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Jurgen Appelo02/15/13
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Don't Let Scrum Make You Fragile

In order to become healthy a human body should not get too comfortable performing the same routine. The same goes for Scrum and agile.

Mitch Pronschinske02/15/13
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Modularity in the Enterprise

This presentation discusses the fundamentals of enterprise modularity and demonstrates how it will affect Java EE application development. It covers dependencies and how they can be expressed, as well as the packaging and metadata issues that come into play.

Maroun Baydoun02/15/13
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The Day Java Lost the Battle

There is no doubt that Java is a widely used programming language, but the platform has been falling behind in the recent years. Suffering from security issues and lack of modern features, Java is in danger if not defeated already. However, there is still hope when it comes to the JVM adoption thanks to a set of new languages that have revitalized interest in the platform.

Mitch Pronschinske02/15/13
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Building an Enterprise Integration Bus w/ WebSphere Message Broker 8.0 - Industry Sample

This video demonstrates the integration capability of WebSphere Message broker v8.0.0.1 with Siebel, Microsoft .net, SAP, and CICS together in an end to end Sales Order Management Software. It also shows the integration of a mobile application.

Esther Derby 02/15/13
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Public Humiliation is Not Feedback

I’ve talked to a number of people in different organizations who went through a public process that required each person to praise and criticize other group members. They described the process as humiliating–both when receiving praise and criticism.

Eric Genesky02/15/13
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Apache Deltacloud Gets Out of the Incubator to Offer a Cross-Cloud API

Now an Apache Top-Level Project, Deltacloud offers a RESTful API that allows for easy coding across multiple cloud services, including those of Amazon, Eucalyptus, IBM and Microsoft. This post includes some comments made by Deltacloud users, as well as a link to the official site.

John Blanco02/15/13
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What's the Point of Your Library if You Won't Tell me How to Use it?

Among developers, the Facebook SDK is notorious for being an incredibly complicated framework to work with. I can go on all day with the reasons why

Roi Gamliel02/14/13
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Developer's wife - Or how do they stand us?

So how does your work as a software developer affects your relationship? Developing requires a different set of skills from other professions and makes you adopt some unusual behavior. . .

Slim Ouertani02/14/13
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Fun with Scala and Vert.x

Vert.x is a polyglot event-driven application framework that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JAVA 7 is the minimum supported version).

Gaurav Mantri02/14/13
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Revisiting Windows Azure Shared Access Signature

In this blog post, we’ll talk about Shared Access Signature (SAS) functionality in Windows Azure.

Eric Genesky02/14/13
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OpenShift: New Online Features

Mike McGrath recently announced another OpenShift release.

Sandeep Patel02/14/13
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Apache CouchDB: Introduction and Installation

Couch DB supports replication of data across distributed platform, It has many framework for this supporting master replication, slave replication, filtered replication, incremental/bidirectional replication.

Luigi Viggiano02/14/13
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Owner 1.0.3 What's New? Part 1: Variable Expansion

The OWNER API is tiny library that helps reducing the Java code to read the configuration for your application from Java Properties files.

Dave Fecak02/14/13
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"I Dunno" – Recovering From a Botched Technical Interview Answer, Postmortem

Is it appropriate to follow-up with a correct response afterwards if you answered a technical interview question incorrectly (or responded with “I don’t know”).

Arthur Charpentier02/14/13
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Crash Course on R for Financial and Actuarial Econometrics

This Friday, I will give in Montréal a crash course entitled Econometric Modeling in Finance and Insurance with the R Language. Since IFM2 wanted this course to be an opportunity to discover R, the first part o fthe course will be on the R language. Slides can be downloaded from here.