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Nikita Salnikov...09/19/12
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What's Your Overhead?

“What’s your overhead?”. We often hear this question when we talk about Plumbr. Wikipedia describes overhead as “any combination of excess or indirect computation time, memory, bandwidth, or other resources that are required to attain a particular goal”.

Anton Arhipov09/19/12
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JavaZone 2012: Taming Java Agents

At JavaZone I've presented a talk called Taming Java Agents. It is not about the distributed computing or messaging as the title might imply. It is about the tools that exercise -javaagent JVM argument to hook into class loading process in order to perform some necessary evil to the bytecode.

Ben Kepes09/19/12
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SnapLogic Raises $20M to Integrate the World

SnapLogic is this morning announcing a further $20M in funding from new investors Ignition Partners and Triangle Peak Partners and existing investor the venerable Andreeson Horowitz.

Rob Galanakis09/19/12
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Through the Eyes of a Newbie

It’s incredible to observe a person learning programming from the ground up, and how their mind works.

Will Soprano09/19/12
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DZone on Windows Phone… The App!

After a long wait, a DZone app is finally almost on your Windows Phone. This article includes the tools that Shayne Boyer used to create the app, and I added some screen shots of the app as well!

Mitch Pronschinske09/19/12
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New MissionKit Raises the Bar for Modeling Tools

The 2012 MissionKit was just released today and it has several new features that bolster the toolkit that already has just about everything you might need for easing the process of working with data in XML and relational data stores.

Brian O' Neill09/19/12
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Composite Keys: Connecting the Dots Between CQL3, Astyanax and Hector

I still don't know where I stand on the terminology debate, but I know things can get confusing if you are accessing your database from CQL as well as Java. They are very different views of the world. Hopefully this article can bridge that gap and explain the different views with respect to composite keys.

Dejan Bosanac09/19/12
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A Crazy Fast Way to Convert XML to JSON

Here’s a simple, ridiculously quick method that uses XStream and Jettison to convert XML to JSON.

Eric Sedor09/18/12
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Cardinal $ins: MongoDB Query Performance Over Ranges

If your queries contain a sort/orderby clause, add the sorted field to the end of the index servicing the query--but what about this?

Phil Whelan09/18/12
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SQLShell: A Cross-Database SQL Tool With NoSQL Potential

In this blog post I will introduce SQLShell and demonstrate, step-by-step, how to install it and start using it with MySQL.

Łukasz Budnik09/18/12
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Bespoke Applications with Cloud Flavor

In this post I'd like to show you some of the available SaaS offerings which are very easy to integrate with your solutions and can reduce your development time.

Lorna Mitchell09/18/12
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API Documentation with IODocs

I write a lot of APIs, and I also preach that your API isn't finished until it has excellent documentation. Enter iodocs from the talented folk at Mashery.

Michael Dubakov09/18/12
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Quick Reviews: 12 Books on Data Visualization

Here's a quick breakdown of 12 major books on data visualization, drawn from a year of reading on the topic.

Arthur Charpentier09/18/12
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Dealing with TMI in Statistics

We couldn't understand the counter-intuitive result: even if knew the true distribution, it was better not to use it.

Patroklos Papapetrou09/18/12
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Resign Patterns – Eliminate Them With Agile practices and Quality Metrics

This blog post is inspired by the article titled Resign Patterns by Michael Duell. I’ve included all the original text from the above article but for each anti-pattern I mention (at least) one agile practice that IMHO is helpful eliminating it and one or more quality metrics that would help you identify it very early.