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Andrew Phillips08/22/12
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Connecting Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery

At XebiaLabs, many of the questions we get about our enterprise deployment automation solution Deployit are from users looking for automated deployment as a prerequisite for Continuous Delivery. Often, this is the result of initiatives to extend existing Continuous Integration tooling to support application deployments.

Maarten Ectors08/22/12
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Mesos: A Highly Distributed Cloud Architecture Framework

When I saw the Twitter Mesos and Framework presentation, I understood why Mesos can be disruptive to how you architect applications in a highly distributed manner typical for Cloud Computing.

Leigh Shevchik08/22/12
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X-Ray Vision into Your Azure Apps

Developers who use Windows Azure with New Relic can now make great, easy to deploy apps and have ‘x-ray’ vision into what those apps are doing.

Markus Eisele08/22/12
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Rewrite to the Edge - Getting the Most out of it! On GlassFish!

A great topic for modern application development is rewriting. Since the introduction of Java Server Faces and the new lightweight programming model in Java EE 6 you are struggling with pretty and simple, bookmarkable URLs. PrettyFaces was out there since some time and even if it could be called mature at the 3.3.3 version I wasn't convinced.

James Sugrue08/22/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Balancing Arrays

Thursday is code puzzler day here at DZone. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you find suitable. Today we're playing with arrays to get them balanced.

Cedric Beust08/22/12
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A Note On Null Pointers

Null pointer exceptions, stack traces, core dumps, guru meditations, etc… are usually all the manifestation of a simple phenomenon: unexpected values. Somehow, your code expected a value but received another one. This is a programming error, also known as a bug.

Anders Karlsson08/22/12
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Free But Not Gratis: Open Source For Everyone!

The term Open Source is not as old as you may think, and the concept actually predates the name.

Greg Duncan08/22/12
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Amazon Glacier May be the Hot Choice for Archival Data Storage

Greg Duncan offers his thoughts on the recent announcement of Amazon Glacier, which allows you to store any amount of data at a cost of as low as $0.01 per GB, per month.

Alex Soto08/22/12
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NoSQLUnit 0.4.0 Released

NoSQLUnit is a JUnit extension to make writing unit and integration tests of systems that use NoSQL backend easier. Visit official page for more information.

Kristiono Setyadi08/22/12
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Best Practices to Make Life Easier for the Programmer

I know many best practices are out there regardless of programming languages people use. If one thing is for certain, it's that writing code that others can read has never been easy. Ergo I've decided to share a few things that have made programmers around the world happier.

James Sugrue08/22/12
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Deal of the Year: Architexa Toolsuite Made Free For Individuals

I've long been a fan of Architexa, and the way it makes your codebase easier to understand. Today's news that the tool is now free for individual use is exciting, giving everyone the opportunity to provide better code documentation.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/22/12
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Distributed Computing Reading List

My twitter feed spewed a very good list of distributed computing related papers (compiled by Dan Creswell). There are links to a lot of papers there.

Sasha Goldshtein08/22/12
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Running The Boot Camp Control Panel Applet From Windows 8 on MacBook Pro

As John Robbins repeatedly likes to say, Apple computers are the best hardware for running Windows. To quote, “a Mac Pro […] it's the best Windows machine money can buy”. After yesterday’s release of Windows 8 to MSDN subscribers, I went along and installed it on my new MacBook Pro.

Rick Copeland08/22/12
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ZeroMQ Flow Control and Other Options

In a previous post, I provided an introduction to ZeroMQ. Continuing along with ZeroMQ, today I'd like to take a look at how you manage various "socket options" in ZeroMQ, particularly when it comes to flow control.

Joshua Gross08/21/12
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The Future is not Real-Time

With all of this content vying for our attention at virtually every hour of the day, I believe the future is not real-time. Filtering the wheat from the chaff has become an even more strenuous activity—efforts such as Inbox Zero reflect this.