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Gerard Davison01/24/13
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How to Do Username Token, X509 Certificates, HTTP Keystores, and STS Configuration

Here is a simple summary of what information is required for each type of policy. Given the tools I'm using, including the HTTP Analyzer in JDeveloper, it's pretty easy.

Mitch Pronschinske01/24/13
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Build Reliable, Traceable, Distributed Systems with ZeroMQ

Learn how to build simple yet powerful RPC code with ZeroMQ, with very few (if any!) modification to existing code. You'll see how to build fan-in and fan-out topologies with ZeroMQ special socket types to implement PUB/SUB patterns

Col Wilson01/24/13
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Get Real Data from the Semantic Web

Semantic Web this, Semantic Web that, what actual use is the Semantic Web in the real world? I mean how can you actually use it?

Alex Holmes01/24/13
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Controlling User Logging in Hadoop

Imagine that you’re a Hadoop administrator, and to make things interesting you’re managing a multi-tenant Hadoop cluster where data scientists, developers and QA are pounding your cluster.

Ben Kepes01/24/13
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On the Ethic of Delivery

There is a real convergence occurring, one that sees a new breed of organization, a changing environment within which those organizations operate, and a new type of demand upon those within the organization tasked with delivering the business needs.

Prabath Siriwardena01/24/13
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OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Profile Vs MAC Token Profile

Almost all the implementation I see today are based on OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Profile. Of course its an RFC proposed standard today. OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token profile brings a simplified scheme for authentication. This specification describes how to use bearer tokens in HTTP requests to access OAuth 2.0 protected resources.

Johanna Rothman01/24/13
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Transition to Agile, Large Technical Debt, Small Project

How do you start a project when there’s a really big mess? In that case, small, just having a professional clean-up may not even make a dent.

Pascal Alma01/24/13
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Unit Test Mule 2 with ActiveMQ Defined as the Datasource

In a previous post I described how you can configure an ActiveMQ connection-factory as datasource in Tomcat. Although this works great in a deployed Mule application you can’t use this technique in your unit tests! So in this post I describe how we set up our test environment.

Tomasz Dziurko01/24/13
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Running Unit Tests and Integration Tests Separately With Maven Failsafe and TestNG

Recently for my new pet project I decided that I would like to have some tests executed during standard mvn test and some other ones only during different phase, let’s call it integration phase

Luis Atencio01/24/13
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Fluent Object Creation

Many posts have been written on this subject (overwhelmingly many) but I just wanted to contribute my two-cents and write a short post about how I use the Fluent Object Creation pattern or object builders in Java to instantiate Value Objects.

Mitch Pronschinske01/24/13
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DZone Curated Links We Don't Want You To Miss (1/24/13)

Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS, Portal 2 levels become a test for engineers, Cyber War is raging, and all the NewSQL you thought had ACID guarantees, actually don't. Plus a lot more fun stuff in this curated link list.

James Sugrue01/24/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Change Calculator

Given any number between 1 and 99, determine how to give change with the minimum number of coins. You can assume that the coins are 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c.

Rafał Kuć01/23/13
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Apache Lucene and Solr 4.1 Released

Today Apache Lucene and Solr PMC announced another version of Apache Lucene library and Apache Solr search server numbred 4.1. This is a major release both for Apache Lucene and Apache Solr.

Jagannathan Asokan01/23/13
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perf4j – Sample Snippets

Here are some sample snippets for Perf4j, a set of utilities for calculating and displaying performance statistics for Java code.

Mark Hinkle01/23/13
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Thoughts on the Cloud from the Frontline

While we were in full blown sub-prime mortgage crisis back in 2007/2008 (with Bear Stearns crumbling in March 2008) the world of Cloud Computing was in full innovation mode.