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Roger Hughes01/14/13
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Super Quick Tomcat App Deployment Using a PULL Script

If you managed to read my last blog you'll remember that I demonstrated a simple script for creating a new tomcat installation on a server by splitting the tomcat binaries from the conf files, storing the binaries on a FTP server and the conf files in version control, with a script recombining the two parts.

Mahdi Yusuf01/14/13
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Debugging is Twice as Hard

I recently tweeted an article about a professor who posed a question to his student. The student gave a simple solution to the professors problem.

Phillip Haydon01/14/13
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Using Publish to Deploy Azure Cloud Service

I recently created an Azure Cloud Service from scratch and deployed it, however I manually logged into Azure Portal and uploaded the packages. Luckily, someone commented saying that I could that you can use publish directly from Visual Studio. So . . .

Cody Powell01/14/13
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Taco-Driven Development

Every Wednesday we have Taco Twednesday, in which we all leave the office to eat at and review various taco establishments. We're doing something more important than having fun, though. We're doing something that every software organization needs help with: we're learning to listen to each other.

Nicolas Frankel01/14/13
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The Power of Naming

Before diving right into the subject of naming, and at the risk of sounding somewhat pedantic, an introduction is in order.

Eric Genesky01/14/13
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RavenDB Now Offers Joining Capabilities

Dev blogger Daniel Lang recently posted a tutorial about dealing with document relations in the latest iteration of RavenDB.

Eric Genesky01/14/13
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An Amazon S3 Cloud-Based HTML5 MP3 Player

Here's a demo of a cloud-based HTML5 Mp3 player developed by SVN labs. According to the original post, it uses "tracks directly from your Amazon S3 buckets playable in the HTML5 audio element."

Marko Rodriguez01/14/13
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On Graph Computing

To the adept, graph computing is not only a set of technologies, but a way of thinking about the world in terms of graphs and the processes therein in terms of traversals.

Michael Dubakov01/14/13
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Scrum FAQ

This FAQ answers questions as simple as "What is Scrum?" or as deep as "When a company is in the process of selecting a Scrum tool to help them meet their needs, what kinds of things should they look for in that tool?"

Rodrigo De Castro01/14/13
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"Lean Startup" Lessons for Big Companies

One of the most important things is to have cross-functional small teams in order to have small pockets within the company that work like startups. Here are some things I learned from the Lean Startup book...

Jason Whaley01/14/13
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Let's Put an End to Unix Editor Snobbery

"Whoever defined nano as the default crontab editor for Ubuntu deserves a whipping with a rusty chain."

Arthur Charpentier01/14/13
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R for Actuarial Science

As mentioned in the Appendix of Modern Actuarial Risk Theory, “R (and S) is the ‘lingua franca’ of data analysis and statistical computing, used in academia, climate research, computer science, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical industry, customer analytics, data mining, finance and by some insurers.

Scott Leberknight01/14/13
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Limiting Joins in Apache Hive

Working with large datasets in Hadoop / Hive works is difficult when you have an "imbalanced" join.

Todd Merritt01/14/13
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Pirates, Treasure Chests and Architectural Mapping

Pirates are known for drawing treasure maps to their most prized possession. These documents detail the decisions pirates made in order to hide and find their chests of gold. As software engineers, programmers, and architects we need to treat software implementations much like our treasure chest.

Istvan Szegedi01/14/13
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Cloudera Impala – Fast, Interactive Queries with Hadoop

As discussed in the previous post about Twitter’s Storm, Hadoop is a batch oriented solution that has a lack of support for ad-hoc, real-time queries.