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Mitch Pronschinske01/06/13
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Rest Management API Coming to ActiveMQ 5.8

ActiveMQ 5.7 made a big splash in October of last year with Java 7 support and secured broker connectability for the REST API. For the 5.8, you can expect another big new feature: a REST management API

Ben Kepes01/06/13
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Quentin Wall of Salesforce on 8 Key Capabilities of PaaS

Every now and then I am asked by someone to guest post on my blog – recently Quinton Wall from salesforce.com approached me to do a series on PaaS.

Michael Schnell01/06/13
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SLF4J Logging in Eclipse Plugins

Developing with Maven and pure Java libraries all the time, I never thought it could be a problem to issue a few log statements when developing an Eclipse plugin.

René Pickhardt01/06/13
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Is Neo4j 377 Times Faster than MySQL?

For every User I wanted to select all content items from his favourite bands. I know this is far away from the social newsstream application . . .

Mitch Pronschinske01/06/13
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A Concise Comparison of RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, and ZeroMQ Message Brokers

I found a good, simple, and short description of three well-known open source message queues - ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, and ZeroMQ. The descriptions are especially useful because they draw useful comparisons between the three brokers.

Scott Leberknight01/06/13
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Iterative Software Development, Part 1

I'll be building a 2D game library iteratively, one feature per screencast. I won't be teaching Java syntax, but I will be teaching you how to keep your code organized and flexible so that you can go whatever direction you need to.

Marko Rodriguez01/06/13
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Big Graph Data on the Hortonworks Big Data Platform

The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) conveniently integrates numerous Big Data tools in the Hadoop ecosystem. As such, it provides cluster-oriented storage, processing, monitoring, and data integration services. HDP simplifies the deployment and management of a production Hadoop-based system.

Roger Jennings01/06/13
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Running the SurveyApplicationCS Demo Project under Android Jelly Bean 4.2

I purchased a 32-GB Nexus 7 tablet when Google made them generally available in late June 2012. My interest in the product stemmed from the desire to gain familiarity with the Android operating system without the need to enter into an extended cellphone contract or pay a premium for an unlocked Android cellphone.

Geoffrey Papilion01/06/13
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A Personal Linux History (Or, the Linux Laptop Comes of Age)

Back in 1997 I installed my first copy of FreeBSD. I had to do some major research to get X Windows up and running, and the next computer I bought I very carefully selected a video card to make things easier.

Peter Zaitsev01/05/13
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MySQL versions shootout

As part of work on “High Performance MySQL, 3rd edition”, Baron asked me to compare different MySQL version in some simple benchmark, but on decent hardware. So why not.

Raghuraman Bala...01/05/13
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The AdWantageS

Every customer has a reason to move in to the cloud. Be it cost, scalability, on demand provisioning, there are plenty of reasons why one moves into the Cloud.

Chris Spagnuolo01/05/13
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Pixar's Randy Nelson on Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age

I came across this gem featuring Pixar's Randy Nelson who is the Dean of Pixar University. It has had an extremely profound impact on how I think and collaborate. He's giving a short talk entitled Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age.

Pedro Duque Vieira01/05/13
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Metro Style Scroll Bar for Java (JMetro)

Here is the Scroll Bar control with a metro style (light and dark theme)

Zemian Deng01/05/13
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Java Implementation of String#next() Successor

I've found the Ruby's String#next() or #succ very useful and productive, specially when generating data for testing.

Alex Staveley01/05/13
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Scala - for Loops

Right time to broaden the horizons. It's 2013 and I going to start blogging about Scala which I am trying learn. I am going to start with for loops.