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James Sugrue01/10/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Does the Linked List Have a Circular Reference?

This week's puzzle is to determine whether a single linked list contains a circular reference.

Eric Genesky01/10/13
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Why AWS is Important to IT Departments

Here's a five-minute video by CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara that gives a 5-minute introduction to AWS and why the PaaS giant is vital to IT departments.

Ofir Nachmani01/10/13
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HP Discover, the Enterprise, and AWS Cloud

Last month I attended HP Discover (disclosure: my participation was funded by Ivy World). The IT war already started however HP stands still not taking initiatives and real risks as true leaders should take.

Eric Genesky01/10/13
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Which Freaking Database Should I Use?

Andrew Oliver and Dipti Borkar discuss the NoSQL landscape and cover different types of databases including RDBMS, key value stores, graph databases, columnar databases, document databases, and others.

Mikio Braun01/10/13
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What is Streamdrill Good For?

In a nutshell: streamdrill is useful for counting activities of event streams over different time windows and finding the most active ones.

Mark Needham01/10/13
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Finding Pixels with No Variance Using R

I’ve written previously about our attempts at the Kaggle Digit Recogniser problem and our approach so far has been to use the data provided and plug it into different algorithms and see what we end up with.

Jakub Holý01/10/13
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Bash: Parse Options And Non-Options With Getopts

Parsing script or function options and non-option arguments is easy in Bash with getopts but there are some catches, such as the need to reset OPTIND. We will se how to do it using getopts, shift, and case.

Willie Wheeler01/10/13
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Top 10 Pops and Drops with Splunk - Part 1

In real-time operational contexts, it’s important to monitor system metrics for major swings in value. Such swings, whether upward (“pops”) or downward (“drops”), often indicate a problem either on the horizon or else in progress.

John Cook01/10/13
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Not Complex Enough

One time a professor asked me about a problem and I suggested a simple solution. He shot down my idea because it wasn’t complex enough. He said my idea would work, but it wasn’t something he could write a paper about in a prestigious journal.

Jakub Holý01/10/13
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Bash Magic: List Hive Table Sizes in GB

Jakub Holý shares a quick way to list the sizes of Hive tables in Hadoop in GBs...

Krishna Prasad01/10/13
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Enabling CLIENT-CERT based authorization on Tomcat: Part 1

In continuation with my earlier blog on Enabling SSL on Tomcat, in this blog I will go to next step and enable CLIENT-CERT based authorization on Tomcat.

Krishna Prasad01/10/13
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Enabling CLIENT-CERT based authorization on Tomcat – Part 2

In continuation of my earlier blogs Enabling CLIENT-CERT based authorization on Tomcat and Enabling SSL in Tomcat, in this blog I will demonstrate, how you can configure multiple application to control access to their web resources using CLIENT-CERT mechanism.

Mitch Pronschinske01/10/13
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Averting Tragedy on the Architectural Commons

This talk explores how shared resources in other fields are managed for the common good, and draws analogies and lessons which can be applied to the shared ‘resource’ of a software architecture.

Jason Whaley01/10/13
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Are We Part of the War Against General Purpose Computing?

It's funny that there exists a fear that Apple is trying to “kill general computing” even though more than 95% of creative professionals I know use OSX.

Mitch Pronschinske01/10/13
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Design For Replaceability - Architecture For An Agile Lifestyle

The most important question to be asked when developing a new software system is "How will we replace it?" It is however a question seldom asked.