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Boris Lam09/25/12
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Adding Hibernate Native SQL Features into Your Spring Data Repository

JPA provides @NamedNativeQuery for you to use native SQL. However, the usage is not so convenient, especially when you need to map multiple entities in your native SQL. You have to define a set of SqlResultSetMapping mapping which is quite error prone.

Arun Manivannan09/25/12
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What Does java.util.concurrent.Future Hold?

Future, which is a part of the Java concurrency Task execution framework, is the result of your computation as the javadoc claims. And more.

Damien Lepage09/25/12
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To Autowire or Not to Autowire, That is the Question

Dependency Injection with annotations is now a widely spread practice in the Java world. If you use them, are you able to keep a tight encapsulation and still inject mocks or alternate implementations for testing?

Peter Zaitsev09/25/12
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The Math of Automated Failover

Way too often I see people being obsessed with a system which provides automated failover when they have a system of way too small case, have little discipline, and implement solutions not following best practices and do not test it properly.

Patroklos Papapetrou09/25/12
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Fixing Common Java Security Code Violations in Sonar

This article aims to show you how to quickly fix the most common java security code violations. It assumes that you are familiar with the concept of code rules and violations and how Sonar reports on them. However, if you haven’t heard these terms before then you might take a look at Sonar Concepts or the forthcoming book about Sonar for a more detailed explanation.

Frank Kelly09/25/12
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Book review of "Software Estimation"

Published over 6 years ago "Software Estimation" by Steve McConnell is a great read. As a practitioner of the agile arts I must say in reading it now this book seems like the last great attempt to "fix" waterfall and "big design up front" (BDUF) methodologies which were known for their very distinct big phases of requirements, design, development, testing and release.

Robert Demmer09/25/12
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Free Webinar: What’s New in Project Kotlin

Join Kotlin Team Lead, Andrey Breslav, as he talks about the Kotlin Project, which has recently released Milestone 3. Nearly 400 issues have been closed including bug fixes and small enhancements that make Kotlin neater and shinier.

Stoimen Popov09/25/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Graph Best-First Search

So far we know how to implement graph depth-first and breadth-first searches. These two approaches are crucial in order to understand graph traversal algorithms. However, they are just explaining how we can walk through in breadth or depth and sometimes this isn’t enough for an efficient solution of graph traversal.

Jakub Holý09/25/12
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Enabling JMX Monitoring for Hadoop & Hive

Hadoop’s NameNode and JobTracker expose interesting metrics and statistics over the JMX. Hive seems not to expose anything intersting but it still might be useful to monitor its JVM or do simpler profiling/sampling on it. Let’s see how to enable JMX and how to access it securely, over SSH.

Mahdi Yusuf09/25/12
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Choosing Static vs. Dynamic Languages for Your Startup

Here's a discussion of the differences between static and dynamic languages. How do YOU choose?

Fabian Becker09/25/12
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Introducing the New Date and Time API for JDK 8

Java 7 and below are lacking a good date and time API. With JSR 310 (Java Specification Request) this is about to change.

Wely Lau09/24/12
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An Independent Review of Explorer Tools for Windows Azure Blob Storage

Blob Storage can either be accessed through the API programmatically or through explorer tools. This article discusses and reviews several popular explorer tools for Blob Storage.

Joshua Gross09/24/12
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The Paste Wasteland (or, why the onPaste event is a mess)

When you work on the bleeding-edge, sometimes you’re going to get cut. The tech isn’t stable, things are buggy and may not conform to [a/the] standard—but the onPaste event isn’t a bleeding-edge technology. In fact, it’s been around since IE5. So why is it such a mess?

Duncan Brown09/24/12
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Fun with Gremlin (No Relation to the Movie or the Car)

This is a decent (but brief) introduction to the world of Gremlin and querying graph databases. This will examine in more depth exactly what exactly these queries actually do.

Alan Skorkin09/24/12
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Even Boring Form Data Can Be Interesting (For A Developer)

What could be more boring than capturing credit card data on a form? Well, it's actually not that boring -- since you may want to encrypt this particular data, which presents its own set of challenges.