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Eric Minick10/24/14
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Testers may never be happy

I suspect that the correlations between methods/tools and confidence are pretty weak. Time to market is key, and teams try to balance quality and time to market. Better approaches to testing and driving quality may not drive higher quality software at release time, but rather bring forward the release.

Ross Mason10/24/14
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How to Build a Successful API Program

Companies who identify and expose core capabilities as well-defined, well-managed APIs are essentially making their business “programmable.” For these businesses, APIs act as an innovation layer that allows them to quickly capitalize on new market opportunities and engage with their customers.

Brian O' Neill10/24/14
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Parsing a Tab Delimited File Using OpenCSV

I prefer OpenCSV for CSV parsing in Java. That library also supports parsing of tab delimited files, here's how

Mark Needham10/24/14
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Lessons from Running Neo4j Based ‘Hackathons’

Over the last 6 months my colleagues and I have been running hands on Neo4j based sessions every few weeks and I was recently asked if I could write up the lessons we’ve learned. So in no particular order, here are some of the things that we’ve learnt.

Ana-maria Mihalceanu10/24/14
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Understanding Information Retrieval by Using Apache Lucene and Tika - Part 3

This is a sequal of what was presented in part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial; after indexing and querying we can highlight the results of a search by making use of Highlighter(s).

Troy Hunt10/24/14
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Disabling SSL 3 in Azure Websites

Just a quick one as it’s mostly explained in How to Disable SSL 3.0 in Azure Websites, Roles, and Virtual Machines, but there are a few bits worth adding. Oh – just in case POODLE was news to you, go back and read my post on Everything you need to know about the POODLE SSL bug from last week.

Burke Holland10/24/14
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Exciting Times for Telerik (and You)

As revealed yesterday by Telerik’s co-founders and co-CEOs, Telerik has entered an agreement to be acquired by Progress Software, a U.S.-based public company (PRGS) with an established, global presence.

Erich Styger10/24/14
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Putting Code of Files into Special Section with the GNU Linker

The GNU Linker (ld) is very powerful. This time I wanted to put all my Processor Expert generated code into its own dedicated section. This is useful for example to have a bootloader or a library inside a special area in FLASH. It was not obvious how to do this with the linker, but with some trial and error, I finally managed it.

Dustin Marx10/24/14
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Java Extension Mechanism Loads All JARs

The Java Extension Mechanism is described in the Java Tutorial as a "standard, scalable way to make custom APIs available to all applications running on the Java platform.

Rajat Jaiswal10/24/14
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Grouping Sets: Good to Know Feature TIP# 60

Grouping sets is one of the cool feature came in SQL SERVER 2008. Lets understand here with problem and solution.

Nikita Salnikov...10/23/14
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Revealing the Length of Garbage Collection Pauses

There are several ways to improve your product. One such way is to carefully track what your users are experiencing and improve based on that.

Benjamin Ball10/23/14
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8 Docker Deployment Patterns

I recently came across an interesting blog post that pulls together some different Docker design patterns that you might find useful. Vidar Hokstad wrote this blog article, and he has quite a bit of experience with Docker, especially in using Docker to create repeatable builds without data loss.

Matt Butcher10/23/14
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A CI/CD Implementation for the Cloud Age

Drone, Packer, Ansible, Docker... we associate a litany of names with continuous integration and continuous deployment. But when it comes to building a toolchain that seamlessly transitions our applications from a developer's editor to a running server, we often have to rely on our wits. My team has invested heavily in building an awesome CI/CD system based entirely on top-shelf open source tools. Here's what our solution looks like.

Cal Evans10/23/14
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What Developers Want Recruiters to Know

I post this not to belittle or ridicule recruiters. I think that good recruiters are a valuable part of the tech ecosystem. I post this to hopefully help more recruiter become good recruiters.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/23/14
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Gradle Goodness: Changing Name of Default Build File

If we write our build code in a file build.gradle then we don't have to specify the build filename when we run tasks.