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James Sugrue09/26/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Reversing Words

This weeks code puzzler asks you to reverse a list of words in a character array in the most efficient manner possible.

Mark Needham09/26/12
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My Understanding of Network Address Translation

In our case, we’ve been provisioning a bunch of machines into different private networks, and each machine therefore has an IP in the range of IPv4 addresses reserved for private networks.

Yusuf Aytaş09/26/12
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Caching With Guava

Guava cache is a simple library that provides flexible and powerful caching features. As guava developers explain, guava cache can be used when fast access needed and when values retrieved multiple times.

Zemian Deng09/26/12
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Boost your Groovy with NailGun

Are you working on a large Hibernate project that takes long time to load up all the hbm.xml files when creating the Session object? This is fine during deployment and runtime because it only loads it once. However, often time we also need to the same Session object to do some ad-hoc HQL queries to debug or validate data. Loading and re-loading large mapping files in a Session to just execute single query is very painful.

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/12
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Connect With DZone at JavaOne 2012!

This is our call to all DZone community members who will be attending the conference next week! Please get in touch with us and let's make plans to meet and talk.

Joshua Gross09/26/12
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Designers vs. Engineers

First, let me give you a little background: my life choices have put me in a particularly interesting position of having thoroughly experienced both worlds.

Abhishek Kumar09/25/12
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A Console Utility for ThoughtWorks' Go

I recently created a rubygem console utility to get focused information about your Go Continuous Delivery pipeline easily; no more switching again to browsers. It's called ci-go-nfo.

Mark Needham09/25/12
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Neo4j: The Batch Inserter and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

We needed to import around 800,000 nodes with ~ 2 million relationships and because I find that the feedback loop in Ruby is much quicker than Java I suggested that we write the data loading code using the neo4j.rb gem.

Chris Travers09/25/12
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NoSQL-like Approaches to PostgreSQL, a reply to Martin Fowler

This post discusses a few different approaches to doing this on PostgreSQL.  Note that other RDBMS's may be different in many of these regards.

Dan Haywood09/25/12
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Responsibilities of the Application Layer in Domain-Driven Applications

It’s standard practice to build enterprise apps in layers: each layer has its own set of responsibilities, providing a separation of concerns. In Evans’ DDD book, layered architecture is one of his named patterns, its intent being to isolate the domain layer from the adjacent layers of application and infrastructure.

Paul Miller09/25/12
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Why Big Data Has to Be Better Than Big

Dig deep into the big data ecosystem, and you should quickly start hitting the Vs. Initially they were Volume, Velocity and Variety, and then the Vs bred like rabbits.

Ben Kepes09/25/12
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Fueled by APIs, Software Is Eating The World

If cloud technology has shifted the way organizations work, then the API is the glue that holds it all together.

Christian Posta09/25/12
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Backing Spring Integration Routes with ActiveMQ

In this post, I’d like to use the Cafe sample from the Spring Integration Samples project to illustrate how to use the popular ActiveMQ message broker to back your SI routes with JMS.

Istvan Szegedi09/25/12
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Qlikview and Google BigQuery – Data Visualization for Big Data

How Qlikview and Google BigQuery can be integrated to provide easy-to-use data analytics applications for business users who work on large datasets.

Boris Lam09/25/12
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Adding Hibernate Native SQL Features into Your Spring Data Repository

JPA provides @NamedNativeQuery for you to use native SQL. However, the usage is not so convenient, especially when you need to map multiple entities in your native SQL. You have to define a set of SqlResultSetMapping mapping which is quite error prone.