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Konrad Garus01/08/13
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Get Started with ClojureScript with Leiningen Templates

When I was about to get started with ClojureScript, I was discouraged by the fact that I apparently had to figure out so much before getting a trivial project up and running.

Ayende Rahien01/08/13
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RavenDB 2.0 RTM

After just a bit over 6 months of work, RavenDB 2.0 stable is finally out! The new build contains 4,975 commits made by 68 contributors . . .

Jens Schauder01/08/13
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Copying Objects in Layered Applications

In my last post I wrote about the dependencies in a layered application. There is another antipattern going on in many layered applications: Obsessive copying.

Jakub Holý01/08/13
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Fast Code To Production Cycle Matters: For Pleasure, Productivity, Profit

I spent one afternoon adding a much needed feature to our application. Now I have been waiting for several days for various people to review and approve it. And I have just realized how tiring it is and how much energy it takes from me.

Bruno Terkaly01/08/13
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The Evolution of Windows Azure Mobile Services

There are a number new features that have been released for Azure Mobile Services. Here are some important links that can get you up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Eric Genesky01/08/13
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Using JSON Schemas with Oracle NoSQL Database

Here's a 15-minute tutorial discussing JSON schemas with Oracle's NoSQL Database. This was presented by Ron Cohen.

Joachim Hofer01/08/13
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Getting Started with ScalaFX and Resizable UIs

When I was a school kid oh so long ago, the most permanent subject of my programming hobby was an AI for “Connect Four”

Mitch Pronschinske01/08/13
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AMQP vs. MQTT: Some Resources

It's important to check more than one source when comparing two technologies. Today we're taking a look at some messaging protocols, AMQP and MQTT.

Gareth Llewellyn01/08/13
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Dabbling in Home Automation

Once everything was wired up and no fuses blown it was time to start automating!

Eric Gregory01/08/13
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Gazzang Predicts This Will Be the Year of Big Data

SOA World magazine points to a 2013 prediction from Gazzang, a company dealing with Linux data security. Gazzang reckons that 2013 will be the year big data really comes to the fore, with developments such as...

Scott Leberknight01/08/13
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Distributed Lock using Zookeeper

On my project we have a number of software components that run concurrently, some on a cron, and some as part of our build process. Many of these components need to mutate data in our data store and have the possibility of conflicting with one another.

Eric Gregory01/08/13
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Google Says In-Browser Maps Will Come Back to Windows Phone

First, Google Maps "didn't work on mobile IE" and redirected to the Google homepage. Then a little tinkering changed the story. Now Google Maps is coming back.

Bob Hartman01/08/13
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Agile Practitioners Aren’t Supposed to Use Flamethrowers – Are They?

Most of us have not been in a literal flamethrower war, but some of us have been in our share of them in the virtual world. I may be showing my age, but we used to have a phrase for arguments on message boards: flame wars or flaming.

Todd Merritt01/08/13
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Domain Specific Software Engineering (DSSE)

Domain Specific Software Engineering (DSSE) believes that creating every application from nothing is not advantageous when existing systems can be leveraged to create the same application in less time and with less cost. This belief is founded in the idea that forcing applications to recreate exiting functionality is unnecessary.

Chris Spagnuolo01/08/13
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Know Your Users - Create Personas

If you create a persona for each one of your user types and start using their names in your user stories, you'll start feeling more connected to your users. They won't be a generic mass out there anymore. You'll be developing software for somebody.