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Eric Gregory12/23/12
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Smartphone Voice Dictation Showdown: iOS vs. Android vs. WP

How do Siri, Google Now, and WP8's voice recognition stack up against one another? Are the days of hilariously misinterpreted commands over?

Mehdi Daoudi12/23/12
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DevOps Roundup: Holiday Edition

The DevOps roundup collects links and resources from the last week.

Krishna Prasad12/23/12
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PubSub with vFabric RabbitMQ and Spring Integration Using Spring AMQP

In this post you'll see a simple fanout based Publisher/Subscriber, where in a Publisher will publish a message and the Subscriber will subscribe and print it. This will jumpstart you with a decent prototype on Spring AMQP.

Mitch Pronschinske12/23/12
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SwitchYard - Service Repository Integration

If you haven't heard of SwitchYard yet, all you need to know is that it's going to replace JBoss ESB in the core of their Enterprise Application Platform (EAP). This video is a quick 8-minute tutorial in eclipse using an early version of SwitchYard to do some integration.

Sasha Goldshtein12/22/12
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SIMD-Optimized C++ Code in Visual Studio 11

The C++ compiler in Visual Studio 11 has another neat optimization feature up its sleeve. Unlike intrusive features, such as running code on the GPU using the AMP extensions, this one requires no additional compilation switches and no changes – even the slightest – to the code.

Maarten Balliauw12/22/12
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Storing User Uploads in Windows Azure Blob Storage

On one of the mailing lists I follow, an interesting question came up: “We want to write a VSTO plugin for Outlook which copies attachments to blob storage.

Andy Pemberton12/22/12
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Maven vs. Ivy - By the Numbers

In a recent, very positive exchange, one colleague asked if I preferred Maven over Ant or Ant + Ivy simply because I had more experience on Maven.

Ted Neward12/22/12
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On Knowledge

This is why, at every turn, your assumption should be that any information you have is some or all incorrect until proven otherwise.

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/12
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The Future of the ESB at JBoss

In case you haven't heard, JBoss is going to replace JBoss ESB with a new framework called SwitchYard in their core platform. Might wanna check it out if you haven't yet...

Arthur Charpentier12/22/12
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Predictive Modeling, Dilbert on Big Data, and More Data Links of the Week

Arthur Charpentier collects links touching on predictive modeling, big data in Dilbert, and what Batman has to do with body image.

Eric Gregory12/22/12
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TechnoBuffalo Pits Windows Phone 8 vs. iOS vs. Android

TechnoBuffalo's Jon Rettinger pits Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android against one another to see who comes out on top.

Eric Gregory12/22/12
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Webinar: Going in-Memory with VMWare vFabric GemFire 7.0 and Spring

The Spring Source Developer Channel provides a webinar on VMWare vFabric GemFire 7.0 and Spring.

Sadayuki Furuhashi12/22/12
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MessagePack: The Missing Serializer

The best way to describe MessagePack is “JSON on steroids”. It supports an almost identical set of data types as JSON —Nil, Boolean, Integer, Float, String, Array, and Associative Array— but runs much faster and requires a fraction of space.

Eric Gregory12/22/12
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7 Tools for Your Puppetized DevOps Stack

PuppetLabs presents Kris Buytaert's "7 Tools for Your Puppetized DevOps Stack" presentation from PuppetConf.

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/12
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Getting Started With HornetQ 2.3

This video shows how to get started with some of the new features for HornetQ 2.3. HornetQ is an open source asynchronous messaging project from JBoss. It is an example of Message Oriented Middleware.