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Brad Rippe12/09/12
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Holy Grails and Powerful Oracle

Brief article on using Grails in GGTS (Groovy/Grails Tool Suite) to create a web service.

Matt Raible12/09/12
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AppFuse News: Liquibase and wro4j Tutorials from J. García

New committer J. García has been doing a lot of work to improve i18n in AppFuse 2.2, as well as our Struts 2 support.

Alex Soto12/09/12
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Writing Acceptance Tests for Openshift and MongoDb Applications

In this post we are going to use Thucydides for ATDD and NoSQLUnit for dealing with MongoDb.

Peter Lawrey12/09/12
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Performance of Inlined Virtual Method Invocations in Java

One of the benefits of dynamic compilation is the ability to support extensive method inlining on virtual method code.

Tom O'connor12/09/12
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Jenkins as a Job Dispatch Engine

I get easily tired of doing the same thing over and over again, and will, wherever possible, script or automate it to make life easier for myself. This could be in the form of a lightweight webapp/REST api for stuff, or in this case, I used Jenkins.

Istvan Szegedi12/09/12
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Microsoft and Hadoop – Windows Azure HDInsight

Traditionally Microsoft Windows used to be a sort of stepchild in Hadoop world – the ‘hadoop’ command to manage actions from command line and the startup/shutdown scripts were written in Linux/*nix in mind assuming bash. Now Hadoop is available on Windows Server and Azure.

Jerry Nixon12/09/12
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Walkthrough: Building a Sweet Dial in XAML for Windows 8

Custom XAML controls are a breeze. But, honestly, if you aren’t familiar with building them, there’s a learning curve. Let’s break this barrier and build a custom user control together.

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/12
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A Good API is Hard to Find

APIs have seen dramatic growth in the last few years, and they're now powering everything we do. This is causing a fundamental shift in how we write applications - it's not just a UI and a database anymore.

Martin Vecera12/08/12
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Testing Groovy Classes with ScalaTest

The other day I read about ScalaTest. I liked the way the tests look like. And I started thinking where to use it. Today a colleague came to me asking me if he can add some tests to our small tool developed in Groovy. This ringed the bell and it turned to a calling. So here is the ultimate solution for integrating Groovy and ScalaTest.

Jan Machacek12/08/12
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Spray JSON and ADTs

In this post, I’ll show you how to serialize (and deserialize) complex hierarchies of objects in Spray JSON. We’ll be dealing with ever so slightly complex tree structure. You’ll find out how to go beyond the JsonFormat[A] instances you get from calling jsonFormatn.

Victor Savkin12/08/12
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Using Pen & Paper. CRC Cards.

Programmers tend to use software to solve absolutely all problems. Need to take notes? Here is an application for taking notes. Brainstorming?

Ryan Sukale12/08/12
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Github : File Changes and Commit History

Most of the times, when working with Github, you will want to see the differences between the current local copy of a file and the previous commits.

Eric D. Schabell12/08/12
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OpenShift Primer Book Published this Week

This book was born from a need to get the general developer public up and running with Red Hat's OpenShift Platform as a Service (Paas) project.

Leigh Shevchik12/08/12
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How to Use New Relic like a Pro

New Relic has become an industry standard for web applications performance measurement in Rails community. Simply adding and configuring newrelic_rpm gem for your Rails application gives you a great overview of its performance with an adequate level of details.

Arthur Charpentier12/08/12
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Variance Analysis, Irrational Markets, and More Data Links of the Week

Arthur Charpentier's links this week cover the importance of variance analysis, the irrationality of markets, Mandelbrot, campaign spending in the Roman Republic, and much, much more.