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Eric Genesky12/13/12
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Leveraging Windows Azure and Twilio to Support SMS in the Cloud

Leveraging SMS messaging in a cloud context is a powerful capability. There are a wide variety of applications that can be built upon the techniques I illustrate in this post.

Andrzej Krzywda12/13/12
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What is a Framework?

The title question made me struggle for months. What's the difference between a library and a framework?

Krishna Kumar12/13/12
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Machine Abundance

Computing technology has reached a critical level where we are going to see all kinds of amazingly useful (and not just quirky) gadgets. And then people then will find ways to bring them together into single robot models. The jobs of the future will be be in how to make things that are going to make obsolete the things that human beings do.

Troy Hunt12/13/12
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Responsiveness, China, and How I Made a Killer Mobile Blog Site

Depending on the stats you use, the mobile audience is becoming more significant than the PC audience. In November 2010 my mobile audience accounted for just 3% of my visits. November 2011 more than doubled that up to 8%. In the November just gone, it was 24% – a three-bloody-fold increase.

Dror Helper12/13/12
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Agile Might Save Your Job

So how can one protect his job – simply by making sure that his manager and managers are aware of the state of the tasks under his responsibility and if a deadline is going to be missed, notify them about it as soon as possible, because no manager loves surprises as far as his project is concerned.

Krishna Prasad12/13/12
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Hadoop and Mahout in Data Mining

This blog talks about a typical solution architecture where we use various BigData components like Hadoop, Mahout, Sqoop, Flume and Mongo-Hadoop Connector.

Ravi Kalakota12/13/12
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A Big, Data-Rich Compendium of Big Data Infographics

A variety of useful data science infographics have been published recently -- here's a handy compendium of some of the most interesting.

Rob Golding12/13/12
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Graphing Traffic With Munin's IP Plugin

This post explores using the Munin ip_ plugin to monitor traffic to and from particular hosts using iptables.

Geoffrey Papilion12/13/12
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Just Enough Ops of Devs

A few weeks ago I was reading through the chef documentaion and I came across the page “Just Enough Ruby for Chef.” This inspired me to put together a quick article on how much Linux a developer needs to know.

Trisha Gee12/13/12
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Agile++: When Agile Goes Well

If you see anything about LMAX - the Disruptor, Continuous Delivery, or even the selection criteria for hiring developers, you'll see that LMAX is pretty keen on Agile. However, no-one's documented the Agile process there, as far as I know.

Krishna Prasad12/13/12
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Using Spring FakeFtpServer to JUnit test a Spring Integration Flow

In this Spring Integration FakeFtpServer example, I will demonstrate using Spring FakeFtpServer to JUnit test a Spring Integration flow. This is an interesting topic, and there are few articles on Unit testing file transfers, which gives some insight on this topic.

Vijay Narayanan12/13/12
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Surfing The Innovation Wave – Talk by Sharad Sharma

Heard a very interesting talk by Mr Sharad Sharma titled “Surfing The Innovation Waves” that puts in context the nature of innovation happening in the marketplace and the contextual forces behind the changes.

Zemian Deng12/13/12
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Creating Oracle Stored Procedure Using Java

Did you know you can write Oracle database stored procedure in Java? Give this a try in your sqlplus prompt.

Konrad Malawski12/13/12
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Use Scala’s DynamicVariable to Avoid Closing Over a Value in Akka

If you’ve ever read Akka’s docs about Actors or saw this blogbost about how to avoid closing over the sender in Akka you already know why you shouldn’t close over the sender value when implementing actors with futures inside them.

Giorgio Sironi12/12/12
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The danger of large releases: Trenord case study

Stopping or delaying the majority of trains (and thousands of people) for days isn't the best advertising for large releases.