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Carlo Scarioni02/16/13
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Understanding Currying with Scala

Learning Scala is not an easy task. There are many things to learn. Some of them are very different and some of them seem complex.

Boris Lam02/16/13
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Sample Apps: Spring data MongoDB and JSF Integration tutorial (Part 4)

Spring Data repository abstraction reduces the boilerplate code to write the data access layer of the application. . .

Arthur Charpentier02/16/13
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Lego, Causal Modeling, R and the Web, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier's link roundup takes a look at what happened to Lego, the equation that killed Wall Street, using R with the web, and more.

Ben Kepes02/16/13
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Celebrity Engineers: Software's Equivalent of Arts Patronage

Back in the days gone by, if you were part of the landed gentry, lording over your landholdings and the common folk who lived on said land, you’d look to becoming a patron of the arts as a way to ensure your name would live on after your death.

Mark Needham02/16/13
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Onboarding: Sketch the Landscape

For four months during 2012 I was working on the GDS infrastructure team and one of the first tasks that Gareth suggested I do was update a diagram showing how all the different applications and databases worked together.

Mitch Pronschinske02/16/13
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Scala, JavaFX, Java EE 7, and Enterprise Integration

This session shows how to build a Scala application with ScalaFX, a domain-specific language and framework, and tie it to an application that stores data to the cloud.

Roman Pichler02/16/13
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Working with the Product Vision Board

To help product owners and teams decide if and how to progress an idea, I have developed a tool called the Product Vision Board. The board captures important assumptions that influence the product success, and it allows teams to start testing and refining their ideas.

Mitch Pronschinske02/16/13
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Building an Enterprise Integration Bus w/ WebSphere Message Broker 8.0 - Technical Process

A more in depth dive into the technical elements of WebSphere Message broker v8.0.0.1 in Enterprise Integration.

Max De Marzi02/15/13
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Neo4j and Gatling Sitting in a Tree, Performance T-E-S-T-ING

Neo4j performance tuning deserves its own blog post, but at least now you have a great way of testing your performance as you tweak JVM, cache, hardware, load balancing, and other parameters.

Allen Coin02/15/13
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A New Java Library for Amazing Productivity

I’ve found this great Java library that can make developers more efficient in pretty much every source file they write...

Eric Genesky02/15/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #15

This edition of the NoSQL Week in Review covers our top 5 NoSQL links for the last week. These include a couple Couchbase updates, as well as an article on polyglot persistence with Gremlin.

Eric D. Schabell02/15/13
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EMEA JBoss Forum Tour - Bringing Integration & BPM to Europe

Just back from a four country tour through Europe talking about JBoss Integration products, meeting with customers, meeting with partners, and demoing the various technologies

Eli Bendersky02/15/13
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Understanding Your Own Code

Let me state my opinion on this matter clearly up-front: not being able to understand the code you wrote a week ago, or a year ago, is unforgivable for a professional programmer.

Lukas Eder02/15/13
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Java, if This Were a Better World

Just a little dreaming about a better world, where some old blunders in the Java platform would’ve been corrected and some awesome missing features would’ve been implemented.

Boris Lam02/15/13
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JSF (PrimeFaces) and Spring Data MongoDB Integration (Part 3)

As said before, PrimeFaces library is used to enhance the UI. There is nearly no configuration required for this library. PrimeFaces provides many pre-designed . . .