rats and began to quantify the conditioning phenomenon in terms of neuronal activation.

Ricky Ho09/24/12
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Location Sensitive Hashing in MapReduce

Let's say there are N items (with N in the billions) and we want to find all of those that are similar to one another, with similarity defined by a distance function.

Hemanth Madhavarao09/24/12
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IRC Notification Bot with Node.js

This bot is a product of a simple need: notifying people when their friends log in to a particular channel.

Paul Fremantle09/24/12
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Understanding ESB Performance & Benchmarking

The general ESB model is that you have some service consumer, an ESB in the middle, and a service provider (target service) that the ESB is calling.

Arun Manivannan09/24/12
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Callable vs Runnable - the Brawl of the Runners

Runnable : I am the Yoda of multithreading. For generations, I was the only way (other than lang.Thread) that people could do parallel activities in Java. Remember the cool method that I have - run. Too bad, it returns a void though.

Howard Lewis Ship09/24/12
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Stop Sending Template Engines to the Browser!

This article about client-side templating by Henrik Joreteg was quite interesting. In summary, it says don't send templates to the browser to be compiled and executed ... convert them to JavaScript functions that can be efficiently transfered to the browser and directly executed there.

Peter Lawrey09/24/12
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Hidden Code

Sometime ago I came across the issue of invisible characters in Strings. These can really cause confusion because they are invisible.

Chris Travers09/24/12
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Nested Data Structures, and non-1NF design in PostgreSQL

This article will discuss the use of non-first-normal-form designs, in particular the storage of arrays of tuples in columns to simulate a nested table.  The possible uses and problems of such a design will be discussed in detail.