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Nick Watts10/29/12
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Ant Task for Encoding Text Files – Reencode 0.1 Launched

Reencode is a small set of tools—aimed at developers in the Java ecosystem—that help with changing the character encoding of text files. Initially, the tools consist of an API (if you can call one class an API :) ) and, far more useful, an Ant task. A Gradle task will be following shortly.

Lukas Eder10/29/12
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ElSql, a New External SQL DSL for Java

Stephen Colebourne who is frequently commenting on the lambda-dev and other Java 8 mailing lists, has recently published an idea he has been having for a while: ElSql, a new external SQL DSL for Java.

Jacob Orshalick10/29/12
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Upgrading a Seam 2 App to JBoss 7

I recently went through the process of upgrading a Seam 2.X application to JBoss 7.1.1. While Marek Novotny’s tutorial will lead you down the right path, there was one issue that led me down a rabbit hole.

Howard Lewis Ship10/29/12
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Zeroing in on Tapestry 5.4

I've had just a bit of time this week to devote to furthering the work on Tapestry 5.4, and it feels like I'm near the turning point. You can follow the progress in the 5.4-js-rewrite branch

Andrey Cheptsov10/29/12
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Top 20 Refactoring Features in IntelliJ IDEA

Following up on the previous article where we highlighted the top 20 features of Code Completion, I’d like to talk about the top Refactoring features that help make IntelliJ IDEA an extremely useful development tool.

Jakub Holý10/29/12
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Scala vs. Clojure as Cathedral Images

Clojure has a zen-like quality to it. There is extreme focus on simplicity, on defining few elementary orthogonal concepts that can be combined in powerful ways.

Leigh Shevchik10/29/12
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8 Links to Performance Tips from the Conference Circuit

In this week’s news, we go on the conference circuit to find great web performance tips from Velocity EU, WebPerfDays Europe, JavaOne and more.

Eric Genesky10/29/12
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DZone Interviews Cindy McCourt, Author of "Getting Started with Drupal 7" Refcard

Cindy McCourt, the author of multiple techinical papers on drupal, as well as Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites was kind enough to answer a few questions about writing the Drupal Refcard.

Brian O' Neill10/29/12
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J2EE is Dead: Long-live Javascript Backed by JSON Services

A long time ago in a blog post far away, I asked the question "Is J2EE dead?". Almost five years later, I'm here to say that, "Yes, J2EE is dead". In fact, I'd say that it is now generations removed from the emerging technologies, and an ancestor to current enterprise best practices.

Oliver Hookins10/28/12
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Duck Typing: The Duck Always Bites Twice

These days I’m noticing myself saying more and more frequently that Duck Typing is great, except when it’s not.

Ayende Rahien10/28/12
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A Modern Alternative to Abstract Factory Filtered Dependencies

I've mentioned before that I really don’t like the Abstract Factory pattern, and in particular, code like this.

Marcus Martina10/28/12
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How to Build True Pipelines with Jenkins and Maven

Lets define a true pipeline as being a pipeline that is strictly associated with a single revision within a version control system. This makes sense as ideally we want the build server to return full and accurate feedback for each single revision.

Gareth Rushgrove10/28/12
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Make EC2 and Fabric Work in Beautiful Harmony

I’ve found myself doing more and more EC2 work of late and have finally gotten around to making my life easier when using Fabric with Amazon instances. Here's the result of a little bit of hacking.

Markus Eisele10/28/12
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The Heroes of Java: Angelika Langer

It is conference season for the "Heroes of Java" and this is a good time to publish another entry. This time I am celebrating the 20th edition of the series with Angelika Langer. Thanks for taking the time answering my questions!

Borislav Iordanov10/28/12
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A Busy Developer's Guide to RESTful Services in Java

The Internet doesn't lack expositions on REST architecture, RESTful services, and their implementation in Java. But, here is another one. Why? Because I couldn't find something concise enough.