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Mark Needham02/04/13
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Kaggit Digit Recognizer: A Feature Extraction Fail in R

There were some examples of feature extraction on the Kaggle forums so I thought I’d try and create some other features using R.

Chase Seibert02/04/13
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HBase/Pig/Python Quickstart on OSX

Having spent a good chunk of the last two weeks getting a prototype analytics system running, I thought I would write up my findings. I was pleased to find that installing all the pieces was smooth via Homebrew, but getting them all to play together was less smooth.

Gil Zilberfeld02/04/13
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Predictability Addiction

I’m addicted to predictability. I admit it. I want my life to flow along, according to plan. Sure there will be some minimal changes, but I can adapt.

Mitch Pronschinske02/04/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/4/13)

Apple blocks Java on Mac, AWS global transfers get cheaper, and we look into some CS trends for PhDs. Plus, Bill Gates admits that Steve Jobs was cooler.

Nicolas Frankel02/04/13
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Changing Default Spring Bean Scope

By default, Spring beans are scoped singleton, meaning there’s only one instance for the whole application context. For most applications, this is a sensible default; then sometimes, not so much.

Hubert Klein Ikkink02/04/13
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Groovy Goodness: Adding Extra Methods Using Extension Modules

Groovy 2.0 brought us extension modules. An extension module is a JAR file with classes that provide extra methods to existing other classes like in the JDK or third-party libraries.

Eric Genesky02/03/13
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Understanding NoSQL with CouchDB

This introduction by Pluralsight focuses on Apache CouchDB in easy-to-access JSON. This is part of a larger full curriculum on NoSQL from Pluralsight that can be accessed here.

Tim Spann02/03/13
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18 Links: Android, Java, Heroku, and JAX-RS

DZone MVB Tim Spann put together this list of useful links.

Eric Genesky02/03/13
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CloudFoundry: Real-time Apps Using Node.js and RabbitMQ

Over at the Cloud Foundry blog, Raja Rao published a tutorial on using RabbitMQ instead of Redis as a 'session store' and a 'pub-sub' service for chat messages.

Ted Neward02/03/13
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Envoy (in Scala, JavaScript, and more)

A little over a decade ago, Eugene Wallingford wrote a paper for the PloP '99 conference, describing the Envoy pattern language, "a pattern language for managing state in a functional program". I

Jurgen Appelo02/03/13
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The Bonus System

A practice that has infiltrated the western business world like a pestilence in a shanty town is the annual bonus system. The common rationale behind the bonus system is to incentivize performance. But actually, it stinks.

John Cook02/03/13
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Increasing Your Chances of Entering Flow

I recently ran across a tip from Mark Hepburn that caught my eye. The content of the tip isn’t important here but rather his justification: "It sounds trivial, but it can really help keep you in the flow."

Eric Gregory02/03/13
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How Facebook Moves Fast and Breaks Things

From Airbnb Tech Talks 2012, a guide to big mistakes and how to make them from former Facebook infrastructure engineer Aaron Priestley.

Mitch Pronschinske02/03/13
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Service Oriented Architecture at Square

SOA is hard. Learn how Square is approaching this problem today with JRuby and where we hope to be in the future. We'll go from git init to cap deploy, covering Square's approach to testing and service isolation, dependency management, API documentation, code quality metrics, and more.

Manik Surtani02/03/13
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Infinispan 5.2.0 Final has landed!

I am pleased to announce the much awaited final release of Infinispan 5.2.0. With more than 100 new features and enhancements and 150 bug fixes this the most stable Infinispan version to date.