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Jim Bird01/18/13
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Frankensystems, Half-Strangled Zombies, and Other Monsters

Some of the ugliest things that happen to code don’t have anything to do with technical debt. They’re the result of conscious and well-intentioned design changes.

Don Pinto01/18/13
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Cloudifying Couchbase

As architects, developers or site reliability engineers, you probably use cloud infrastructure platforms at some stage of application deployment, either development, staging or production.

Isaac Taylor01/18/13
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Loaders Versus AsyncTask

One of the biggest pieces of Android that I have neglected to learn about would be Loaders. Seeing as it's time for me to learn it, perhaps I can help you out a bit with it as well.

Partha Bhattacharjee01/18/13
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Gradle - A Maven Perspective

As reader's of my blog would know I am a bit of a Maven fanboy. I had started using Maven around 2007-8 and have never looked back.

Brian Hitney01/18/13
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Scrubbing Userid in Windows Azure Mobile Services

Chris is part of the corp DPE team and has does an extensive amount of work with Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) – including this session at //build, which was a great resource for getting started.

Pedro Duque Vieira01/18/13
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Java Calendar with a Metro Style

Following a discussion with Tom Eugelink author of a Calendar control for JavaFX I’ve decided to have a try at styling it with a Metro like style.

Jessica Thornsby01/18/13
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Check out SmartSVN's Built-In Revision Graph Tool

SmartSVN’s built-in Revision Graph tool provides a quick and easy way to get an overview of the hierarchical history of your files and directories.

Kin Lane01/18/13
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The Evolution of My Technology Platform Over the Last 24 Years

I recently spent some time looking back, and trying to map out the last 24 years of my professional technology career--in hopes of helping me understand how far I've come.

Andreas Kollegger01/18/13
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The Most Important Part of Facebook Graph Search

You've heard the news: Facebook has announced a new offering called Graph Search. Use of graph technologies has been growing over the last few years, and there’s been quite the buzz around graph databases of late.

Simon Metson01/18/13
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On Managing Applications on Cloudant

CouchDB has supported running applications out of the database since 2009, and the associated tools are in a reasonable state of maturity. Here are some of those useful tools.

Jakub Holý01/18/13
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The Sprinting Centipede Strategy: How to Improve Software Without Breaking It

Our code has been broken for weeks. Compiler errors, failing tests, incorrect behavior plagued our team. Why? Because we have been struck by a Blind Frog Leap

Dustin Marx01/18/13
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Determining JDK Installation

In this post, I look at how one can determine that the JDK is installed and on the path.

Esther Derby 01/18/13
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Resources Don’t Write Software. People Do.

Sometimes, when I hear people talking about “resources,” I ask if they mean people. Usually, they agree that they are talking about people, but the responses fall into two categories.

Kin Lane01/18/13
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The Guardian Is Brilliant in Supporting Relevant Events with Open Data

I’m a big fan of what The Guardian is doing with their data and API strategy. I think they are a model for what old media should be doing around the globe.

Michael Sahota01/18/13
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Landscape of Sustainable Engineering Practices

I want to share an infographic and related narrative that has really helped people emotionally connect with the importance and challenges of sustainable software development practices.