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David Pollak01/04/13
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Oy, scalac

I burned most of my productive time on Tuesday with an infinite loop in the Scala compiler. It made me very, very grumpy.

Ricky Ho01/04/13
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MapReduce: Detecting Cycles in a Network Graph

I recently received an email from an audience of my blog on Map/Reduce algorithm design regarding how to detect whether a graph is acyclic using Map/Reduce.

Claus Ibsen01/04/13
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Camel 2.11 - HTTP Proxy routes with URL Rewriting Functionality

In the upcoming Apache Camel 2.11 release I have recently added support for plugging in custom url rewrite implementations to HTTP based routes (http, http4, jetty). This allows people to control the url mappings, when you use Camel to proxy/bridge HTTP routes.

Eric Gregory01/04/13
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How to Query Massive Datasets Using Google BigQuery

Google's Ryan Boyd and Michael Manoochehri teach you how to use BigQuery to query bigger-than-big datasets.

Todd Merritt01/04/13
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10 common methods for identifying and defining services.

Of these ten methods, I am particularly fond of Business Process Decomposition, Business Functions, Goal-Driven, Component-Based, and routinely use them in my designs. Which ones are in yours?

Eric Gregory01/04/13
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Nathan Marz's "Lambda Architecture" Approach to Big Data

Over at Database Tutorials and Videos, you can read a fascinating excerpt of Nathan Marz's Big Data (partially available now in an early-access edition from Manning). The article covers Marz's innovative new big data methodology that he calls "lambda architecture."

Ashish Kuthiala01/04/13
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DevOps Without "Dev" is DOA

Businesses across all sectors are trying to deliver web applications to their customers faster than ever before, empowered by Agile development practices.

Arthur Charpentier01/04/13
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Are These "Staggering" Odds Really So Staggering?

What are the odds that the Champions League draw produces exactly the same pairings from the practice draw and the official one - an occurrence the Daily Mail describes as "staggering" at 2,000,000 to 1 odds?

Kay Cichini01/04/13
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Convert OpenStreetMap Objects to KML with R

A geo-quick-tip: With the osmar and maptools package you can easily pull an OpenStreetMap object and convert it to KML, like below.

Maarten Ectors01/04/13
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The Open Hardware Revolution

If you haven’t heart of Arduino or Raspberry Pi, then you need to get up to speed urgently. Arduino is revolutionizing hardware and gadget innovations.

Eric Minick01/04/13
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"Application Release Automation" is a Terrible Term

The analysts agree, uDeploy and its competitors are “Application Release Automation” tools. We used the same term on our website. Unfortunately, “Application Release Automation” is a bad description for this class of tools.

Chris Spagnuolo01/04/13
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'Requirements Don't Change, Despite What Engineers Believe'

According to Alan Cooper, to successfully manage software projects, you must have detailed written plans. He also claims that contrary to engineers' claims, requirements don't change. Don't listen to agile practitioners who say that “We shouldn't plan because things change so rapidly”.

Mitch Pronschinske01/04/13
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Free Training Screencasts ESBs and Systems Integration via Mule

If you've been looking for a new ESB, you might wanna note the fact that MuleSoft is providing free training for the open source ESB, Mule. I don't see Oracle or Spring Integration doing that...

Ganesh Ghag01/04/13
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The Changing Face of Software Development

Change is inevitable and nowhere is it most apparent then in the software technology space. Surely we all adapt to these changes that are quite the norm in software development. Here is a little retrospective view at ways in which software development, as we know it, is changing.

Krishna Prasad01/04/13
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Enabling SSL in Tomcat

But there is no simple example where we can demonstrate Enabling SSL in Tomcat, I spent days pouring documents and Googling before I got the perfect solution. In this blog I have demonstrated using a simple Java Keystore to achieve a 2 way handshake.