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Nicolas Frankel08/27/12
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Vaadin Spring Security Integration

Using Spring Security with Vaadin needs a little work. In this article, I will show you how you can adapt your Vaadin application to play nice with Spring Security.

Tony Siciliani08/26/12
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Android Cloud Apps with Azure

In this article, we will construct a basic Android prototype that will allow us to plug in the Windows Azure cloud provider, and use the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android ( available at GitHub) to do all of the basic cloud operations: upload content to cloud storage, browse the storage, download or delete files in cloud storage.

Blaise Doughan08/26/12
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Handle the Middle of a XML Document with JAXB and StAX

Recently I have come across a lot of people asking how to read data from, or write data to the middle of an XML document. In this post I will demonstrate how this can be done using JAXB with StAX.

Ranjib Dey08/26/12
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Evolving Enterprise Infrastructure Using Chef

Learn some of the neat tricks and reasons that you would want to use the open source CM tool, Chef.

James Sugrue08/26/12
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DZone Startup Series: Native Mobile Apps in Java With Codename One

The DZone Startup Series focuses on companies that are using Java at the core of their to power their startup. We continue the series today with Tel Aviv startup, Codename One who have created a platform that allows you to create native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices using Java.

Dave Fecak08/26/12
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What’s Your Geek Number? My Points System To Rate Software Engineers (Without a Full Technical Interview)

The ability to quickly and accurately rate the ability of software engineers after reading a résumé and conducting a relatively brief screening (as compared to full interviews) is very useful for those of us who recruit technologists. This skill is one of the elements that separates great recruiters from the rest, and it is admittedly not an exact science.

Rafał Kuć08/26/12
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Backing Up Your Index

Did you ever wonder if you can create a backup of your index with the tools available in Solr ? For exmaple after every commit or optimize operation ? Or may you would like to create backups with the HTTP API call ? Lets see what possibilities Solr has to offer.

Pedro Duque Vieira08/26/12
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Modellus X 0.1 Release Candidate

For those who do not know Modellus, it is a free software used mainly to help in the education of sciences. On a more technical level this is a Swing with embedded JavaFX app.

Jakub Holý08/26/12
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Recommended Book: Real World Java EE Night Hacks by Adam Bien

I highly recommend this very thin and down-to-the-earth-practical book to everybody interested in back-end Java. The book evolves around a small but realistic project (X-Ray), which we follow from the inception through couple of iterations til the end.

Yaron Naveh08/26/12
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Open-Source Social Analytics for Node.js Devs

Open source is fun. Sure, a lot of hard work is involved, but it's great to do something for the community!

Alex Neihaus08/26/12
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The Right Way for Cloud Apps to Go Mobile

The primary problem with adapting an application to a smart phone is the small screen real estate.

Daniel Ackerson08/25/12
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Forget Trains. Take off on a Release Plane!

For those that have to deal with release management, release train is a well-understood term. It refers to a software development schedule where multiple products are released as a part of a single ‘train’ on a regular, pre-planned schedule.

Will Soprano08/25/12
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Documentation-Patch Submission For Apache Issues

Submitting a patch for a documentation issue is same as submitting a patch for a code issue. Only thing to be noticed is where the source code for sites resides.

Nishant Chandra08/25/12
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Creativity and Innovation at Work

This blog article is about innovation and creativity - what they are and how it can be applied at work and in personal life. The article also tries to provide some insights into being creative.

Adam Hoffman08/25/12
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LocalDB Using SQL Server Management Studio 2012 (SSMS)

Ok, in the previous post we determined how we could attach to LocalDB using SSMS 2012. Next stop, creating a database. Turns out that it's potentially harder than it seems at first.