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Brian Gracely09/06/12
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The Cloudcast - Ep. 55 - 1st Annual Fantasy Cloud Draft

Aaron, Brian, Nick Weaver (@lynxbat) and Colin McNamara (@colinmcnamara) hold the 1st Annual The Cloudcast (.net) Fantasy Cloud Draft. They pick from the broad ecosystem of companies and technologies to try and build a set of cloud services for particular markets.

Nikita Salnikov...09/06/12
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Why Can’t I Turn Off the Garbage Collector?

I wanted to eliminate Garbage Collection (GC) pauses from a test that I was conducting. Lo and behold I was annoyed when I discovered that it couldn’t be done.

Allen Coin09/06/12
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OCA Java 7: The if and if-else Constructs

In this article, I’ll cover if and if-else constructs. We’ll examine what happens when these constructs are used with and without curly braces {}. We’ll also cover nested if and if-else constructs.

Gaurav Mantri09/06/12
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Simple Calculator for Comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3 Pricing

Since pricing for both of these services are changing quite frequently and depended upon a number of factors, it was not possible for me to pinpoint exactly which service is cheaper. I created a simple calculator where you can input appropriate values and compare the cost of both of these services to you.

Armel Gouriou09/06/12
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5 Highly Critical, Yet Rarely Used, PMD Rules

Going through the statistics of rules’ usage on Techdebt.org I was surprised to find critical PMD rules that seem to be disregarded. This is a presentation of 5 of them, with an explanation on what they check and why their non-respect can bring huge problems into your application.

James Sugrue09/06/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Playlist Shuffle Algorithm

Thursday is code puzzler day here at DZone. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you find suitable. Today's challenge is to write an implementation of a song shuffle algorithm.

Dejan Bosanac09/05/12
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Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 3

OK, after basic anti-patterns discussed in part 1 and 2 of this series, it’s time to discuss a bit more sophisticated messaging anti-patterns and how to write better messaging-oriented applications.

Jim Bird09/05/12
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Devops Isn’t Just for Online Startups

Most of what you read and hear about devops is in online startups – about getting to market faster and building tight feedback loops with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. But devops is even more important in keeping systems running – in maintenance and sustaining engineering and support.

Markus Eisele09/05/12
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JSF Component Libraries - Quality is more Than Zero Bugs

It has been a while since I last looked at the quality of the three major JSF component libraries. In December 2009 I started a comparison of the overall software quality of RichFaces, Primefaces and ICEfaces. Things have changed since than and I wanted to re-evaluate and update this since some time now.

Vijay Narayanan09/05/12
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Systematic Reuse Success Factor #12 – Empower Tech Architects

They key word in the phrase “systematic software reuse” is “systematic” – that is what distinguished ad-hoc reuse from continuous, iterative, investment-oriented reuse that provides benefits across projects.

Arun Manivannan09/05/12
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Testing Automation With Selenium - Part 1

Testing a CRM application which I am part of became very difficult over the recent months. There were simply too many usecases. Despite unit testing on the backend services (SOA), bugs crept in on a regular basis considering a lot of logic is on the javascript and other layers of the application.

Nikita Salnikov...09/05/12
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How Much Memory do I Need (part 2) – What is Shallow Heap?

In today’s article we will expand on what we called “simple” in the previous post. Namely - what is and how to measure shallow heap used by an object.

Christian Posta09/05/12
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Benchmarking a JMS Layer With Open Source JMSTester Tool by FuseSource

For most of the clients I’ve been to, scaling out a JMS messaging layer with ActiveMQ is a priority.

Frank Kelly09/05/12
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Securing Your Data in the Cloud: Key Management Hell

When you migrate to the cloud, how do you safely encrypt your data? And how do you manage your encrypt/decrypt keys?

Carl Dea09/05/12
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JavaFX 2 GameTutorial Part 5

This is part five of a six part series related to a JavaFX 2 Game Tutorial. I know it’s been a long time since I blogged about gaming, but hopefully you’re still with me. If you are up to date, then let’s get started! In this blog entry we will be incorporating sounds into our game.