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Chad Davis01/23/13
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Mental Hygiene for Software Engineers: Avoiding Micro Level Technical Debt

The essence of software engineering, in my opinion, can be captured in two words: managing complexity.

Ross Mason01/23/13
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What and How of Real-time APIs and Streaming

The number of real-time APIs on the Web are rising. What the heck are real-time APIs, how are they used? How are they built? This deck and demo was presented at CloudMafia in San Francisco.

Kevin Rutherford01/23/13
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Don't Inherit Code

I learned a long time ago that there are essentially three different kinds of relationship between two classes. They are...

Mike Ensor01/23/13
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How to Publish Maven Site Docs to BitBucket or GitHub Pages

In this post we will Utilize GitHub and/or BitBucket's static web page hosting capabilities to publish our project's Maven 3 Site Documentation.

Mariano Gonzalez01/23/13
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Mule in a Shell: The SSH Connector

We’re proud to announce that a new SSH Cloud Connector for Mule just went public! Let’s take a peak into the features, useful use cases and of course, coding examples for the Mule SSH Cloud Connector.

Stephen Chin01/23/13
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Nordic NightHacking Tour Schedule

With the trip coming up in a week, I figured it was about time to put the full event itinerary in one place. For this I created a public Nordic NightHacking Google Calendar containing all of the events along with links to sign-up.

Markus Eisele01/23/13
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The Heroes of Java: Coleen Phillimore

During my ongoing search for the real heroes of Java I stumbled upon Coleen.

Eric D. Schabell01/23/13
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JBoss BRMS - How to Create Maven Artifacts

One of the nicest features of the newer JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 (EAP6) is that is supplies your organization with the Maven artifacts in a separate download so that you can populate your internal maven repository.

Ted Neward01/22/13
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On Functional Programming in Java – It's Coming...

Elliott Rusty Harold is blogging that functional programming in Java is dangerous. He's wrong, and he's way late to the party on this one--it's coming to Java whether he likes it or not.

Mark Needham01/22/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Multiplication: Kruskal's Algorithm in Ruby

Last week I wrote a couple of posts showing different implementations of Prim’s algorithm – an algorithm using to find a minimum spanning tree in a graph – and a similar algorithm is Kruskal’s algorithm.

Eric Genesky01/22/13
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VoltDB Announces VoltDB 3.0

Today, VoltDB announced the release of version 3.0 of its high-velocity database offering.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz01/22/13
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Spring Data JDBC Generic DAO Implementation: Most Lightweight ORM Ever

I am thrilled to announce first version of my Spring Data JDBC repository project. The purpose of this open source library is to provide generic, lightweight and easy to use DAO implementation for relational databases based on JdbcTemplate from Spring framework, compatible with Spring Data umbrella of projects.

Bilgin Ibryam01/22/13
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Monitoring Camel applications on the Cloud

Apache Camel is the swiss army knife of application integration. If your application is processing data from different systems, sooner or later you will end up using some of the 130 (and growing number of) connectors available.

Pascal Alma01/22/13
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Load Balancing with Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

In the previous posts I set up a WordPress server by using several Amazon’s services. In this post I add the next AWS feature, the Elastic Load Balancer.

Eric Genesky01/22/13
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Create Local Cassandra Clusters with CCM

Over at the Datastax blog, Tyler Patterson created a tutorial for getting started with Cassandra Cluster Management (CCM), which creates multi-node Cassandra clusters on the local machine.