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Gareth Rushgrove12/31/12
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My Personal Package Repository

I’m a big fan of system packages for lots of reasons and have often ended up rolling my own debian package repository at work, or working with others that have done so. Recently I finally got round to setting up a personal package repo, at packages.garethrushgrove.com.

Oliver Hookins12/31/12
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Personal Off-Site Backups

Unlike many, I’m actually a good boy and do backups of my personal data (for which I can mostly thank my obsessive-compulsive side). However, up until now I’ve been remiss in my duties to also take these backups off-site.

Dmitriy Setrakyan12/31/12
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GridGain and Hadoop: Differences and Synergies

Both, GridGain and Hadoop, are designed for parallel processing of distributed data. However, both products serve very different goals and in most cases are very complementary to each other.

Chris Spagnuolo12/31/12
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7 Questions to Learn if Your Workplace is Fun

How playful is your workplace? In this post you'll see seven questions that originate from the animation company Pixar.

Dave Fecak12/31/12
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How to Hire Geeks, Brand Your Shop and Beat the "Talent Shortage"

As a recruiter of software engineers, I hear every day how difficult it is for software companies to find technical talent. Here are a handful of ways to make your company more attractive to new engineering hires.

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/12
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Message Driven Architecture (Part 3)

Learn more about Spring's support for Hohpe and Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. This video will include demos of several basic patterns such as Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Message Router, as well as composite patterns such as Scatter/Gather using a Splitter and Aggregator.

Mitch Pronschinske12/31/12
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Agile at Scale: Atlassian GreenHopper for Large Organizations

Large organizations can handle agile just as well as small ones with the right tools and the acknowledgement that many agile teams does not make an agile organization.

Eric Genesky12/30/12
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Cloud CMS Running MongoDB

Over at the 10gen blog, the company behind MongoDB published a case study detailing Cloud CMS's use of the popular NoSQL solution.

Pierre - Hugues...12/30/12
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Java Thread: retained memory analysis

This article will provide you with a tutorial allowing you to determine how much and where Java heap space is retained from your active application Java threads.

Zemian Deng12/30/12
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A Strange case of Java Generic and Inheritage Parameter Passing

I came a cross some strange Java code and I would like to share it here. Take a look few of classes I have here:

Attila-mihaly Balazs12/30/12
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Java Runtime Options

The Java runtime is a complex beast – and it has to be since it runs officially on seven platforms and unofficially on many more. Give this, it is normal that there are many knobs and dials to control how things function. The more well known ones are:

Shameer Cee12/30/12
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Scala in Appfog

In this article we will discuss how to deploy a standalone Scala application in AppFog.

Eric Genesky12/30/12
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Deploying a Django Application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

This video walks you through deploying a sample application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using eb (an updated command line interface) and Git, and then updating the application to use the Django framework.

John Cook12/30/12
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Extreme Change is Easier

This last week I ran across a TED video about a couple who had a house full of stuff and $18,000 in debt. They sold all their stuff except what could fit in a couple bags and went backpacking in Australia.

Andy Hawthorne12/30/12
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Installing Ubuntu 12.10 in a VirtualBox VM

Here are some notes regarding how to install Ubuntu 12.10 in a VirtualBox VM. It contains a set of slides since the process is well represented visually.