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Ola Bini10/14/12
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A New Server Infrastructure

Going forward, I think the Phoenix server is the kind of model I actually want for our AWS deploys.

Andreas Kollegger10/14/12
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Using Spring Data Neo4j for the Hubway Data Challenge

Using Spring Data Neo4j it was incredibly easy to model and import the Hubway Challenge dataset into a Neo4j graph database, to make it available for advanced querying and visualization.

Prabath Siriwardena10/14/12
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How to import LDAP Groups, but not Users, to Liferay

If we want to import Groups only in Liferay - not the users from the LDAP - then we need to have the following approach.

Ben Kepes10/14/12
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Private Clouds Must Be Agile

I recently read a well-reasoned post by HP’s Cloud CIO Christian Verstraete, reflecting on a Twitter exchange he’d had responding to the claims by someone that private cloud was a myth. The private/public debate has raged for a few years now and the two sides go something like this...

Ant Kutschera10/14/12
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Play 2.0 Framework and XA Transactions

XA transactions are useful and out of the box, Play 2.0 today does not have support for them. Here I show how to add that support:

Pierre - Hugues...10/14/12
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Three Things Java Developers Should Know

Here is an interesting article for those of should who have been following remotely the JavaOne 2012 conference. A recent interview with the Java Champion Heinz Kabutz was brought to my attention; including his Java memory puzzle program which was quite instructive from a Java memory management perspective.

Rob Williams10/14/12
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Toward a Test Model

Testing is pretty devoid of a model. Most people see it only as a stage in the build model, but the problem is that just treating it as an amorphous jumble of vitamins has lead to what we have now, which is most projects either have no tests, or a bunch of dead tests, or a huge bungle of tests that are so vast that starting the build fills people on the team with dread.

John Cook10/14/12
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Why Every Statistician Should Know About Cross-​​Validation

Sur­pris­ingly, many sta­tis­ti­cians see cross-​​validation as some­thing data min­ers do, but not a core sta­tis­ti­cal tech­nique. I thought it might be help­ful to sum­ma­rize the role of cross-​​validation in sta­tis­tics.

Justin Bozonier10/14/12
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What I Learned About Data Visualization from Hilary Mason of Bit.ly

We ended up with around ten people in total hacking for about an hour in a small cafe here in St. Louis. Here's what I learned.

Wille Faler10/14/12
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Does Scala as an FP Language Suffer From Its OO Syntax?

In Scala, type classes are possible and sometimes useful, but using them is not quite as second nature as it is in Haskell or Clojure.

Nicolas Frankel10/14/12
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Top 3 Sources of Project Failure: The Problem is not Tool X vs. Tool Y

Let’s face it, I’m a technologist: I will gladly debate with you for hours on the merits of Java vs Scala, SQL vs NoSQL, Google vs Apple or what have you.

Daniel Ackerson10/14/12
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Code Inventory and Tracking Releases

Like it or not, most of us, whether developers or sysadmins, work in a service industry. It’s fast and furious, and we don’t have time to build features that nobody wants. With sufficient test coverage, there’s no code that can’t be released within a day of pushing to the repository.

Eric Sedor10/13/12
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Dex 0.5: Weighted Index Recommendations for MongoDB

I am happy to announce the latest version of Dex, MongoLab’s Index Bot. With version 0.5, we’re declaring Dex halfway-there in terms of major features.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/13/12
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Groovy Goodness: Return Closure From Another Closure or Method

Groovy closures are powerful. A closure can be passed to methods as argument or defined as a variable. We can even return closures from methods or other closures. We can use the returned closure to execute the logic from the closure with the explicit call() method or the implicit syntax with just the closure object followed by opening and closing parentheses (()).

Anoop Madhusudanan10/13/12
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The Problem with Being Passionate about Technologies

I believe in being a passionate developer, and I appreciate having passionate people on my team and around me. The real problem is being subjective about something just because you are passionate about the same.