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Mark O'neill12/25/12
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What Scales Better, the Internet or an ESB?

I could go into a long diatribe about how SOAP is no better than ONC RPC. The reasoning is simple. What scales better, the Internet or an ESB?

Jim Connors12/24/12
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A Raspberry Pi / JavaFX Electronic Scoreboard Application

As evidenced at the recently completed JavaOne 2012 conference, community excitement towards the Raspberry Pi and its potential as a Java development and deployment platform was readily palpable.

Julien Ruchaud12/24/12
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WebSocket with WebMotion and AngularJS

This article describes a new feature in WebMotion: the WebSockets management. We will use the AngularJS Javascript framework for the client side.

Peter Lawrey12/24/12
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Serialization benchmarks and charts

I was looking at this serialization benchmark Thrift Protobuf Compare and saw at the end oif the report it spits out a series of HTML.

Peter Zaitsev12/24/12
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Side load may massively impact your MySQL Performance

It is very typical to hear complains about MySQL interactive performance – serving simple standard web traffic is drastically impacted when some heavy queries are ran in background or backup is done with mysqldump – a lot more than you would expect from simple resource competition. I finally found some time to look further in this problem and see what can be done to remedy it.

Leigh Shevchik12/24/12
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Community News: Predictions for 2013, Secrets of Facebook Performance & More

In this week’s news, we find out how Facebook approaches release engineering, how Evernote solves its Big Data problem, and what trends lie in store for 2013.

Sasha Goldshtein12/24/12
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Don’t Use Workflow Bookmarks in Transaction Scopes

It’s been a while since I posted about a workflow-related bug, and it’s not because of my mad WF skillz – it had more to do with Manu’s expertise in the big WF project I’m involved in. The following bug slipped through the cracks and is worth sharing.

Ayende Rahien12/24/12
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Production Cloud Profiling with Uber Prof

With Uber Prof 2.0 (NHibernate Profiler, Entity Framework Profiler, Linq to SQL Profiler, LLBLGen Profiler) we are going to bring you a new era of goodness.

Stoyan Rachev12/24/12
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Devoxx 2012: Java 8 Lambda and Parallelism, Part 2

In my previous post "Devoxx 2012: Java 8 Lambda and Parallelism, Part 1", I covered the basics of lambda and parallelism in Java 8 as presented at Devoxx in the session "On the road to JDK 8: Lambda, parallel libraries, and more" by Joe Darcy. In this post, I would like to cover two more Devoxx sessions on this topic: "Closures and Collections - the World After Eight" by Maurice Naftalin, and "Fork / Join, lambda & parallel() : parallel computing made (too ?) easy" by Jose Paumard. These two sessions, as well as the first one, took place in the same day, in the same room, one after the other, and together provided three different perspectives on lambdas, parallel collections, and parallelism in general in Java 8.

Eric Genesky12/24/12
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Poll Results: Cloud Experience

DZone's recent poll on users' cloud experiences suggesting some interesting results.

Eric D. Schabell12/24/12
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Summary of JBug Netherlands OpenShift Primer session

Last week I spent and evening at the local Dutch Xebia offices talking to the Dutch JBoss User Group about OpenShift.

Dinuka Arseculeratne12/24/12
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Checking Out What is New With Servlet 3.0

With the JEE6 specification hitting the market, some major changes have taken place with respect to how you would approach developing applications in the enterprise application world. In this article i would be touching upon a few changes that were done with respect to web application development.

Eric Genesky12/24/12
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A Windows Kernel Dev Discusses Windows 8

In this 40-minute video, Greg Columbo discusses some underlying changes to Windows 8 and the impacts these have on performance and security.

Jim O' Neil12/24/12
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The Rock, Paper, Azure Challenge is Back

The Rock, Paper, Azure game engine is hosted in Windows Azure (of course!) and manages the rounds, pitting each participant’s entry against everyone else in the game to generate the live leaderboard.

Mite Mitreski12/24/12
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Functional Java Collections

There is a lot of functional hype these days so I would give a short overview on what is out there at least when it comes to collections in Java.