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Blaise Doughan01/02/13
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JAXB's @XmlAnyElement(lax=true) Explained

In a previous post I introduced how the @XmlAnyElement(lax=true) annotation could be used to create a very flexible mapping. In this post I'll dig a bit deeper into how it relates to both the @XmlRootElement and @XmlElementDecl.

Todd Merritt01/02/13
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SOA, Governance, and Drugs

For me personally, I am a fan of IT governance, and feel that it valuable part of any corporate IT department. However, depending on how it is implemented can really affect the value of using IT governance.

Umashankar Ankuri01/01/13
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A JUnit Tutorial for Beginners

JUnit is an open source framework designed by Kent Beck, Erich Gamma for the purpose of writing and running test cases for java programs. In the case of web applications JUnit is used to test the application with out server. This framework builds a relationship between development and testing process.

Duncan Brown01/01/13
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So, You Want to Be a Grapher

As much as I hope to inform and educate, this blog is as much to serve as a record of my journey into graph-based databases. I'm hoping that as I continue to learn that others may hopefully glean some knowledge/insight from my posts (however little or much that may be).

Ofir Nachmani01/01/13
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My 5 Enterprise Cloud Predictions for 2013

I believe that this is the year when the enterprise will find its way to the cloud.

Ben Kepes01/01/13
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My One Cloud Prediction for 2013

For over a month now I’ve been seeing cloud predictions, big data predictions, storage predictions and many others.

Alex Soto01/01/13
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Testing Spring Data MongoDB Apps with NoSQL Unit

Spring Data MongoDB is the project within Spring Data project which provides an extension to the Spring programming model for writing applications that uses MongoDB as database.

Rob Williams01/01/13
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Staking the Singleton Pattern

Singleton is not the horrible goblin it‘s been made out to be. The newest vanguards (EE6 w/CDI and TypeSafe and their simpletonian Ruby-like ‘framework‘ Play), leave us to either use Singletons or produce code that is hideously unmaintainable.

Luigi Viggiano01/01/13
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Introducing OWNER, a Tiny Framework for Java Properties Files.

I never liked to create “wrapper” classes for properties files. So I created OWNER, a little configuration framework based on Java properties.

Partha Bhattacharjee01/01/13
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How to Un-install a Plugin From Eclipse / STS?

It is easy to do - a few button clicks (generally) - but the button location is damn unintuitive. So, this is what you have got to do

Julian Exenberger01/01/13
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New Years Resolutions for the Java Developer

So in closing on a rather eventful year for me personally it's always good to reflect and think and thus we apply the cliché of the new years resolutions - with a twist - in that they will be Geeky.

John Cook01/01/13
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The Smallest Uninteresting Number and Fuzzy Logic

I’ve tried to think of something interesting about the number 2013 and haven’t come up with anything. This reminds me of the interesting number paradox.

Todd Merritt01/01/13
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Web Service Standard Complexity

Are we over-standardizing web services and hindering their adoption? No, and in fact I feel that it is helping its adoption in the modern corporate world.

Mitch Pronschinske01/01/13
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7 Ways to Make Good Teams Great

Important info from the leaders in collaboration - Atlassian, about how you can make your dev teams better.

Ben Wootton01/01/13
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My Agile Reading List

Someone asked me for a few 'agile' book recommendations, so I came up with the following reading list, which interestingly enough, doesn’t include any books with the words agile or SCRUM in the title!