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Abby Fichtner01/09/13
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Hypothesis-Driven Development

You’ve also got a ton of unknowns and uncertainty. You know you can’t just go build it and hope they will come. You have to do it iteratively. Put a little bit out there, see how people react, figure out what to do next.

Adam Hoffman01/09/13
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Handling enum values with type converters in Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile Services is great for quickly building an OData compliant back end for your app development, but how can we work with enum values?

Andreas Kollegger01/09/13
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Neo4j - The Year in Review

Happy 2013! It looks like another great year is in the forecast for graphs. This is the first of two blog posts, looking back at what has happened this past year, and then ahead to 2013.

Eric Genesky01/09/13
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Graph Databases in Python

This 15-minute video, presented by Javier de Rosa, explores how graph databases, which are often designed for use with Java or C, are beginning to be more easily managed from Python.

Phillip Haydon01/09/13
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How to Create an Azure Cloud Service

I’ve been investigating setting up a Worker Role to do something similar to a Windows Service and it seems that the Worker Role is best suited for this purpose.

Mark Needham01/09/13
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Some Thoughts on Gamification and Software

On the recommendation of J.B. Rainsberger I’ve been reading ‘Reality is Broken‘ – a book which talks about how we can apply some of the things games designers have learned about getting people engaged to real life.

John Cook01/09/13
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Sonnet Primes in Python

A while back I wrote about sonnet primes, primes of the form ababcdcdefefgg where the letters a through g represent digits and a is not zero. The name comes from the rhyme scheme of an English (Shakespearean) sonnet.

Comsysto Gmbh01/09/13
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Statisticians Promote Contributions to Society During the International Year of Statistics in 2013

The comSysto GmbH and more than 1,400 organizations in 111 countries are combining energies in 2013 to promote the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013), a worldwide initiative that will highlight the contributions of the statistics field to finding solutions to global challenges.

Scott Leberknight01/09/13
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Writing Hive Tables from MapReduce

This is part one of a two part blog series on how to read/write Apache Hive data from MapReduce jobs.

Arthur Charpentier01/09/13
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A Trip to the Math Museum

You could hear two kinds of conversations: “Look, when you run the ball follows you!” (kids) or “Oh, nice, as long as people move, the algorithm automatically removes nodes in the connected graphs!” (former kids).

Venkatesh Kris...01/09/13
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4 Agile Teams to Avoid

The Sinking Ship team, The Roller Coaster team, the Well-Oiled Machine team, and the Merry-Go-Round Team. These are the 4 types of Agile teams you need to avoid.

Eric Gregory01/09/13
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DevOpsCast: Chef Server Installation

Following up on his tutorial on getting started with Chef Solo, DevOpsCast's Mat Schaffer helps you install your Chef Server.

Todd Merritt01/09/13
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Choosing Technology To Include In Software Design

How many of us have been forced to select one technology over another when designing a new system? What factors do we and should we consider? How can we ensure the correct business decision is made?

Rodrigo De Castro01/09/13
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3 Great Articles on Technical Debt

These three articles are must-reads if you're passionate about quality and have seen or heard some of the issues mentioned in these materials.

Mitch Pronschinske01/09/13
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Mule Expression Language Cheat Sheet Released

MEL is very powerful and based on the MVEL language (note you can also use JavaScript, Groovy, Python and Ruby). Starting with Mule 3.3, the Mule ESB open source community built-in support for a new expression language for processing message flows in a very powerful and elegant way.