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Ayende Rahien01/21/13
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Does the Interpreter Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

In computer programming, the interpreter pattern is a design pattern that specifies how to evaluate sentences in a language. The basic idea is to have a class for each symbol (terminal or nonterminal) in a specialized computer language.

Douglas Rathbone01/21/13
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Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Development All at The Same Time

When you go to create a mobile app for each major platform you quickly realise that it’s a mind boggling task with many languages and tools out there to learn along the way.

Anders Abel01/21/13
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The Project Counter-Sabotage Handbook

To successfully counter any sabotage attempts you need to know your enemy. You definitely have to know what behaviour you want to counter.

Daniel Mohl01/21/13
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How to Become a Software Architect

I often get asked by up-and-coming technologists, "what things should I be doing to work towards becoming an architect"? Of course, as is often the case when asking an architect a question, the answer is "it depends". However, I've found the following list to be a good starting point.

Jason Sherman01/21/13
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ActiveMQ: Securing the ActiveMQ Web Console in Tomcat

This post will demonstrate how to secure the ActiveMQ WebConsole with a username and password when deployed in the Apache Tomcat web server.

Krishna Prasad01/21/13
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ScalaTest a MapReduce using Akka

I was trying to learn Scala and I wanted to kill several birds in one shot. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed -- I feel comfortable working with Scala.

Pushpalanka Jay...01/21/13
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Hadoop Single Node Set Up

With this post I am hoping to share the procedure to set up Apache Hadoop in single node. Hadoop is used in dealing with Big Data sets where deployment is happening on low-cost commodity hardware.

Venkatesh Kris...01/21/13
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6 Backlog Prioritization Techniques

There are several ways to prioritize the requirements in the backlog. Some of the most popular ones include these six techniques

David Bland01/21/13
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Candy Driven Development

New research leads me to believe that we may be collectively suffering from ego depletion. Initially it sounds far fetched, until you think about all of the decisions you make throughout a work day and how they correlate with your sugar intake.

Alen Komljen01/20/13
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Web server performance test with ApacheBench

When you set up new web server instance you need to test its performance. Same thing when you need to change some option that can directly affect web server performance or you want to make it better. There are a lot of tools available for doing that, but my favorite is ApacheBench.

Francois Zaninotto01/20/13
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Node.js For PHP Programmers #4: Streams

After dealing with web applications a lot, you realize that it's all about a series of bytes transiting from one computer to another. You can accomplish tremendous things without ever understanding how this flow works. But when you want to go really fast, when you want to unlock the ultimate power hidden deep inside your server, then you have to speak like the computers do.

Eric Genesky01/20/13
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Assign a Fixed IP to an AWS EC2 Instance

As described in my previous post the IP (and DNS) of your running EC2 AMI will change after a reboot of that instance. Of course this makes it very hard to make your applications on . . .

Brian O' Neill01/20/13
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Webinar on Event Processing on Cassandra with Storm

Thanks again to all those that made it to the webinar on Thursday. It was a lot of fun tag teaming with Taylor Goetz. Storm-cassandra has come a long way. The slides and video are now available.

Robin Bramley01/20/13
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Monitoring MarkLogic

This is a quick how-to post for Opsview users who have a need to monitor MarkLogic. The good news is that MarkLogic have released a Nagios plugin.

Jason Sherman01/20/13
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ActiveMQ: Configuring Multiple Instances of the Web Console

Using this configuration to set up multiple instances of ActiveMQ broker pairs in a single Jetty instance you can see how it could simplify managing and accessing the web consoles for all brokers as the environment scales to support many instances of ActiveMQ master/slave pairs.