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Ben Kepes09/10/12
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Alcatel-Lucent Open Sources its API Management Engine

Regardless of your thoughts around open stack as a product (or, more correctly a series of product), it’s hard to be critical of an initiative that at its core is all about lowering the barriers to entry and encouraging innovation among multiple players.

Istvan Szegedi09/10/12
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Heroku and Cassandra – Cassandra.io RESTful APIs

Last time I wrote about Hadoop on Heroku which is on add-on from Treasure Data - this time I am going to cover NoSQL on Heroku.

Zemian Deng09/10/12
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Getting Started: Apache Camel Using Groovy

From their site, it says the Apache Camel is a versatile open-source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns. It might seem like a vague definition, but I want to tell you that this is a very productive Java library that can solve many of typical IT problems!

Nicolas Frankel09/10/12
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Lessons learned from integrating jBPM 4 with Spring

When I was tasked with integrating a process engine into one of my projects, I quickly decided in favor of Activiti. Activiti is the next version of jBPM 4, is compatible with BPMN 2.0, is well documented and has an out-of-the-box module to integrate with Spring. Unfortunately, in a cruel stroke of fate, I was overruled by my hierarchy (because of some petty reason I dare not write here) and I had to use jBPM. This articles tries to list all lessons I learned in this rather epic journey.

Jens Schauder09/09/12
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Naming Antipatterns

One of these annoying challenges when coding is finding proper names for your classes. There are some tools available making fun of our inability to come up with proper names. But while I enjoy these kind of gags I think there is some serious problem hiding.

Carlo Scarioni09/09/12
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Setting up a Hadoop Virtual Cluster with Vagrant

Recently I discovered the power of Vagrant and Puppet. They allow me to automate all the steps I used to manually make before. Here I test drive the process of automatically configuring a Hadoop cluster in virtual machines for a fully distributed mode.

Alexander Beletsky09/09/12
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Why Use Backbone.js?

Even JavaScript language and front-end development has been much matured recent time, I still see a lot of confusion about usage of different frameworks and libraries.

Krishna Kumar09/09/12
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Reckless Debt versus Strategic Debt

In software development, even though you do research and discuss and debate, sometimes you cannot make a clear final decision that only has advantages. Ideally you can compromise on what features you have to deliver, but sometimes you have to accommodate the stakeholders on other software attributes.

Pavithra Gunasekara09/09/12
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How to Deploy a war File Using GlassFish

Before trying this out make sure you have installed GlassFish in your machine. Installation is just easy as downloading the zip archive from here and unzipping it to a desired location.

Markus Eisele09/09/12
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The Heroes of Java: Stephen Colebourne

One more to go until my "Heroes of Java" series reaches the 20. No 19 is reserved for "Mr.Time and Date". With him also being nominated for this years annual JCP Awards as "Member of the Year" I finally had the chance to send him my little interview. Thanks for taking the time Stephen!

Borislav Iordanov09/09/12
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On Testing

More than decade ago, I spent a year doing quality assurance at a big and successful smart card company. It was one of the more intellectually stimulating jobs I've had in the software industry and I ended up developing a scripting language, sadly long lost, to do test automation.

Mikio Braun09/09/12
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One Does Not Simply Scale into Real-Time

To make your analysis framework stable against peak volumes and sustainable in terms of data growth, you also need to separate your analysis database from the historic data . . .

Kay Cichini09/09/12
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Get Big Climate Data from the KNMI Climate Explorer Web App

The KNMI Climate Explorer is a web application to analyze climate data statistically using R. Code included.

Jason Rudolph09/09/12
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Resources from Jason Rudolph's "ClojureScript Experience Report"

At the last Triangle Clojure meetup, I mentioned that I would be posting a list of links to the ClojureScript-related resources from the presentation. Here they are!

David Green09/09/12
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I Can Haz Dependencies?

I hate IoC containers. Spring? Evil. Guice? The devil’s own work. Why? Because it leads to such slack, lazy, thoughtless programming.