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Sean Mchugh01/31/13
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5 Big Issues When Scaling Scrum

For many organizations, even the basic concepts in Scrum begin to break down as we scale it up to the entire organization. Imagine a daily stand-up when the development team consists of hundreds of developers and even more testers.

Mitch Pronschinske01/31/13
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Amazon APIs in Android Apps Just Got Easier

Amazon now has a beta release for their Android Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin. There are about 42 Amazon APIs in APIhub and by searching for them you can get an idea of the many amazon services you'll be able to harness if you're an Android developer.

Chris Travers01/31/13
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Building SOLID Databases: Open/Closed Principle

Like the Single Responsibility Principle, the Open/Closed Principle is pretty easy to apply to object-relational design in PostgreSQL, very much unlike the Liskov Substitution Principle which will be the subject of next week's post.

Martin Fowler01/31/13
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Priming Prime Directive

The Retrospective Prime Directive is an important part of retrospective practice, and has been in integral part of retrospective thinking since Norm Kerth first launched the practice.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/31/13
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A Script for Generating Google Docs from Spreadsheet Data Sources

Microsoft Office supports “data sources” to generate e.g. letters, invoices, address stickers and other repeating documents based on Microsoft Word template and Microsoft Excel data.

Kevin Rutherford01/31/13
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Simple Design with Design Patterns

This article looks at the intention behind the GoF patterns, coupled with the XP rules of Simple Design and Uncle Bob’s SOLID principles.

Maarten Balliauw01/31/13
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Running Unit Tests When Deploying to Windows Azure Web Sites

As you can see, using deployment scripts we can customize deployment on Windows Azure Web Sites to fit our needs.

Mitch Pronschinske01/31/13
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Building an Asynchronous Communication Layer w/ XMPP, Ruby, Javascript

Although XMPP is most often used as a chat protocol, it can also provide a robust asynchronous communication channel in other application scenarios.

Mitch Pronschinske01/31/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/31/13)

Some people are surprised by the Java 7 update and its "silent" removal of Java 6. Plus Bob Martin responds to Ted Neward's posts about software craftsman elitism. Rounding out the humor section, we have a graph correlating Internet Explorer Market Share vs Murder Rates.

Steve Rogalsky01/31/13
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List of Agile Practices

This is my core list of lean and agile practices. Each item can be expanded - for example, Technical Excellence implies TDD, simple design, following SOLID principles, etc.

Rob Williams01/31/13
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Kotlin: Hackery Made Elegant

Recently, on StackOverflow, I weighed in on a question tagged Design Patterns and said instance of was considered a sign of bad design.

Alex Staveley01/31/13
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Scala Pattern Matching: A Case for New Thinking?

In Scala, it is possible to construct some very sophisticated pattern matching logic using the case / match construct which doesn't just bring new possibilities but a new type of thinking to realise new possibilities.

Hubert Klein Ikkink01/31/13
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Groovy Goodness: Calculating Directory Size

Groovy 2.1 adds the method directorySize() to File objects. If the File object is a directory then the total size of all files is calculated

Tim O'brien01/30/13
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Use the Gradle Wrapper and Stop Wasting Valuable Time

I've migrated a number of large organizations from one build tool to another and one of the most frustrating parts of this process is figuring out the best way to transition developers to a new build tool.

Wayne Adams01/30/13
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Whatever Happened to that Java guy Who Was Learning Haskell?

For nearly two years, I've been trying to branch out and add another programming language to my brain