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Douglas Rathbone01/22/13
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Build Driven Deployment – The New Hotness Coming to a Dev Team Near You

Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Extreme Programming and many other new-age hippie methodologies have spread through the dev world like wildfire. I believe there's room for one more.

Daniel Korzekwa01/22/13
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Plotting Gaussians, Including Univariate, Multivariate and Linear Models

While working on Bayesian Networks in a continuous space, I'm plotting lots of Gaussian distributions representing prior, likelihood and posterior functions.

Esen Sagynov01/22/13
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Introduction to In-Memory Data Grid: Main Features

It is not a new attempt at all to use main memory as a storage area instead of a disk. You can find in your daily life many cases in which Main Memory DBMS (MMDB) is used to execute much faster than a disk.

Alex Holmes01/22/13
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How Partitioning, Collecting, and Spilling Work in MapReduce

The figure below shows the various steps that the Hadoop MapReduce framework takes after your map function emits a key/value output record.

Istvan Szegedi01/22/13
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Prediction API: Machine Learning from Google

One of the exciting APIs among the 50+ APIs offered by Google is the Prediction API. It provides pattern matching and machine learning capabilities like recommendations or categorization.

Alex Holmes01/22/13
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OSX, Chrome, and DNS

Everything in getting my personal site setup went fairly smoothly, including updating my registrar’s DNS records to point my domain name at my hosting provider.

Martin Fowler01/22/13
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Martin Fowler on Rigorous Agile

I often run into a complaint that agile methods don't have a rigorous definition. The complainer may talk about how this means that you can't tell if a particular team is using an agile method or not. They may also say that this makes it hard to teach people how to do agile methods - what's the curriculum?

Mitch Pronschinske01/22/13
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Fast Integration With Legacy Systems Using Mule ESB

One of the biggest advantages of Mule ESB is its simplicity for integrating legacy systems. The great thing is that the Enterprise Integration patterns employed by Mule work efficiently on commodity hardware, virtual machines and even developers' laptops.

Marcelo Jabali01/22/13
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Configuring TIBCO Web Messaging to Securely Connect to TIBCO EMS

If you want to configure your TIBCO Web Messaging gateway, which normally lives in the DMZ, to connect to TIBCO EMS messaging backbone over a TCP connection, the procedure is straightforward.

Dustin Marx01/21/13
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Java Zero Day Vulnerability Exploits JMX and MethodHandles

I recently identified software security issues (#2), especially related to Java, as one of the most significant software development themes of 2012.

Hirvesh Munogee01/21/13
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dejavu - A High-Performance OOP Library For JavaScript, With Node.js Support

dejavu is a high-performance object-oriented programming library for JavaScript, which can be used with Node.js. If you come from other object-oriented programming languages, you might find that JavaScript take on OOP is a bit different from the classical one.

Francois Zaninotto01/21/13
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Node.js is Like PHP in the 00s: Already Ubiquituous, Just Not Detected Yet

In the early two-thousands, corporate applications were built with C, Java, or sometimes ASP. At that time, PHP wasn't welcome in the enterprise world yet. But despite the lack of clearance from the CIOs, PHP was already inside the corporate walls.

Cody Powell01/21/13
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A Unified Theory of Software Karma

I make a lot of jokes at work about code review karma. Here's the idea: each time a person volunteers to review others' code, that person build their code review karma.

Michael Mainguy01/21/13
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Lotus Notes, a Lesson in Poor UX

As a longtime Outlook user, I've had the exciting experience of learning how to use Lotus Notes.

Pascal Alma01/21/13
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Set Up AWS Autoscaling

In this post I will setup autoscaling for the EC2 WordPress server I created previously. With autoscaling you can tell Amazon to launch or terminate instances based on a set of rules/ conditions.