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Brian Gracely05/10/12
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The Cloudcast: New, Open, Simplifed Cloud Architectures

Aaron and Brian talk with Randy Bias (@randybias), CTO/Founder of Cloudscaling about open cloud architectures, deploying new and web-scale applications, and the evolutions of OpenStack.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz05/10/12
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How to Develop Map/Reduce with Reduced Assumptions

This tutorial was inspired by a bug that came up when running map/reduce jobs built as pig scripts with Java UDFs.

Max De Marzi05/10/12
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Relationships and Relational Databases

Max De Marzi imparts some wisdom in this article by emphasizing the importance of recognizing RELATIONSHIPS in graph databases rather than focusing on objects first.

Mark O'neill05/10/12
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Pure vs Practical REST

This is a useful table found by Mark O'neill that you may find yourself going back to often, comparing pure REST (such as HATEOAS) with the "practical" REST so often found in the field:

Ranjib Dey05/10/12
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3 Types of Infrastructure Elasticity

Here is a list of three major types of elasticity that I have implemented / experienced so far. I'm also setting up a unit and functional testing environment that will re-utilize some of our architecture.

Steve Chaloner05/10/12
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Play 2 – Modules, Plugins, What's the Difference?

There seems to be some confusion regarding Play 2 modules and plugins. I imagine this is because the two are often synonymous.

Jay Fields05/10/12
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Follow-up Thoughts on Aligning Business & Programmer Goals

While a developer may never get to see the profit & loss report, and may never be in a situation where we would want a bonus - there are steps that can be taken to align the business & the programmers.

Mitch Pronschinske05/09/12
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Behold! A Solr Client for Scala

Scala users, check this out! If you've been trying to have a better interface for using Apache Solr in your Scala projects, there's a pretty new simple Solr client for Scala being developed on GitHub by Naoki Takezoe.

James Sugrue05/09/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Some String Manipulation

Another Thursday, another puzzle. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you think is suitable. This week's one is a bit more practical than previous puzzles.

Dustin Marx05/09/12
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Improving On assertEquals with JUnit and Hamcrest

Unit testing in Java has been particularly affected by the static import and in this blog post I provide one quick example of using static imports to make more fluent unit tests that use JUnit and Hamcrest.

Andy Gibson05/09/12
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Auditing Entities With JPA Events

This article shows how you can leverage JPA Lifecycle Events to automate the filling in of audit information. The first example uses a base entity class with lifecycle events that looks for a time stamp interface to determine whether the entity is audited.

Evgeny Goldin05/09/12
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Maven Build Dependencies

The subject of build dependencies is neither a trivial nor a minor one. Various build tools approach this subject from different perspectives contributing various solutions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Chad Lung05/09/12
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Build a Clustered ATOM Server with Node.js

A single instance of Node runs in a single thread. To take advantage of multi-core systems the user will sometimes want to launch a cluster of Node processes to handle the load.

Jos Dirksen05/09/12
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Using SPDY and HTTP Transparently Using Netty

Most people have already heard about SPDY, the protocol, from google, proposed as a replacement for the aging HTTP protocol. Webservers are browsers are slowly implementing this protocol and support is growing.

Stephen Chin05/09/12
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JavaFX and HTML5 at JavaOne India

The session that Kevin and I gave was an updated version of our HTML5 and JavaFX talk. Since we last gave this at Devoxx, we were able to add some exciting info about Bootstrap, which is a new JavaScript framework developed by Twitter that has surpassed both jQuery and node.js in activity