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Dan Haywood01/28/13
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Apache Isis Codebase Refactored, Adopting Semantic Versioning

To keep things manageable, we’ve decided to adopt semantic versioning. This componentized architecture will definitely help us release code more frequently, but the flip side to it is potentially more complexity, with both core and each of the components versioned independently.

Edmund Kirwan01/28/13
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The Three Greatest Paragraphs Ever Written on Encapsulation

Many have written articles about encapsulation throughout the computing ages, but which articles are the most influential? Which encapsulate encapsulation?

Mark Needham01/28/13
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A/B Testing: Thoughts So Far

I’ve been working at uSwitch for about two months now and for the majority of that time have been working on an A/B test we were running to try and make it easier for users to go through the energy comparison process.

Nishant Chandra01/28/13
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Picking the Right Machine Learning Algorithm the Visual Way

With numerous machine learning algorithms to experiment with, how do you shortlist a handful of algorithms?

Mitch Pronschinske01/28/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want to Miss! (1/28/13)

Stack Overflow stats on language popularity and the job market, Groovy reached 2.1, Apple did the right thing, and US immigration law could be improving. All of these stories plus 5 Tips to Optimize SSL, interactive Knockout.js tutorials, and 'the funnies'.

Arthur Charpentier01/28/13
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In Statistics, Language Matters

In statistics, it might be difficult to know what a symbol stands for. For instance, can either be a real value, i.e. the value taken by a statistics from a given sample.

Michael Mccandless01/28/13
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Getting Real-Time Field Values in Lucene

What if you sometimes need even better than near-real-time? What if you need to look up truly live or real-time values, so for any document id you can retrieve the very last value indexed?

Pierre - Hugues...01/28/13
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Java concurrency: the hidden thread deadlocks

Most Java programmers are familiar with the Java thread deadlock concept. It essentially involves 2 threads waiting forever for each other. The good news is that the HotSpot JVM is always able to detect this condition for you…or is it?

Tomasz Nurkiewicz01/28/13
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How aggressive is method inlining in JVM?

I wrote a small program with a working title "Worst application of divide and conquer principle ever." The add128() takes 128 arguments (!) and calls add64() twice - with first and second half of arguments. add64() is similar, except that it calls add32() twice. I think you get the idea, in the end we land on add2() that does heavy lifting.

Brian O' Neill01/28/13
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Zen and the Art of Collaborative Software Development

Conway's law suggests that designs are constrained by organizational communication structures. I've seen that law manifest itself over and over again and I'd assert that it is impossible to develop a cohesive software platform unless the proper collaborative dynamics exist.

Vijay Narayanan01/28/13
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Continuously Explore and Execute on Project Synergies

Managing delivery risk is one of the key risks with pursuing systematic reuse. How can your teams mitigate that risk yet make progress on the reuse front?

Johanna Rothman01/28/13
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Managing the Stream of Features in an Agile Program

One of the challenges in a program is how you manage the checkins, especially if you have continuous integration. I am quite fond of continuous integration, no matter how large your program is. I also like short iterations. (Remember Short is Beautiful?)

Mitch Pronschinske01/28/13
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Getting Started with MQTT, Part 2

Part 2 of this helpful MQTT Tutorial. MQTT is a connectivity protocol designed for M2M. It is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport. Hear the Eclipse Foundation experts explain what you can use it for.

Matt Raible01/28/13
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AppFuse Light 2.2.1 Released!

The latest AppFuse Light release includes Java 7 compatibility, Servlet 3, Bootstrap/jQuery integration, Tapestry 5.3.6 upgrade and security improvements.

Paresh Mayani01/28/13
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Android – How to Display Information With Justify Alignment?

A lot of developers have trouble with justify alignment in Android apps. Here's one way to get around the problems.