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Jim Bird12/26/12
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You Can’t Refactor Your Way Out of Every Problem

Some people naively believe that you can refactor your way out of any design mistake or misunderstanding – and that you can use refactoring as a substitute for upfront design. This assumes that you will be able to immediately recognize mistakes and gaps from customer feedback and correct the design as you are developing.

Giancarlo Frison12/26/12
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Software Architect Mistakes

Have you ever thought to design a coffee making process with some diagrams, or doing the same with other banal activities such as taking a shower? Of course not. For other cases less trivial than these, including software project development, a minimal amount of design work can be quite useful and somewhat needed.

Carlo Scarioni12/26/12
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Distributing Hadoop

In this article I will show you how-to configure Hadoop for distributed processing. I’ll show how to do it with just two machines, but it will be the same for more as one of the main values of hadoop is the ability to scale easily.

Chris Shayan12/26/12
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An Enterprise Use Case for Spring Batch

In our firm, we had a use case to process some main frame generated files. In this post I would like to describe how we implemented the use case by utilizing Spring Batch.

Pierre - Hugues...12/26/12
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Too Many Open Files: Case Study

This case study describes the complete root cause analysis and resolution of a File Descriptor (Too many open files) related problem that we faced following a migration from Oracle ALSB 2.6 running on Solaris OS to Oracle OSB 11g running on AIX.

Eric Gregory12/26/12
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Jez Humble on Scaling DevOps

Jez Humble, co-author of Continuous Delivery, speaks on implementing and scaling DevOps.

Eric Gregory12/26/12
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Defining DevOps in Sixty Seconds

The Instant Technology DevOps team attempts to define DevOps in sixty seconds.

Wayne Adams12/26/12
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Apache Pig: Beginnings

I've been experimenting with using Pig on some Fannie-Mae MBS data lately. While I don't mind writing MapReduce programs to process data (especially the fairly simple tasks I'm doing now), I really do appreciate the "magic" Pig does under the blanket, you might say.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/26/12
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Automatically Colorize Terminal Tabs Based on Server

OSX’s iTerm 2, and maybe some other terminal applications, support ANSI control sequence extensions which allow shell to set the color of the terminal tab.

Mitch Pronschinske12/26/12
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Pick up Updated SwitchYard Eclipse Tools

If you're keen on becoming one of the early adopters of SwitchYard, the eventual replacement for JBoss ESB, then you'll want to get your hands on these Eclipse tools released last month for the latest version of SwitchYard - 0.7

Peter Lawrey12/25/12
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Local Variables Inside a Loop and Performance

Sometimes a question comes up about how much work allocating a new local variable takes. My feeling has always been that the code becomes optimised to the point where this cost is static i.e. done once, not each time the code is run.

Pierre - Hugues...12/25/12
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Java STOP Thread? Think Again!

When facing a stuck Thread problem, a common question is how can I dynamically kill the observed stuck Threads in order to quickly recover my middleware environment?

Chris Koenig12/25/12
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Why I Switched to Windows Azure

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Principal Architect for Excolo Group, Casey Watson on how Casey recently made the switch from Amazon EC2 Cloud Services to Windows Azure.

Roger Jennings12/25/12
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Windows Azure Cloud Computing Posts for 12/17/2012

Roger Jennings regularly collects quality reading on his blog over at Oakleaf Systems. Check them out within.

Wely Lau12/25/12
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A Deep Look Inside Windows Azure Virtual Machines

The objective of this post is to explain under-the-hood or deep view of what’s actually inside Windows Azure Virtual Machine.