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Todd Merritt01/14/13
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Pirates, Treasure Chests and Architectural Mapping

Pirates are known for drawing treasure maps to their most prized possession. These documents detail the decisions pirates made in order to hide and find their chests of gold. As software engineers, programmers, and architects we need to treat software implementations much like our treasure chest.

Istvan Szegedi01/14/13
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Cloudera Impala – Fast, Interactive Queries with Hadoop

As discussed in the previous post about Twitter’s Storm, Hadoop is a batch oriented solution that has a lack of support for ad-hoc, real-time queries.

Eric Gregory01/14/13
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Here, Have a Rails DevOps Cheatsheet

Rubytune has put together a reference sheet of DevOps-y command-line tips dealing with process basics, memory, disk/files, network, and more.

Bill Bejeck01/14/13
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Calculating a Co-Occurrence Matrix with Hadoop

A co-occurrence matrix could be described as the tracking of an event, and given a certain window of time or space, what other events seem to occur.

Steve Rogalsky01/14/13
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Living With an Agilist

We were not immediately friends, agile and I, and yet along with the post-it notes and sharpies that have overtaken my house, some agile practices and principles have slowly become part of my life.

Mitch Pronschinske01/14/13
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RabbitMQ: Turn it Up to 11

Pushing RabbitMQ's scaling limits at myYearbook.com has provided good insight in how to scale RabbitMQ clusters while avoiding RabbitMQ's common pitfalls.

Anders Abel01/14/13
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The Project Saboteur’s Handbook

There are many ways to sabotage a project. Recognizing them is the first crucial step to counter them. In this brief handbook I will present a number of ways of sabotage that I have encountered in various projects. This post is the saboteur’s handbook. The countermeasures will be saved for another post.

Markus Eisele01/14/13
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Testdriving Mojarra 2.2.0-m08 on GlassFish

With all the Java EE 7 specifications moving forward it is finally time to test-drive some of them and give feedback.

Matt Raible01/14/13
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What's the Best Way to Compare JVM Web Frameworks?

While it's nice to hear from the generous folks that create and maintain JVM Web Frameworks, we're mostly interested in hearing from the developers that are using these things on a day-to-day basis.

Allen Coin01/13/13
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Decomposing applications for scalability and deployability

In this talk we describe the limitations of a monolithic architecture. You will learn how to use the scale cube to decompose your application into a set of narrowly focused, independently deployable back-end services and an HTML 5 client.

Gaurav Mantri01/13/13
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Azure Cloud Building Best Practices

This blog post will be focused on building Stateless PaaS Cloud Services utilizing Windows Azure Storage (Blobs/Queues/Tables) and Windows Azure SQL Databases (SQL Azure).

Pedro Duque Vieira01/13/13
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Metro style Combo Box for Java (JMetro)

This update brings the ComboBox control to the JMetro library.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz01/13/13
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Probability Distribution for Programmers

This is one of these very simple programming puzzles I came across recently

Chris Travers01/13/13
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An Awesome One-Liner for PostgreSQL

Recently I was looking at options for exploring CIDR blocks in PostgreSQL. In particular, I was wondering about checking a CIDR block for unallocated IP addresses in another table.

Adam Warski01/13/13
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Tryting to Understand CAP

For some time I’ve been trying to understand the different combinations of CAP theorem system properties and what do they mean in practice; having some time at various airports I caught up on reading, and here’s what I came up with.