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James Sugrue08/22/12
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Deal of the Year: Architexa Toolsuite Made Free For Individuals

I've long been a fan of Architexa, and the way it makes your codebase easier to understand. Today's news that the tool is now free for individual use is exciting, giving everyone the opportunity to provide better code documentation.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/22/12
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Distributed Computing Reading List

My twitter feed spewed a very good list of distributed computing related papers (compiled by Dan Creswell). There are links to a lot of papers there.

Sasha Goldshtein08/22/12
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Running The Boot Camp Control Panel Applet From Windows 8 on MacBook Pro

As John Robbins repeatedly likes to say, Apple computers are the best hardware for running Windows. To quote, “a Mac Pro […] it's the best Windows machine money can buy”. After yesterday’s release of Windows 8 to MSDN subscribers, I went along and installed it on my new MacBook Pro.

Rick Copeland08/22/12
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ZeroMQ Flow Control and Other Options

In a previous post, I provided an introduction to ZeroMQ. Continuing along with ZeroMQ, today I'd like to take a look at how you manage various "socket options" in ZeroMQ, particularly when it comes to flow control.

Joshua Gross08/21/12
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The Future is not Real-Time

With all of this content vying for our attention at virtually every hour of the day, I believe the future is not real-time. Filtering the wheat from the chaff has become an even more strenuous activity—efforts such as Inbox Zero reflect this.

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/12
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All Roads Lead to Rome: For DevOps Days!

Another great Europe-based DevOps Day is on it's way for anyone who missed the earlier ones. It's on October 5th and 6th and it's going to be in Rome, Italy.

Oliver Hookins08/21/12
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Rating My Team: Limoncelli Test (Based on Spolsky) for Sysadmins

Tom Limoncelli has his own version of The Joel Test – except his one is for sysadmins. I was only vaguely aware of Joel Spolsky’s test and only just read through it and rated my current team, and I’m glad to say we are just about at twelve for twelve.

Giorgio Sironi08/21/12
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How to Take Unit Testing (and Test-Driving) Seriously

Red and green phases alone aren't going to cut it.

Mark Hinkle08/21/12
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Contributing to Apache CloudStack as a Non-Committer

If you’re a contributor to an Apache project, it means that you can commit directly to the project’s repository. For instance . . .

Markus Eisele08/21/12
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Resource Bundle Tricks and Best Practices

Today is resource bundle day. This is the most well known mechanism for internationalization (i18n) in Java in general. Working with it should be a breeze. But there are many little questions that come up while getting your hands dirty with it. If you are feeling the same, this post is for you.

Steven Lott08/21/12
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Performance "Tuning": Running in 1/100th the Time

Generally, there are three kinds of performance problems: wrong data structure, piss-poor programming practices, and bugs.

Tim O'brien08/21/12
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Best Strategy for Migrating from Apache Ant to Apache Maven

I often find myself trying to discourage swapping build tools just for the sake of swapping build tools. While I do believe that Maven is preferable to Ant, I think that the build space often suffers from a belief that the grass really is greener on the other side. It might be, but is it greener enough to justify that work stoppage that is involved in taking a big important project and moving it to a different build technology?

Debasish Ghosh08/21/12
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Category Theory and Programming - Reinforcing the Value of Generic Abstractions

Ok .. so my last post on the probable usefulness of Category Theory in programming generated an overwhelming response all over the places. It initiated lots of discussions which are always welcome and offers a great conduit towards enlightenment of everyone

Dave Fecak08/21/12
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How Employers Measure Passion in Software Engineering Candidates (and How to Express Your Passion in Resumes and Interviews

Over the past few months I have had some exchanges with small company executives and hiring managers which have opened my eyes to what I consider a relatively new wrinkle in the software development hiring world. I have been recruiting software engineers for 14 years, and I don’t recall another time where I’ve observed this at the same level. Here are two examples.

Dustin Marx08/21/12
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JavaOne 2012: Difficult Decisions

It was recently announced that the JavaOne 2012 Schedule Builder is now available. I have signed up for my first cut at sessions that I will attend, but found myself experiencing the typical feelings of excitement and disappointment as I did so.