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Geoffrey Papilion12/16/12
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6 Phone Screen Questions for an Ops Candidate

My company is hiring, and I’ve been thinking a lot more about what types of question are appropriate for a phone interview, but still give enough detail to lead me to a conclusion as to whether I think the person on the other end is competent.

Ben Kepes12/16/12
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On Organizations’ Real Requirements Around Big Data

Every time another vendor takes the “big data” moniker and applies it to some legacy system a cat somewhere on the internet dies.

Mitch Pronschinske12/16/12
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Leverage Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel and Twitter

Bruno Borges talks at JavaOne 2012 about Leverage Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel and Twitter.

Sadayuki Furuhashi12/16/12
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How To Analyze Twitter Data From Node.js Applications in 15 Minutes

We decided to investigate how we can integrate Treasure Data with Node.js. The end product is a pair of articles on our documentation website: Streaming Twitter Data into Treasure Data from Node.js

Peter Lawrey12/16/12
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Wasting time by saving memory

Memory and disk space is getting cheaper all the time, but the cost of an hours development is increasing. Often I see people trying to save memory or disk space which literally wasn't worth worrying about.

Simon Brown12/16/12
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Moving Fast Requires Good Communication

Boxes and lines diagrams *can* work very well, but there are many pitfalls associated with sketching software architecture in this way. My approach is to use a collection of simple diagrams, each showing a different level of abstraction.

Veera Sundar12/15/12
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How to Change the Default Webapp Deployment Location of Tomcat in Eclipse

When you deploy your Java web application to the Apache Tomcat server, via Eclipse, by default the web app will be deployed to a directory that is not so easy to remember.

Gaurav Mantri12/15/12
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Cerebrata Story - Azure Management Cmdlets

In this blog post I will describe how we built our 3rd product – Azure Management Cmdlets. In short this product contains a number of PowerShell Cmdlets for managing Windows Azure.

Raghuraman Bala...12/15/12
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Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part 1

Here's a follow-up to the introductory post on archive and analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier. Enjoy.

Nishant Chandra12/15/12
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MySQL Performance Considerations

Over-sized columns, maintaining indexes, hibernate tuning etc - Common MySQL performance and data issues and how to deal with them.

Jan Machacek12/15/12
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How to Persist Instances in Cassandra Using Hector and Scala

I am going to show you how I went about solving how to persist instances in Cassandra, using Hector, in the function insert(instance) in Scala. To work out how these instances are going to be persisted, I shall use type classes. More than just the code, I...

Allen Coin12/15/12
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Douglas Crockford: Monads and Gonads

Douglas Crockford discusses one of the most elusive of all programming concepts: the monads. He attempts to break the long-standing Monad tutorial curse by explaining the concept and applications of monads in a way that is actually understandable to the audience.

Jim Bird12/15/12
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Agile Estimating: Story Points and Decay

I don't agree with the opinion that Story Points are better for estimation than Ideal Days. When we do estimates, we use Ideal Days, because thinking this way is more natural and more useful, and because these estimates are more meaningful to people inside and outside of the team.

Mark Needham12/15/12
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Data Science: Discovery Work

Aaron Erickson recently wrote a blog post where he talks through some of the problems he’s seen with big data initiatives where organisations end up buying a product and expecting it to magically produce results.

Joe Miller12/15/12
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Simulate Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Low Bandwidth on Mac OSX

Sometimes while testing you may want to be able to simulate network latency, or packet loss, or low bandwidth. I have done this with Linux and tc/netem as well as with Shunra on Windows, but I had never done it on Mac OSX.