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Marcin Grzejszczak01/21/13
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Drools Integration with Spring vs Manual Rules Creation

I'm going to show you how to use JBoss Drools to deal with projects where you have hundreds of rules in your business logic.

Jp Morgenthal01/21/13
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Notes From The Field: Inside A Real World Large-Scale Cloud Deployment

I’ve been granted an incredible opportunity. Over the past three and a half months I have gotten to lead a real world large-scale delivery of a cloud solution.

Nikita Ivanov01/21/13
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In-Memory Data Grids… Explained.

In-memory data grids are used throughout a wide spectrum of industries in applications as diverse as risk analytics, trading systems, bioinformatics, ecommerce or online gaming.

Will Soprano01/21/13
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DZone App in the Windows Store

The first version of the DZone app is ready for download in the Windows Store!

Nicolas Frankel01/21/13
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DRY Your Spring Beans Configuration File

It’s always when you discuss with people that some things that you (or the people) hold for an evidence seems to be a closely-held secret. That’s what happened this week when I tentatively showed a trick during a training session that started a debate.

Ben Kepes01/21/13
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On Cloud and Disruption

Recently at Box’s BoxWorks event, I had the good fortune to hear Clayton Christensen, author of such seminal innovation books as “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” present about disruption in technology generally.

Eric Genesky01/21/13
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Free Chapter from "Java EE Development with Eclipse

Packt Publishing recently contacted the DZone editorial team to announce the publication of Java EE Development with Eclipse.

Ayende Rahien01/21/13
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Does the Interpreter Pattern Stand the Test of Time?

In computer programming, the interpreter pattern is a design pattern that specifies how to evaluate sentences in a language. The basic idea is to have a class for each symbol (terminal or nonterminal) in a specialized computer language.

Douglas Rathbone01/21/13
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Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Development All at The Same Time

When you go to create a mobile app for each major platform you quickly realise that it’s a mind boggling task with many languages and tools out there to learn along the way.

Anders Abel01/21/13
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The Project Counter-Sabotage Handbook

To successfully counter any sabotage attempts you need to know your enemy. You definitely have to know what behaviour you want to counter.

Daniel Mohl01/21/13
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How to Become a Software Architect

I often get asked by up-and-coming technologists, "what things should I be doing to work towards becoming an architect"? Of course, as is often the case when asking an architect a question, the answer is "it depends". However, I've found the following list to be a good starting point.

Jason Sherman01/21/13
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ActiveMQ: Securing the ActiveMQ Web Console in Tomcat

This post will demonstrate how to secure the ActiveMQ WebConsole with a username and password when deployed in the Apache Tomcat web server.

Krishna Prasad01/21/13
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ScalaTest a MapReduce using Akka

I was trying to learn Scala and I wanted to kill several birds in one shot. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed -- I feel comfortable working with Scala.

Pushpalanka Jay...01/21/13
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Hadoop Single Node Set Up

With this post I am hoping to share the procedure to set up Apache Hadoop in single node. Hadoop is used in dealing with Big Data sets where deployment is happening on low-cost commodity hardware.

Venkatesh Kris...01/21/13
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6 Backlog Prioritization Techniques

There are several ways to prioritize the requirements in the backlog. Some of the most popular ones include these six techniques