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Daniel Doubrovkine11/30/12
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Debugging “object has no properties” in a MongoDB map/reduce

You got to love debugging JavaScript errors. Here’s an interesting one from a MongoDB map/reduce and how to resolve it.

Kief Morris11/30/12
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CD Pipeline Implementation: Tracer Bullet (Trail Marker)

The idea is to get the simplest implementation of a pipeline in place, prioritizing a fully working skeleton that stretches across the full path to production over a fully featured, final-design functionality for each stage of the pipeline.

Ben Kepes11/30/12
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Heroku Joins Cloud Foundry for Multi-PaaS Support from Appsecute

There's a massive tension in the enterprise – on the one side, developers who just want to be able to get sh1t done with tools that allow them to deliver outcomes. On the other, enterprise IT tasked with ensuring that data and services remain secure.

John Cook11/30/12
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Equivalent Form of the Riemann Hypothesis

The famous Riemann hypothesis is equivalent to the following not-so-famous conjecture...

Bozhidar Bozhanov11/30/12
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Java Dev's Experience Making a Music Generator

Recently I’ve undertaken a personal project that generates music at random. I had to figure out how I play the generated midi file in the browser and then use Bootstrap to create the UI.

Juhani Lehtimaki11/30/12
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Finding Free Android Libraries Online

Android is not only popular with users. It's also extremely popular with developers and especially developers embracing open source. Nowadays, there's a free and open source library for almost anything you want to do in your Android app.

Jens Schauder11/30/12
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Devoxx Impressions

It’s already a week ago that I was at Devoxx for the first time. It’s time to have a quick glance at all the technical impressions I took away.

Brian Gracely11/29/12
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The Evolution of Hybrid Cloud

Brian Gracely discusses how the concept of Hybrid Cloud has evolved over the last couple years, and how IT organizations can think about leveraging resources from across multiple clouds.

Dan Dyer11/29/12
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Uncommons Maths 1.2.3

It’s five years ago this week that I first released Uncommons Maths as a standalone project spun-off from an early version of the Watchmaker Framework.

Matt Lacey11/29/12
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Is There a Need for Emulators If You Have to Test on Actual Devices?

An emulator (or simulator) emulates (or simulates) a real device. It doesn't claim to give a complete representation of a real device. So what is an emulator actually good for, then?

Ben Kepes11/29/12
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HP Discover Europe and the Viability of HP’s Cloud Play

HP is yet to deliver a fully-featured offering covering both cloud compute and storage. Indications are that the work that HP has been doing on OpenStack will see them announce the compute piece of their offering at Discover -- this will go with the storage and CDN components they already have.

Mark Needham11/29/12
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Micro Services: The Curse of Code Duplication

One of the earliest lessons I learned when writing code is that you should avoid repeating yourself in code . . .

Sander Mak11/29/12
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Unify Client-Side and Server-Side Rendering by Embedding JSON

In this article I want to explore a solution that combines both worlds while minimizing the duplication of rendering logic by embedding JSON in the view.

James Sugrue11/29/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: The Knapsack Problem

Thursday at DZone is code puzzler day. This week's challenge is another classic CS puzzle - the knapsack problem

Matt Raible11/29/12
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The Well-Grounded Java Developer Book Review

I really enjoyed this book and feel I became a more knowledgeable Java developer by reading it. It contained a lot of high-level concepts as well as nitty-gritty details. In my opinion, the sign of a great book is one that you feel you'll refer back to as a reference guide.