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Stoimen Popov10/22/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Bellman-Ford Shortest Path in a Graph

As we saw in the previous post, Dijkstra's algorithm is very useful when it comes to finding all the shortest paths in a weighted graph. However, it has one major problem! Obviously it doesn’t work correctly when dealing with negative lengths of the edges.

Hubert Klein Ikkink10/22/12
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Grassroots Groovy: Parse XML with XmlSlurper from Java

We can introduce Groovy into our Java projects at grassroots level. Even if we aren't allowed to run the Groovy compiler we can use other ways to run Groovy code. As long as we can include the Groovy libraries as a compile dependency than we can already use Groovy from Java. In this post we see how we can use the power of XmlSlurper to parse XML from our Java code.

Geraint Jones10/22/12
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Using Spock to Test Spring Classes

As the previous post mentioned, Spock is a powerful DSL built on Groovy ideal for TDD and BDD testing and this post will describe how easy it is to use Spock to test Spring classes, in this case the CustomerService class from the post Using Spring Data to access MongoDB. It will also cover using Spock for mocking.

Will Soprano10/22/12
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Roundtable Discussion: Java/Spring Security

This presentation and discussion series is held monthly at DZone. A video and link to the slides can be found inside.

Peter Lawrey10/22/12
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C++ or Java: Which is Faster for High Frequency Trading?

Turns out, the answer to this question is dependent on the latency requirements of different markets.

Yusuf Aytaş10/22/12
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XA Transactions (2 Phase Commit): A Simple Guide

The 2 phase commit protocol referred to as XA(eXtended Architecture) provides ACID-like properties for global transaction processing. Throughout this article, I will try to explain details of XA transactions and use of XA Transactions in Spring framework.

Anders Abel10/22/12
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Don't Be Just a "Bubbles and Arrows" Architect

We’ve all seen it: An architect explaining something with a sketch containing bubbles and arrows. But are the architects really thinking of how to implement every single one of those boxes when drawing them?

John Ferguson Smart10/21/12
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Combining Continuous Delivery Practices with Maven and Jenkins

Learn about the fusion of contemporary Continuous Delivery processes and practices with the established and widely-accepted Maven release process.

Filip Ekberg10/21/12
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How Do You Deliver High-Quality Projects and Solutions?

There are so many more things that matter when you want a successful high quality project/solution. You can’t rely on a decent testing strategy, security awareness and rapid development to achieve high quality.

Bill Bejeck10/21/12
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Working Through Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce – Local Aggregation Part II

Since the results only require a total count, we could re-use the same reducer for our combiner as changing the order or groupings of the addends will not affect the sum. But what if you wanted an average?

Chris Travers10/21/12
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Object-Relational Algebra: Definitions and Assumptions

This post begins a series to try to establish a mathematical basis for object-relational database systems. The idea here is to extend relational math in order to cover object-relational database operations rather than to model current databases mathematically.

Sachin Khosla10/21/12
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How to Find Your Amazon Secret and API Keys

So you're planning to host your files on CDN and wondering where to get your Amazon Secret Key and the Amazon API Key.

Eric Gregory10/21/12
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On-Premises Application with Azure Blob Storage

This tutorial will show you how you can store images in Windows Azure. You'll build a console application that uploads an image to Windows Azure, and then creates an HTML file that displays the image in your browser.

Adam Kawa10/21/12
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Process a Million Songs to Find "Exotic" Ones with Apache Pig

Recently I have found an interesting dataset, called Million Song Dataset (MSD) which contains detailed acoustic and contextual data about a million songs. Let's play with it using Apache Pig.

Andreas Kollegger10/21/12
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Neo4j at SpringOne 2GX 2012 in Washington, DC

Meet us during this week's (Oct 15-18) SpringOne 2GX 2012 conference in Washington D.C. where we're proudly participating as a Gold Sponsor.