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Mitch Pronschinske04/06/12
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How Facebook Does Deployment

Some interesting insider info was released this week about the Facebook deployment process. I've compiled a TL;DR version here. The information comes straight from Chuck Rossi, the head of Facebook's release engineering team.

Scott Morrison 04/06/12
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Cloud Security Alliance Introduces Security, Trust and Assurance Registry

A series of questions designed to document the security controls a cloud provider has in place. Cloud providers will self-assess their status and publish the results in the CSA’s centralized registry.

Tony Russell-rose04/06/12
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Designing Faceted Search: Getting the Basics Right (Part 1)

In this post, we’ll look at some of the fundamental design considerations in faceted search, such as layout (i.e. where to place the faceted navigation menus) and default state (e.g. open, closed, or a hybrid).

Bozhidar Bozhanov04/06/12
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Corny Programming Jokes

Many of these programmer jokes are aimed at Java developers. One is for PHP devs. Here's a taste: "I’ve written a movie about insects. Here’s the Ant script."

Roger Hughes04/05/12
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Design Patterns, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Catch 22

Although I like the GOF Design Patterns I thought that it would be a good idea to figure out if there are any problems with using them. Are they as good as people think? Or is it just that developer's think they’re cool: a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Mark Needham04/05/12
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Find/Replace Using Regular Expressions With Capture Groups in IntelliJ

Everyone now and then we end up having to write a bunch of mapping code and I quite like using IntelliJ’s ‘Replace’ option to do it but always end up spending about 5 minutes trying to remember how to do capture groups so I thought I’d write it down this time.

Jos Dirksen04/05/12
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How to Use SPDY with Jetty

SPDY is a new protocol proposed by Google as a new protocol for the web. SPDY is compatible with HTTP but tries to reduce web page loading by using compression, mulitplexing and prioritization.

Dustin Marx04/05/12
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Java 7's Support for Suppressed Exceptions

A new constructor and two new methods were added to the Throwable class (parent of Exception and Error classes) in JDK 7. The new constructor and two new methods were added to support "suppressed exceptions"

Craig Flichel04/05/12
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Null and 3-Dimensional Ordering Helpers in Java

When dealing with data sets retrieved from a database, if we want them ordered, we usually will want to order them right in the SQL, rather than order them after retrieval.

Chris Smith04/05/12
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Is Google Play the Beginning of the End for Android?

Google's recent re-branding of the Android Marketplace as Google Play could mean the end Android for Google. We take a look at some of the recent events and peer into our crystal ball for a look at things to come.

German Viscuso04/05/12
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Beyond Java ORM: What Versant Did with the JPA (Part 1)

The Versant team reviewed state-of the-art JPA tech. to bring you Versant JPA; this article introduces the basic building blocks of the Java Persistence API

Douglas Rathbone04/05/12
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CI – Third Party Tools Live in Your Source Control

Hear about the interesting discussion around third party build dependencies such as unit testing frameworks, database versioning tools and other command line executables in your build. The topic of these discussions has been about where these dependencies should be located, inside your project, or installed on your build server.

Rafał Kuć04/05/12
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Testing Polish Language Analysis Solr 4.0

Because Polish language analysis functionality has been present in Lucene (and Solr) for some time I decided to take a look and compare 3 libraries on the upcoming version 4.0 of Lucene and Solr.

Dustin Marx04/05/12
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Seven NetBeans Hints for Modernizing Java Code

In this post, I focus on a different set of seven NetBeans hints that may not be as "indispensable" as the first set, but which I have found to be very useful in moving existing code and my own mindset about writing code in Java into the era of JDK 7.

Mark Needham04/05/12
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Micro Services: A Simple Example

In our code base we had the concept of a ‘ProductSpeed’ with two different constructors which initialised the object in different ways. Using the idea of a micro service, we were able to clean up the code, but not without some disadvantages.