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Eric Gregory12/05/12
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Dev of the Week: Brian Gracely

This week, we're talking to Brian Gracely. On top of his work as Director of Technical Marketing at EMC, Brian co-hosts the award-winning weekly podcast The Cloudcast with Aaron Delp.

Mark Needham12/05/12
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A First Failed Attempt at Natural Language Processing

One of the things I find fascinating about dating websites is that the profiles of people are almost identical so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to grab some of the free text that people write about themselves and prove the similarity.

Gareth Rushgrove12/05/12
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On the Forge

I’ve been spending a bit of time recently pushing a few Puppet modules to the Forge. I started doing it as a bit of an experiment, to find out what I liked and what worked and I decided to writeup a few opinions.

Ben Kepes12/05/12
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On Angel Investing – and Karma

It seems to me that assigning a rigid, calculated and unemotional structure to one's angel-investing misses the point.

Tony Russell-rose12/05/12
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Search Solutions 2012: Highlights and Reflections

It’s around this time of year that I re-acquaint myself with a familiar sequence of events: an initial period of doubt as to whether it’s all really worth it, then a sense of relief as the day passes off without incident, and finally a degree of satisfaction that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Lorna Mitchell12/05/12
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Datapoint: Weather API from the MetOffice

I've been working on a weather-related hobby project and noticed that MetOffice had released a new API called DataPoint. They have a selection of APIs, including some map overlays and some actual weather data, but I was especially charmed by their text APIs.

Greg Duncan12/05/12
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A Story-Based Approach to "Testing for Continuous Delivery"

This ebook presents a narrative-based approach to understanding the "changing world of testing."

Daniel Bartl12/05/12
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Real-Time Twitter Heat Map with MongoDB

Tweets basically offer two “layers” of information. The second layer is metadata. This metadata can be leveraged to experience data from Twitter in a lot of exciting new ways!

Jesse Warden12/05/12
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Video: Basics of RequireJS

RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node. I’ve posted a new video: The Basics of Require JS.

Mrabti Idriss12/05/12
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Writing Custom CellRenderer using the Declarative new GWT 2.5 UiRenderer

Before GWT 2.5, writing a custom CellRenderer to present data in a certain manner was very complicated and very difficult to achieve.

Andrzej Grzesik12/04/12
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Review of Presentation Patterns: Techniques for Crafting Better Presentations

Presentation Patterns is a new book about creating and delivering presentations. Authors: Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough and Nathaniel Schutta have huge speaking experience, and while they share a...

Mike Hadlow12/04/12
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Check Out EasyNetQ - A .NET API for RabbitMQ

Today I added a small but very nice feature: better client properties.

Ayende Rahien12/04/12
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The Command Design Pattern, Not Completely in Fashion

In most business scenarios, there really is no good way to undo things. How would you implement SendEmailCommand.Undo(), for example?

Tomasz Nurkiewicz12/04/12
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Forcing Tomcat to log through SLF4J/Logback

So you have your executable web application in JAR with bundled Tomcat (make sure to read that one first). However there are these annoying Tomcat logs at the beginning, independent from our application logs and not customizable

Douglas Rathbone12/04/12
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Reaching The Internet Event Horizon

For the last 15 odd years we have continually expanded the amount of information available at our finger tips year on year exponentially. It means my main daily input source for information is actually able to give it to my faster than my poor little evolved brain can consume it.