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Marko Rodriguez01/06/13
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Big Graph Data on the Hortonworks Big Data Platform

The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) conveniently integrates numerous Big Data tools in the Hadoop ecosystem. As such, it provides cluster-oriented storage, processing, monitoring, and data integration services. HDP simplifies the deployment and management of a production Hadoop-based system.

Roger Jennings01/06/13
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Running the SurveyApplicationCS Demo Project under Android Jelly Bean 4.2

I purchased a 32-GB Nexus 7 tablet when Google made them generally available in late June 2012. My interest in the product stemmed from the desire to gain familiarity with the Android operating system without the need to enter into an extended cellphone contract or pay a premium for an unlocked Android cellphone.

Geoffrey Papilion01/06/13
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A Personal Linux History (Or, the Linux Laptop Comes of Age)

Back in 1997 I installed my first copy of FreeBSD. I had to do some major research to get X Windows up and running, and the next computer I bought I very carefully selected a video card to make things easier.

Peter Zaitsev01/05/13
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MySQL versions shootout

As part of work on “High Performance MySQL, 3rd edition”, Baron asked me to compare different MySQL version in some simple benchmark, but on decent hardware. So why not.

Raghuraman Bala...01/05/13
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The AdWantageS

Every customer has a reason to move in to the cloud. Be it cost, scalability, on demand provisioning, there are plenty of reasons why one moves into the Cloud.

Chris Spagnuolo01/05/13
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Pixar's Randy Nelson on Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age

I came across this gem featuring Pixar's Randy Nelson who is the Dean of Pixar University. It has had an extremely profound impact on how I think and collaborate. He's giving a short talk entitled Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age.

Pedro Duque Vieira01/05/13
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Metro Style Scroll Bar for Java (JMetro)

Here is the Scroll Bar control with a metro style (light and dark theme)

Zemian Deng01/05/13
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Java Implementation of String#next() Successor

I've found the Ruby's String#next() or #succ very useful and productive, specially when generating data for testing.

Alex Staveley01/05/13
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Scala - for Loops

Right time to broaden the horizons. It's 2013 and I going to start blogging about Scala which I am trying learn. I am going to start with for loops.

Eric Gregory01/05/13
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Google on Turning Data Problems into Advantages

At Google I/O 2012, Ju-kay Kwek and Navneet Joneja offered advice on turning businesses' data challenges into competitive advantages with thoughtful big data solutions.

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/13
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Enterprise Integration and Batch Processing on Cloud Foundry

Enterprise Integration is quickly becoming a major topic in Cloud Computing. Along with some batch processing tutorials, this session will show how EI is done on Cloud Foundry.

Erik Colban01/05/13
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DZone Code Puzzler Follow-up: Power Set - Round 2

On Dec. 13, the code puzzler was to generate the power set of a set provided as an array of strings. The puzzler did not specify which data representation we were supposed to use for the power set.

Arthur Charpentier01/05/13
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More on "Staggering Odds" - Visualizing Probabilities

Following my previous post, a few more things. As mentioned by Frédéric, it is – indeed – possible to compute the probability of all pairs. More precisely, all pairs are not as likely to occur: some teams can play against (almost) eveyone, while others cannot.

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/13
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Building Blocks of Enterprise Integration

Looking for a refresher or a first pass at some of the essential building blocks of Enterprise Integration. Then look no further. This webcast has you covered.

Eric Genesky01/04/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #11

This week in NoSQL, both Neo4j and Datastax announced updates to their NoSQL solutions. We also found an interesting retrospective map of 2012's NoSQL/NewSQL/Other spaces.