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Sharone Zitzman07/19/14
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OpenStack Wiki in Short – A Quick Guide to Open Cloud

In this post, we will be outlining in short the different OpenStack components, and how they work together. From OpenStack Cinder through OpenStack Heat, and Trove – this is your quick wiki for everything OpenStack compute, networking, and storage.

Gil Zilberfeld07/19/14
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Test Attribute #3 - Speed

Tests should run quickly. We’re talking hundreds and thousands in a matter of seconds. If they don’t we’ll need to do something about them. Quick feedback is not only an important agile property. It is essential for increasing velocity. If we don’t work at it, the entire safety net of our tests can come crashing down.

Manu Pk07/19/14
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Identifying the Skills Gap for a Software Developer

I had to create a Individual Development Plan (IDP) for me as part of the regular official procedures.

Whitney Baker07/19/14
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Benchmarking PHPNG in Alpha

PHPNG is only in alpha development, but several benchmarking tests already put it streets ahead of PHP 5.6 – in some cases, it easily performs twice as quickly.

Christian Posta07/19/14
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Camel on JBoss EAP with Custom Modules

Apache Camel is an awesome, open-source, integration library that can be used as the backbone of an ESB, or in stand alone applications to do routing, transformation, or mediation of systems (read: integrating multiple systems).

Vijay Narayanan07/19/14
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Tips for Identifying Reusable Candidates from Existing Code

Introduce Factory or Builder instead of repetitive boiler-plate code when constructing key objects. Several benefits: makes it easy to refactor and evolve how underlying objects are stitched together, makes it easy to write more intention revealing code, and very relevant / convenient when writing automated tests.

Ofir Nachmani07/19/14
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AWS NY Summit Highlights: Ruling the Cloud Stack and an Expanding Ecosystem

Not only is Amazon growing, but its surrounding ecosystem is flourishing, as well. It seemed to me that somewhere around 50% of the exhibitors (give or take) were new to the show. A number of which even used the event as a rehearsal for AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this coming November.

Mehul Rajput07/19/14
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Schedule Regular Updates Using Background Fetch in iPhone App Development

Background Fetch is a very helpful features in iOS. iPhone developers can take advantages in their iPhone app development particularly in UX designing where regular app updates would take place without affecting seamless user experiences and work flows.

David Flynn07/18/14
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Introduction to Functional Programming in Java 8 – Part Two

For a preview of what will be covered in a future article, try changing stream() to parallelStream() in the example and see what happens. So that’s the basic operations we’ve covered so far in the blog. We can take a container make a stream, transform items, filter items, peek at them and do something with them.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz07/18/14
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Grouping, Sampling and Batching - Custom Collectors in Java 8

Continuing from the first article, this time we will write some more useful custom collectors: for grouping by given criteria, sampling input, batching and sliding over with fixed size window.

Jim Bird07/18/14
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Trust instead of Threats

According to Dr. Gary McGraw’s ground breaking work on software security, up to half of security mistakes are made in design rather than in coding. For the last 10 years we’ve been told that we are supposed to do this through threat modeling. What else can we do to include security in application design?

Bruno Terkaly07/18/14
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Fundamentals Of Active Directory—In the Cloud and On-Premises and Hybrid

The cloud has changed many things, but managing identity is still key. This post should help you get started. Let's start with a bunch of links and resources that will help you for getting started.

David Flynn07/18/14
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Finite Sequence Generators in Java 8 – Part 2

In the finite sequence article, we saw that unless we wanted to limit ourselves to a certain number of values we couldn't use generate and iterate in a simple manner.

Tousif Khan07/18/14
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Spring MVC Tiles 3 Integration Tutorial

One of the areas in which Spring MVC has advance compares to other frameworks is in the separation of view technologies. In this post, i will show how to integrate Apache Tiles 3 with Spring MVC. Apache Tiles is a free open-source template engine for java web frameworks.

Alexey Kutuzov07/18/14
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Docker using private registry

There is an easy way to define Docker container using Dockerfile. The other way to do it is private Docker registry. I will install now MongoDB in a Docker container w/o Dockerfile