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Zemian Deng09/10/12
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A Better Java Shell Script Wrapper

In many Java projects, you often see wrapper shell script to invoke the java command with its custom application parameters. For example, $ANT_HOME/bin/ant, $GROOVY_HOME/bin/groovy, or even in our TimeMachine Scheduler you will see $TIMEMACHINE_HOME/bin/scheduler.sh.

Stoimen Popov09/10/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Graph Breadth First Search

This week for Stoimen Popov's "Algorithm of the Week", we're learning to graph breadth first searches.

Bruno Terkaly09/10/12
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How to Provide Cloud-Based JSON Data to Windows 8 Metro Grid Apps

In these exercises, we'll learn how to modify Windows 8 Metro Grid apps in order to consume JSON data across http.

Markus Eisele09/10/12
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PrimeFaces Push with Atmosphere on GlassFish

PrimeFaces 3.4 came out three days ago. Beside the usual awesomeness of new and updated components it also includes the new PrimeFaces Push framework. Based on Atmosphere this is providing easy push mechanisms to your applications. Here is how to configure and run it on latest GlassFish

Prabath Siriwardena09/10/12
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Security Patterns: Decentralized Federated SAML2 IdPs

Say you are a globally distributed enterprise with thousands of branches. Each branch has it's own user store and manages it's own users. Also, each branch hosts it's own web applications. The questions is, how to enable single sign-on across branches in a highly scalable manner.

Prabath Siriwardena09/10/12
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Security Patterns: Single Sign On across Web Applications and Web Services

The requirement is to have single sign-on across different web applications; once the user is authenticated he should be able to access all the web applications with no further authentication (by himself). Also, the web applications need to access a set of back-end services with the logged-in user's access rights and the back-end services will authorize the user (end user) based on different claims, like role.

Ravi Kalakota09/10/12
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Innovation and Big Data in Corporations: A Roadmap

Big Data is all about technology and business model innovation. Why? Because, a lot of next generation business models are DATA centric.

Roger Jennings09/10/12
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Authenticating Your Windows 8 App Users with Azure Mobile Services

How to automate user automation in your Windows 8 app.

Brian Swan09/10/12
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21 Windows Azure News Links from August

It's Friday again, I hope you're all enjoying the last few weeks of summer before we head into the cooler fall weather (at least here in the northern hemisphere.) It's still relatively hot here in North Carolina, though the nights are getting cooler. Here's a collection of links Brian and I discovered this week for your weekend reading:

Giorgio Sironi09/10/12
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Build your own Java stopwatch

A low cost solution for quick profiling. After implementing some algorithms for record linkage, I found myself in the need to optimized the code for speed.

Dejan Bosanac09/10/12
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New ActiveMQ failover and Clustering Goodies

For the last two weeks I’ve been working on some interesting use cases for the good ol’ failover transport. I finally have some time at my hands, so here’s a brief recap of what’s coming in 5.6 release in this area.

Tony Siciliani09/10/12
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Google Cloud Messaging with Payload

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free push notification service for Android handsets. Let’s consider non-collapsible messages with payload.

Swizec Teller09/10/12
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Remember to Benchmark Yourself Against Normal

Zuckerberg, Jobs and Gates were successful entrepreneurs by the time they hit 24. How do you put your ambition in context?

Ben Kepes09/10/12
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Alcatel-Lucent Open Sources its API Management Engine

Regardless of your thoughts around open stack as a product (or, more correctly a series of product), it’s hard to be critical of an initiative that at its core is all about lowering the barriers to entry and encouraging innovation among multiple players.

Istvan Szegedi09/10/12
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Heroku and Cassandra – Cassandra.io RESTful APIs

Last time I wrote about Hadoop on Heroku which is on add-on from Treasure Data - this time I am going to cover NoSQL on Heroku.