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Peter Lawrey11/22/12
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Practical Uses for WeakReferences

Since weak references can be claimed by the garbage collector at any time, is there any practical reason for using them?

Luke Galea11/22/12
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Several Solutions for Queue & Worker Systems

Over the years we’ve tried several different queue/worker systems for our sites and we’d like to share our findings to help others decide on a technology.

Kelvin Tan11/22/12
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Tokenizing Second- and Top-Level Domains for a URL in Lucene and Solr

In my previous post, I described how to extract second- and top-level domains from a URL in Java. Now I'll build a Lucene Tokenizer out of it, and a Solr TokenizerFactory class.

Bruno Terkaly11/22/12
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Hadoop on Azure: An Introduction

I am in complete awe on how Hadoop is resonating with today’s developers. If I invite developers for an evening event, Big Data is always a sellout. This post explores Hadoop at a high level, and helps you get started using it with Azure.

John Sonmez11/22/12
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My Portable Virtualization Saga

Lately my need for portability has increased a bit, so I got an opportunity to put my virtualization strategy to the test.

Pierre - Hugues...11/22/12
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IBM AIX: Java Process Size Monitoring

This article will provide you with a quick reference guide on how to calculate the Java process size memory footprint for Java VM processes running on IBM AIX 5.3+ OS.

Ayende Rahien11/21/12
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Does the Flyweight Design Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

A flyweight is an object that minimizes memory use by sharing as much data as possible with other similar objects . . .

Yaozong Zhu11/21/12
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Should I make a class final?

One question comes out of my mind for several times recently. Should I make a class final if I know there’s no use case to inherit it? I think it’s a good practice to mark a class final if you want the class behavior immutable to some extent. But this...

Merrick Chaffer11/21/12
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How to Tune Up a Virtual PC

If your VPC seems to be running slowly, here are a series of steps to rectify the situation and improve performance.

Brian Gracely11/21/12
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 64: Intel Inside the Data Center

Brian talks with Raejeanne Skillern, (@raejeanneS), Director of Cloud Computing at Intel, about new network designs, advanced security capabilities, building HW + SW reference designs, the ODCA and how Intel gets market feedback from around the world.

Daniel Korzekwa11/21/12
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Predicting Outcomes of Tennis Matches with Dynamic Bayesian Networks

For the purpose of building prediction models in Tennis markets, I've developed a Bayesian inference engine in Scala.

Nikita Ivanov11/21/12
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In-Memory Compute Grid Explained

Most vendors to this day concentrate first on storage technology (IMDG, NoSQL, or NewSQL variety). Once the storage product is built – adding any type of non-rudimentary in-memory processing capability on top of it becomes increasingly difficult.

Leigh Shevchik11/21/12
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Setting Up Custom Instrumentation Using the New Relic Java Agent

New Relic (Remember, there's a free Lite version) lets you identify the slow transactions of an application out of the box. This means you can simply download an agent, start your application running with an agent and soon see slow transactions being reported.

Andreas Kollegger11/21/12
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Neo4j Community @ GraphConnect

GraphConnect was an awesome event with engaged attendees, impressive speakers and great conversations. The Neo4j community team was happy to have supported the event.

David Pollak11/21/12
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How do you Suppose we Compose?

The promise of Object Oriented languages was that we would be able to use Objects to interconnect and compose into larger and more complex systems.