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Bozhidar Bozhanov11/07/12
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A Tip For Properly Utilizing Hibernate 2nd Level Cache

Your entity is @Cacheable, your cache is configured properly, but still, loading an entity produces a lot of sql queries. I noticed that the other day, and realized something: hibernate does not cache collection mappings.

Arthur Charpentier11/07/12
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Normality Versus Goodness-of-Fit Tests

In many cases, in statistical modeling, we would like to test whether the underlying distribution from an i.i.d. sample lies in a given (parametric) family. One natural (though not necessarily correct) approach is to use goodness-of-fit tests.

Ben Kepes11/07/12
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Apache Announces CloudStack 4.0 Incubating Release

Open Source projects are great at encouraging chest thumping and misty eyes, but the really exciting thing about them is when they start to actually come to life – as in ship real products that can be used.

Marco Fränkel11/07/12
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Goals for Developing a SOA-Based Integration Layer Framework

A few years ago I was asked by one of our customers to help them make better use of their integration layer. Ever since then me and my team have been working on a framework in support of that.

Luis Atencio11/07/12
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Compose your Software Development Practices

Lately, I have been doing some reading on Software Development practices and came across a software development methodology called SEMAT, which stands for Software Engineering Method and Theory.

René Pickhardt11/07/12
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Get the Full Neo4j Power by using Core Java API instead of Cypher

I was wondering what is the most efficient way of querying against a neo4j data base. So I did a Benchmark with quite surprising results.

Matthias Marschall11/07/12
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DevOps Protocol: No Manual Changes

No Manual Changes refers to the behavioural trait of not messing with any productive systems. Let’s discuss why messing with production systems is bad and what to do about it.

Andriy Redko11/07/12
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Simple but Powerful Concept: Packing Your Java Application as One JAR

Today's post will target an interesting but quite powerful concept: packing your application as single, runnable JAR file, also known as one or fat JAR.

Marcin Grzejszczak11/07/12
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Spring AOP in Security - Controlling Creation of UI Components via Aspects

The following post will show how in one of the projects that I took part in we used Spring's AOP to introduce some security related functionalities. The concept was such that in order for the user to see some UI components he needed to have a certain level of security privillages.

Andrew C. Oliver11/07/12
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We will go to the cloud not because it is new, not because of the annoying marketing, but because it is the fundamental progress of civilization. We will go to the cloud because we’re not cavemen.

Shawn Deena 11/07/12
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Is an Unhappy Design Core the Root of Apple's Problem?

A large portion of the design world and folks inside Apple are not fans of Skeumorphism in the modern age. Sure it made sense 30 years ago but consensus is now that these skeuomorphs are tacky, obtrusive and make the company look dated and behind the times. Many feel it disables innovation.

David Pollak11/07/12
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Why I'm Slowly Migrating Away from Apple

For me, OS X and iOS have been a mixed bag. Yes, Apple hardware has been generally better. But Apple software is not always better.

James Roper11/07/12
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Passing Common State to Templates in Play Framework

This question comes up very frequently on the Play mailing list, so I thought I'd document a quick example of how to pass common state to shared templates in Play Framework when using Scala.

Maarten Ectors11/06/12
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We Need Data Democracy

Data scientist: the sexiest job of the 21st century. But do we really need a new army of data scientists? Is there an alternative? There might just be -- and it's called data democracy.

Sean Hull11/06/12
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Mastering the Cloud Deployment Interview

What does a cloud computing expert need to know? Let’s dig into deploying applications in the cloud, and day to day operations skills.