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Yohan Liyanage11/13/12
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STS in OS X – Where's the sts.ini?

I’ve been using STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) on OS X Lion for sometime now, and today I realized that it’s getting a bit slow.

Jurgen Appelo11/13/12
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6 Rules for Employee Rewards & Extrinsic Motivation

These six rules for rewards give you the best chance at increasing people’s performance and engagement, while encouraging intrinsic motivation instead of destroying it. In my experience, an incidental compliment during a meeting for a job well done satisfies all six criteria.

Dave Fecak11/13/12
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TALK! It’s An Interview, Not An Interrogation

A job interview is not an interrogation, and it is important for candidates to be sure they are not treating it as such.

Baptiste Wicht11/13/12
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Compiler Comparison: GCC 4.7 vs CLang 3.1 on eddic

Now that eddic can be compiled with CLang, I wanted to compare the differences in compilation time and in performances of the generated executable between those two compilers. The tests are done using GCC 4.7.2 and CLang 3.1 on Gentoo.

Ben Kepes11/13/12
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Forrester Confuses “Best” with “Most Accessible”

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the traditional analyst firms. Their people are incredibly smart and very thorough, but sometimes in their search for massive levels of details, they miss the very point of technology. A good case in point is the recently released Forrester Enterprise Cloud Database Wave report.

Marko Rodriguez11/13/12
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Faunus Provides Big Graph Data Analytics

Faunus is an Apache 2 licensed distributed graph analytics engine that is optimized for batch processing graphs represented across a multi-machine cluster. Faunus makes global graph scans efficient because it leverages sequential disk reads/writes in concert with various on-disk compression techniques.

Chris Haddad11/13/12
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Promoting Service Reuse and Maximizing SOA Success

API management complements SOA Governance, drives service reuse, and maximizes Service Oriented Architecture success.

Ola Bini11/13/12
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Complexity and Brain Size

If the project had been so complex that I couldn’t fit it all in my head, could we still have solved it? If I had fifty percent of the information in my head and someone else had the other fifty percent, would it still be possible to come up with a working solution?

Amresh Singh11/13/12
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Working with MongoDB using Kundera

In this tutorial, we’ll use below e-mail and attachment entities as our data model and perform Crud operations using Kundera.

Michael Muller11/13/12
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How OpenKM's Technical Debt decreased by 49% through Code Refactoring

Technical Debt is worth nothing if no pragmatic action is taken into code, in order to control and tackle it. To ilustrate this, we performed code refactoring on OpenKM.

Zemian Deng11/12/12
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What Does UTF-8 With BOM Mean?

Believe it or not, There is no such thing as Plain Text! All files in a modern Operating Sytems (Windows, Linux, or MacOSX) are saved with an encoding scheme!

Jelle Victoor11/12/12
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Understanding foldLeft in Scala

As I’m working on some scala code the last few weeks, i have come across some functions in the scala api that I didn’t understand right away

Jens Schauder11/12/12
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Creating New Spring Beans on Demand

We lately had a little Spring related challenge in our application at work. We had a singleton bean (TheClient) that on every call of a method needed a group of other beans

Rodrigo De Castro11/12/12
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Startup vs. Big Company Mindset

As I work for a big (or better huge) company, I always think of the difference of people working at both types of companies. I don't think there's a definitive set of personality traits that define whether you should work at one or the other, especially as you see people working at some point of their lives in one type of company and then moving to a different type.

Ted Neward11/12/12
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Do Property Rights Apply to Cloud Data?

The law grapples with questions of data ownership in the cloud, and we're all caught in the middle.