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Dan Haywood02/11/13
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Using Google Guava’s Ordering API

We’ve been playing a bit more with Google’s Guava library – what a great library! The most recent thing we used it for was to sort out the comparators for our domain objects. Here’s how.

John Cook02/11/13
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Visualization, Modeling, and Surprises

Visualization can show you something in your data that you didn’t expect. But some things are hard to see, and visualization is a slow, human process.

Cagdas Basaraner02/11/13
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Must-Read Books for Software Engineers

This list of books covers references, craftsmanship, refactoring, patterns, and project management.

Jason Sherman02/11/13
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Camel: Working with Email Attachments

If you're using the Camel-Mail component to handle some business logic that involves receiving email that contains attachments, then you might be interested in how these email attachments can be split into separate messages so they can be processed individually.

Arthur Charpentier02/11/13
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The Most Important Concept in IT and Other Data Links of the Week

Arthur Charpentier's link roundup takes a look at the Bayesian/Frequentist debate, the relationship between statisticians and computer scientists, and information technology's crowning achievement.

Doug Turnbull02/11/13
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Backing Up Virtual Machines In VirtualBox

My computer blue screened the other day. So I got fairly paranoid. This is the second time in a month this has happened.

Alex Holmes02/11/13
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LZOP Decompression - Revenge of the Useless Cat

For me LZOP is the ubiquitous compression codec with working with large text files in HDFS due to its MapReduce data locality advantages.

Eric Gregory02/11/13
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Google on Datastore Query, Index, and Transactions

This Google Developers tutorial delves into querying, indexing, and transactions with App Engine's Datastore service, driven by Google Bigtable.

Henri Bergius02/11/13
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Thinking About the Flow-Based Programming User Interface

As readers of this blog already know, I've been working on the NoFlo flow-based programming environment for JavaScript.

Tomas Blohm02/11/13
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Message sequencing with Mule and JMS Message Groups

During my years on the Mule Community forum I’ve noticed that there are some problem areas that are more common than others. One recurring question, that I thought I should address here, is how to preserve message order in JMS.

Eric Gregory02/11/13
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A Facebook Capacity Engineer on the Future of Testing

At the ØREDEV conference in Sweden, Goranka Bjedov spoke about the future of testing and quality, drawing on her experience as a capacity planning engineer at Facebook.

Kane Mar02/11/13
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Excerpt from Scrum 101: Scrum and XP

This is the second excerpt from Scrum101, the free intensive online introduction to Scrum, which I introduced several weeks ago. In this second except, I’d like to share the most popular Scrum 101 lesson at the moment.

Reza Shafii02/11/13
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Mule Studio 3.4 Preview

We are making this release of Studio available to the Mule community to get valuable feedback on our latest and greatest features. This blog post contains text and video introductions to the freshly-baked features included in this release.

Mitch Pronschinske02/11/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/11/13)

IoC Containers are considered harmful to this lead developer. And Windows 9 predictions are already out there. Plus the top 10 open source rookies from 2012 and 20 free Scrum project management tools.

Erich Styger02/10/13
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Top 10 Customization of Eclipse Settings

The great thing with Eclipse is that you can configure a lot. In general, I’m happy with most of the defaults in Eclipse and CodeWarrior. Here are my top 10 things I change in Eclipse to make it even better: