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Matthew Turland01/11/13
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On What to Learn

One thing I feel I struggle with is wanting to take on too much. There are so many languages out there, and I would love to learn all of them… How do you balance your time while still staying on top of the game? In your opinion, which languages do you think are the best to focus on?

Chris Spagnuolo01/11/13
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3 Reasons to Use Agile to Increase Value in Tough Times

The main question: What are the documented financial returns of agile? Here are the 3 main financial impacts that your executives will understand...

Nikita Salnikov...01/11/13
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Selecting your Collections Library

Is this really something you should bother? Is there something fundamentally wrong with java.util.ArrayList and java.util.HashMap?

Taha Siddiqi01/11/13
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Changing Locale Based on Domain

With Tapestry one of the advantages is that you can override almost everything but then there are always some parts which are less overridable.

Allen Coin01/10/13
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Debugging with VisualVM and JMX

This is a high-level overview of how Instant Technologies is using VisualVM and JMX to help optimize a Java applications.

Eric Genesky01/10/13
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An OpenShift Tutorial with Node.js and HTML5

Jeremy Osborne of OpenShift recently published a lengthy, in-depth tutorial that will get you working with WebSockets, Node.js, npm, and OpenShift.

Alex Staveley01/10/13
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Scala Function Literals

Functions are an important part of the Scala language. Scala Functions can have a parameter list and can also have a return type.

Ayende Rahien01/10/13
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What's Next for RavenDB

After 2.0, what comes next? RavenDB 2.0 is a massive release, close to 5 thousand commits, 6+ months of work, a team of close to 70 people working on it.

Kristiono Setyadi01/10/13
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2013, Year of Evolved Technology

2013 is coming and this is the year where mobile will become more and more adapted. A few players in mobile OS have been declaring them self to become ‘the next big thing’ in mobile field.

Bruno Terkaly01/10/13
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Parsing JSON by Hand from Azure Mobile Services

This post is about parsing data by hand coming back from Azure Mobile Services. It does not rely on the MobileServiceCollectionView to populate controls with data.

Anders Karlsson01/10/13
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In My Mind: Why the ORDBMS Idea Failed

Some 15 years ago, the idea of an ORDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management System) was red hot, and I was very close to the flaming hot center of that.

Zac Gery01/10/13
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Finding Lost Time in Software Development

Parkinson's Law states "work expands so as to fill the time available for is completion." It was coined back in 1955 by Cyril Parkinson in The Economist. Everyone has had first hand experience with this concept. Starting a day with high expectations of productivity and losing it in the warm of a summer afternoon.

James Sugrue01/10/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Does the Linked List Have a Circular Reference?

This week's puzzle is to determine whether a single linked list contains a circular reference.

Eric Genesky01/10/13
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Why AWS is Important to IT Departments

Here's a five-minute video by CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara that gives a 5-minute introduction to AWS and why the PaaS giant is vital to IT departments.

Ofir Nachmani01/10/13
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HP Discover, the Enterprise, and AWS Cloud

Last month I attended HP Discover (disclosure: my participation was funded by Ivy World). The IT war already started however HP stands still not taking initiatives and real risks as true leaders should take.