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Brian Swan05/09/12
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Getting Started with Windows Azure for Java

In this blog post, I’ll talk about how to get started with Java on Windows Azure and provide links and additional information on the wealth of resources already available to start developing Java apps for Windows Azure.

Roger Jennings05/09/12
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How to Create an Incremental SQL Azure Data Source for U.S. Air Carrier Flight Delays Dataset

Roger Jennings continues to work his U.S. air carrier flight delays dataset with this tutorial on how to create an SQL data source on Azure.

Mark Needham05/08/12
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One of the main success criteria of the application that I’m currently working on is its performance – it doesn’t have millisecond-ish latency requirements but it does need to do a lot of calculations and return within a reasonable amount of time.

Nicolas Frankel05/08/12
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Another Way to Decouple Your Server Components

One of Vaadin strongest points is the way you can reuse components from project to project inside JARs. This can only be achieved if these components are nicely decoupled from one another.

Spyros Doulgeridis05/08/12
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Dealing with Stuck Threads on WebLogic

WebLogic Server diagnoses a thread as stuck if it is continually working (not idle) for a set period of time. You can tune a server's thread detection behavior by changing the length of time before a thread is diagnosed as stuck (Stuck Thread Max Time), and by changing the frequency with which the server checks for stuck threads.

John Dobie05/08/12
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Unit and Integration Tests With Maven and JUnit Categories

This example shows how to split unit and integration tests using Maven and JUnit categories. It is especially useful for existing test suites and can be implemented in minutes.

Ricci Gian Maria05/08/12
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Using MongoDB to Store Log4Net Logs

Using Log Storage is an easy way to introduce a document database to your organization; this post offers a little modification to make it capable of storing complex items in extended properties.

Charles Moulliard05/08/12
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Real Time HTML5 Application With Websocket and ActiveMQ/Camel

Developing "Real Time Web Applications" has always been painful not matter if the technology used was based on Java Applet, Adobe Flash, Adobe ShockWave, Microsoft Silverlight and the protocol (HTTP, RMI, ...).

Trisha Gee05/08/12
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Overheard: Agile Truths

After attending a number of conferences and events, and performing numerous interviews, I'm starting to hear the same things again and again. Since Dan North challenged all my assumptions at QCon, I'm reluctant to outright ridicule them, but I will put forward my personal opinion.

Markus Eisele05/08/12
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The Future of NoSQL with Java EE

EclipseLink 2.4 has started to support MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL; this post describes various aspects of NoSQL databases.

Steve Francia05/08/12
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MongoDB, Hadoop, and Humongous Data

Check out this presentation that shows you how to use Hadoop's MapReduce and Streaming for analytics on large datasets

Kristina Chodorow05/08/12
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Get Familiar with MongoDB Replica Set Internals: Syncing

This is one of a series of MongoDB "replica set boot camp" articles that Kristina Chodorow, who's been training new hires at10gen, has written and now released for general consumption. Enjoy.

Brian Gracely05/08/12
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The Spectrum of Hardware for the Cloud

Brian Gracely's experience at Cisco has seen some big changes in the focus of the industry from software to hardware and back again. He discusses a spectrum of ways the IT industry deals with hardware these days.

Sean Hull05/08/12
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3 Things Every CEO Should Know About the Cloud

Funky performance, uncertain reliability, and iffy support are three risky factors to consider before migrating to the cloud.

Ben O' Day05/08/12
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An Apache Camel & ActiveMQ Performance Test

Here is a simple unit test to get a feel for how quickly Camel routes add/remove from a JMS queue. You can also get some great AMQ performance stats via JMX to monitor an active system.