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Allen Coin10/26/12
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The Definitive Windows 8 Linksheet

With the release of Windows 8, we decided to put together this definitive list of Windows 8 links.

Eric Minick10/25/12
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Standardizing Deployments? Start with Production and Work Backwards

Developers extend their continuous integration platforms towards continuous delivery organically, deploying to dev test environments for simple functional tests. And later to QA environments using similar approaches.

Sadayuki Furuhashi10/25/12
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How Japan's Top Recipe Site Solved Its Data Management Problem

Cookpad.com’s original architecture was based on shared MySQL servers and had severe scaling and maintainability limitations. So, how does Cookpad.com serve up the right recipes at the right time?

Mehdi Daoudi10/25/12
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Gearing Up for Online Holiday Traffic: A Checklist

We're exactly a month away from the start of the busiest time of year for the ecommerce industry. Here's a checklist to help you keep your site up and running smoothly.

Antonio Goncalves10/25/12
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You Don't Need to Mock Your SOAP Web Service to Test It

I’m not a fan of unit-testing in MOCK environments. Not because I don’t like it, or because my religious beliefs forbid me to use JUnit and Mockito.

Ronald Daniel10/25/12
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Case Study: Factory Design Pattern

I had a job to check our project code quality. And have to report it back to my team leader for any obstacle that i found in the project. I found a lot of leaks and i think would be good to be discussed on the blog. Not to mock the author, but to learn and improve ourselves together.

Dan Dyer10/25/12
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Carmack on Static Analysis and Functional Purity

I read Carmack’s thoughts on static analysis a few weeks ago and his reports on the effectiveness of tools for analysis of C++ code chimed with my own experiences with Java tools such as FindBugs and IntelliJ IDEA.

Allen Coin10/25/12
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NoSQL Week in Review #3

In case you missed it! We've put together a list of this past week's happenings, goings-ons, new releases, and popular articles. So you're all caught up in the world of NoSQL!

Konrad Garus10/25/12
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Hello, ClojureScript! (with jQuery)

I decided to give ClojureScript a try. It did not come easy, because I found the official documentation somewhat complicated. I know there is ClojureScript One, but that project also is not as simple as it could be.

Arun Manivannan10/25/12
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Evaluating Infix Expression With Parentheses in Groovy - Multiple Digits

When I wrote this write-up on evaluating an infix expression having multiple digits, I was lazy to do it for expressions with parentheses. So, here it comes.

Dustin Marx10/25/12
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JavaOne 2012: NetBeans - Project Easel

Brock summarized what Project Easel is. It is for client side projects and leverages "new WebKit internal and external browser synchronization." It has a "new JavaScript editor with smart code completion" and includes support for jQuery and a "new JavaScript debugger."

Allen Coin10/25/12
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[video] Design a Twitter-Like NoSQL Application

This presentation by Nati Shalom (Founder and CTO of GigaSpaces) walks you through some of the challenges of designing a Twitter-like large-scale NoSQL/DataGrid application.

Shay Shmeltzer10/25/12
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Oracle Gets Java Running on iOS Devices

Did you always want to use your Java knowledge and build native iOS applications? Now you can! Oracle just introduced a solution that turns Java developers into iOS developers.

Baruch Sadogursky10/25/12
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JavaOne - Next Year in Vegas?

As the Main Event in which we participate every year, this year’s JavaOne was big for JFrog.

Dmitry Leskov10/25/12
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Try This Java Tool to Raise Money for Charity. You Can Help.

According to the Gift of Life foundation, in Europe and the United States 80% of children diagnosed with cancer survive .In Russia fewer than 70% do.