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Krishna Prasad12/21/12
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Claimcheck Pattern using Spring Integration and Gemfire

Gemfire can help an ESB to achieve distributed caching by virtue of being a powerful in-memory distributed caching backbone. The Claimcheck pattern is an Enterprise Integration Pattern will be used in our example.

Jakub Holý12/21/12
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What Is Clean Code? – In Quotes

What is actually good, clean code? Why does it matter? Marry Poppendieck has, in her excellent talk Deliberate Practice in Software Development (slides), quoted a couple of leading figures of our industry on what is clean code.

Bruno Terkaly12/21/12
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Consuming Azure Mobile Services from Android: Part 2

This post will cover adding data to a relational database, understanding the application key, and creating a database and a table.

Ben Kepes12/21/12
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Drivers for Cloud Adoption - CIO Research

Interesting survey results just released that indicate cost isn’t the highest factor in cloud adoption (yay – at last people are talking more about non-cost impacts of cloud)

Jens Schauder12/21/12
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Writing Parameterized Tests with JUnit Rules

I can’t help repeating myself: JUnit Rules are among the best, maybe the best, feature of JUnit. I even gave a talk at Devoxx about Junit Rules.

Eric Genesky12/21/12
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AWS Announces EBS Snapshot Copy

Amazon Web Services recently announced the release of Elastic Block Store Snapshot Copy. This tool enables users to copy EBS snapshots for use in multiple AWS regions.

Don Pinto12/21/12
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Hello World with Couchbase and Java

My favorite technical book of all time has been the C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie affectionately referred to as K&R.

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/12
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Scrum at Google

You may not have found this awesome google tech talk from 2006. It tells the story of how a group implemented Scrum at Google and what they did to tune it to their own particular style and needs.

Greg Totsline12/21/12
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Relative Performance of Three Approaches to toString()

I put together a quick experiment to compare the relative performance of three approaches to providing toString(): generated by Eclipse, Apache Reflection, and XML Marshalling. All three approaches support inheritance.

Mitch Pronschinske12/21/12
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Master Worker Pattern in JMS

A user asked a recent question on SO for their "application which needs to process huge file stored in DB in multiple rows." Here were the steps he wanted to trigger (he didn't know how to get step 2 going).

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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The DevOps Future is Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed (Yet)

The USENIX Association presents Kris Buytaert: "We've come a long way since introducing new ideas in server automation and deployment, and also in creating a culture of collaboration between the traditional silos in organizations..."

Douglas Rathbone12/21/12
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Set Up Scheduled Log File Cleaning for Windows Servers Running IIS

These days IIS has so many bells and whistles installed that it can be hard to find the settings panel that does what you want it to do. The one thing that is lacking as a feature in IIS is log file recycling.

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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DevOps + Chef + Windows at Ancestry.com

Dan Gilmer from Ancestry.com talks DevOps, Chef, and Windows in this presentation from Opscode.

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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Tutorial: Apache Pig With Amazon Elastic MapReduce - Part 3

Amazon Web Services presents this five-part tutorial on using Apache Pig with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, showing you how to create a simple log-parsing app.

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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Analyzing Big Data with Twitter - Lecture 3: Intro to Hadoop

Here's the third lecture in Berkeley ISchool's series on using Twitter (and other tools) in big data analytics. This lesson focuses on Hadoop.